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Estuary Yoga Space | North Melbourne The Yoga Place - Melbourne MOVE Yoga Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Yoga Corner Little Mandarin Yoga & Pilates (CBD) Radiant Sol Yoga HOUSE OF CULTURE DR DAVID JUAN FERRIZ OLIVARES Happy Melon Studios High On Yoga Melbourne Mudita Yoga & Pilates Studio Melbourne Yoga Sports Within Yoga Studio

1. Estuary Yoga Space | North Melbourne

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· 66 reviews

754 Queensberry St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia

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Estuary Yoga Space | North Melbourne: what do users think?

Louise: Estuary is definitely one of the most welcoming and calm yoga spaces i've visited. Lucy is an amazing instructor and the Yin class was amazing.

caro4381: Excellent yoga studio-THE best I've been to, offering high quality yoga instruction including meditation, special workshops and events like shiatsu massage to develop your practice holistically. The studio and head teachers- Lucy and Andrew are highly inclusive whilst promoting personal yoga development in a supportive community. Each class allows for whatever level of practice you may need from beginner to advanced, it isn't competitive or about perfection just connecting with your whole self, "I'm obsessed" as is the saying....

Edward Wilson: are absolute gems and run a delightful, human, connective, wholesome operation. I LOVE taking these classes and chatting with the team after.

Elliot Demarco: World class teachers, inviting space - feels like home

Chirlane Lima: The best yoga place in the earth.

Francesca Miller: . Andrew always makes the class fun. The classes challenge you to what you think you know to how to view things from a whole new perspective, both on an asna level and mental level.

Mark Pinoli: The best yoga studio I have been to. I'm a regular and enjoy the sessions. There is a good selection of practices and times. Just wonderful.

Ami Taib: Community space, passionate yogi’s.

Jordan: There is something very special about Estuary, from the moment you walk in you can feel the thought, care and intention that has been put into the space & each class. It truly feels like a sanctuary and I look forward to each and every visit. I also highly recommend taking one of Lucy’s yin classes! I’m very grateful to have found Estuary and for my time spent in the studio - thank you Lucy & team 💜🙏🏼

Andrew Bottriell: Had a great time practicing at Estuary with amazing instructors!

ApekshA Zhao: Lucy is one of the calmest and most zen people I know and this zen energy comes through in her classes, which are always great.👍🏼

Maddy Breteche-Lo: . Their website was very well made which made booking classes a breeze -- highly recommend their intro package for anyone who's keen to try them out or anyone visiting Melbourne!Instructors are so wholesome and warm and classes are taught holistically and extremely clearly. Had a wonderful experience and really wish I could spend more time here.Little shoutout to David for chatting with me before class and sharing your yoga journey! I really appreciate all the care and kindness you showed me.

Michelle Hall: A welcoming and dynamic studio that offers an atmosphere of comfort and dedication to your yoga practise.

Mathew Born: This studio is a wonderful place to practice. It is very warm and welcoming. My teacher is Keigo and I cannot speak highly enough of him. Keigo’s approach to teaching his skill is carefully considered and executed with warmth and positivity. My favourite part of my week is learning and connecting with Keigo during our sessions.

Jo Condon: Caz brings great experience, creativity and enthusiasm to her classes. My body thanks her!

Evelyn Goldberg: Hi all yogis, just went to a class today which focussed on twisting - which was an opportunity to create more space both in mind and body. Perfect for a Sunday morning! Lucy's instructions are always clear, and often entertaining as well.

2. The Yoga Place - Melbourne - West Melbourne



· 107 reviews

203 Victoria St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia

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The Yoga Place - Melbourne: what do users think?

Jake O'Reilly: One of the nicest Vinyasa Flow classes I've ever been too. Besides the beautiful studio itself the teachers are wonderful and the energy is wholesomely soulful.

Dean Kammies: i joined many yoga classes over the 5 years. A friend recommend me this studio a while ago to join the class from Giulia. I joined every class of the studio to find out which style and teacher suits me the best. Specially I'm advanced student and love a bit of powerful flows as well, but also great Yin classes. The only class I loved where the class from Giulia, my friend told me many times i would love her. And i do, she is such a wonderful person as well, always chatting, smiling and give you a beautiful and welcomed feeling. She teaches amazing Vinyasa and Yin classes. She has truly has an individual style. Her music is great as well. You can truly see she is a experienced teacher and dancer as well. And amazing art therapist, i joined her workshop the other day, it was mind blowing!! Any ideas when she will do another workshop? I always learn something new and feel very empowering at her class. I would love to join more classes of her.

Ashley Burch: Giuli is a fantastic teacher... She takes time to guide each individual and the practice has a lovely individualised touch... Always a lovely, calming class and I always learn new things 💞

Hiroko Hongyok: The studio itself is breathtaking - an open, inviting, tranquil space with brick walls, high ceilings and warm lighting. You can really feel the energy as soon as you walk into the space. I've enjoyed attending the different classes they offer, as each is so unique to the teacher's style and pace. There is definitely something for everyone here. I've always had wonderful conversations and interactions with the teachers - and I'm looking forward to continue to expand my own practice at The Yoga Place!

Bopha C: Nice studio and location. Easy to find parking.Good vibes.

Sun Cindy: As my holiday in Melbourne ends, today is my last lesson with The Yoga Place, and its so hard to part with this place. Since I gained much from taking yoga lessons here. Last year, when I was taking yoga lessons in Singapore, a friend strongly recommended me to come to The Yoga Place, noting that I will learn much from here. And she was proved right, The Yoga place is unique in many ways, firstly being its suitable and soothing environment. Secondly, a wonderful team making up of teachers from all over the world, presenting a wide array of lessons of different yoga styles, allowing the students to choose whats deemed best for them. And lastly, the teachers are also very approachable, always willing to answer to our queries, giving very constructive feedback.I love the teachers here as they all have lots of passion for yoga itself and their respect for each and every individual, this has allowed me to have more interest in yoga itself. In my heart, these yoga teachers are the best! I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you, see you guys in a few months.

David Harrison: After attending this beautiful studio for a few months I can honestly say it's one of the most comfortable places to practice various styles with the most friendliest staff you could hope for. A great range of classes everyday and the prices are super competitive!

Adi Richmond: Love this studio, the teachers are really great and the classes are brilliant, always leave feeling good and hope to be able to develop my practice here, as a beginner I have found all the teachers accommodating and helpful, would highly recommend 😀

Karen T: This is a beautiful yoga studio with variety of classes and my body feels good after the class as it helps stretches my body after long day of desk work.

Martha Mulley: I had a wonderful class here last week, taught by Oceane. Gorgeous venue, great sequencing and lovely savasana at the end. Would highly recommend.

3. MOVE Yoga

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· 96 reviews

1/335 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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MOVE Yoga: what do users think?

Karen Dumville: I completed by 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ally, Simon and the team at MOVE Yoga. I honestly couldn't have had a better experience - the combination of the teachers and variety and methodology of training was top class. Would highly recommend.

Patrick Rundle: I can not recommend MOVE Yoga and their YTT course enough. Lead by a dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate and professional team I found the whole experience extremely beneficial in connecting with and understanding the practice of yoga on a deeper and more insightful level.The 11 week course is well structured, with plenty of opportunity to deepen your own practice whilst developing the skills to teach others. There is ample teaching/prac time and plenty of face to face opportunity to learn from and bond with your fellow students.Each of the instructors and mentors were highly skilled themselves and offered different models of learning to ensure that there was something for everyone.The online lecture series was great, and supported by face to face Q&As at the end of every week.I certainly feel ready and well prepared to teach!The MOVE studio itself is beautiful and I highly recommend practicing at the studio regularly throughout the course. There are ample classes, excellent and highly qualified teachers all within a beautiful setting. It’s rare to find such a yoga oasis in the CBD.Whether you are looking for a regular place to practice, or to deepen your understanding and passion for yoga, MOVE is the place for you!

Darshana Perera: Loved my first hot yoga at Move with Teacher Lexi! Her clear instructions and modifications made it perfect for beginners. The studio was clean, well-equipped, and had a great atmosphere. Thanks Lexi, I'll definitely be back for more!

Mae: I enjoyed practicing here while I was in Melbourne for the week. The studio is in a central area in the CBD and is easy to get to.There was a challenge happening during the week I attended classes, and I love how each week of the challenge has a themed week. The themes the week I attended were restore and evolution.The classes are warm. But you’re advised by this is made clear on the website and by the teacher when you check in.

Juan Gonzalez: The experience was awesome

Helen Smith: You enter MOVE Yoga after passing through a dreary and dark staircase, but once you pass through the door, then your liberating experience begins. The foyer is inviting and the teachers are also the welcoming party who greet you with a warm smile and a kind word. The ambience of the studios is intoxicating with the heat and the soothing music as you take your place on the mat provided. The main studio is large with ample space for each yogi without being impersonal. The sessions are professionally and confidently led by young teachers who clearly practice what they preach. They generously remain behind after the class to answer your questions and check in with your progress. For those who like it, the studio offers different types of classes and challenges for all types of bodies and learners. But just not for me. The company did respond positively to my request for a refund but they could benefit from putting a refund policy in place to ensure greater clarity. Although I came to the conclusion that yoga isn't for me, I would not hesitate in recommending this studio to others.

dylan mccloskey: Megan was so awesome I stayed for the class directly after as well to do a double session with her!

Marika Piriou: Profesional, very high standard premises comfy, beautiful, clean, the whole atmosphere is awesome, friendly welcome and efficient staff , Yoga spirit and fitness all in one, My body and my mind both feel great. for more challenge and for those who are interested in teaching, I also recommend Yoga Teacher training through MOVE, they do this with great expertise, and they guide you with commitment, kindness, incredible lectures, dedicated practice... to your own success, to make you feel unique and become a very well trained and confident teacher: one in a lifetime experience.

carla maxwell: This studio is right in the heart of Melbourne. It is a great studio that offers yoga sculpt, Vinyasa Flow and Teacher Training. It’s a Triple Threat experience.

Emily Gu: In 2019, I began my yoga journey at Move Yoga in city. Initially, I saw it as just another studio, but it quickly became more than a place for yoga. Move has been a witness to my life's highs and lows, a place of growth, resilience, and bonding. Through the guidance of each teacher at Move, I've come to understand that the true essence of yoga isn't about achieving perfect poses, but rather about the journey and commitment.I'm deeply thankful to have found Move in Melbourne. It's a community and a place of peace. My gratitude goes out to every teacher who has led a class at Move. Namaste.

Paul Haley: The challenge welcomes anything you need it to be: a chance to develop and strengthen, take a well deserved pause, find that heated sense of renewal, and, be guided or motivated to feel your own connection. Thank you to Move and of course special thanks to Neo!

yari xu: The most welcoming yoga studio I’ve ever been to! Relaxing atmosphere and supportive staff! I’m so glad to get my YTT done here! Thanks everyone!

Tarrant Kenman: Great welcoming workout for a traveller in town for a few days. Thanks guys!

Belinda Tralli: I’m so glad that I chose to do my yoga training at MOVE Yoga. Through this training I have met and connected with so many amazing yogis. Everyone involved in training me is so knowledgeable and experienced, and it was wonderful to have them share their knowledge and experience with me. I was apprehensive about starting the course because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it while working full time and juggling my other personal commitments. However, I felt very capable and I felt very supported throughout my journey by Allison, Neo and all the amazing teachers involved in the training, and the other teacher training students too. I am a better yoga student after completing this teacher training and I cannot wait to teach my own yoga classes. Also, it was lots of fun! Thank you so much to MOVE Yoga for allowing me to take the next step on my yoga path.

niloo rosh: If you are in Melbourne and wanted to take your fitness to next level, Move is the place! Amazing place, wonderful teachers, tremendous sequences. Their YTT is one of the best I would say. It was a joyful experience while learning and improving. Love the place and love the team even more!

4. Melbourne Yoga and Pilates

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· 90 reviews

Ground floor, 428 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates: what do users think?

Carlos Enrique Barcenas: for a few years on my health and various injuries and continued to do so via Zoom when I moved to Qld. I found the Zooms helped me stay even more consistent and it is much easier to be on time. I have achieved many goals so far and feel stronger and fitter. "

paul winn: A great location location for physiotherapy and recovery. I whole heartedly recommend my trainer Tiago.

Nathan Butler: Wynter and the team have been awesome, couldn't recommend them enough if you are in the city

Jessica Rosien: I love working with Wynter as my Pilates trainer at this studio. She is very experienced and able to adapt and select exercises to fit my particular needs. I have several injuries and limitations of which Wynter is conscious, but able to find exactly the exercises which help. She is motivating and over the last three years has helped me build consistency and routine, with which I have increased my muscle strength and overall fitness.Whether in person or online, Wynter's exercise regime is always exactly targeted, and she is able to offer the right set of classes through her supportive team. She also works together with my osteopath through detailed documentation and communication, so that everything is coordinated. I am very glad to have found Melbourne Yoga and Pilates.

Bee Kee Lee: I am glad to have visited Melbourne Yoga and Pilates. I am used to doing HIIT workouts but doing Pilates at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is a whole new different challenge. I have managed to recover from my injuries easily and continue training. My exercise physiologist also educates me on muscles and activation so I can have more effective workouts to reach my goals.

Mariangela De Rosa: Danilo M. is a great exercise physiologist. I am finally recovering after cruciate ligament tear/reconstruction and this is only thanks to him. Highly recommended!!

Dan White: Highly recommend Danilo - knowledgeable, experienced and easy to work with. He has helped me to gain strength and improve coordination as part of a specific program to develop my running.

Christine Wood: Danilo is very skilled at working through some physical limitations I have at the moment. Seeing some improvement already after just 2 weeks.

Roger Hyland: Can’t praise these guys highly enough. Family feeling provided by dedicated professionals.

Xin: I have attended the Pilates 3-on-1 classes with Candy. The classes have been fun and I look forward to my weekly sessions with Candy.

Bree Oliver: Personal training with Danilo has made such a difference to my strength and stability, particularly alongside Lilli’s Pilates instruction. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Anne McNeill: After going to Melbourne Yoga and Pilates for less than a year, I have achieved a very big goal of getting up off the floor unassisted under their expert guidance. This is amazing. Through face to face and zoom sessions they have been able to meet my needs while encouraging and inspiring me to keep moving forward. My workouts have been tailored to my abilities while helping me to gain strength and confidence. They have even lent me equipment through the pandemic which has given me time to get my own for my zoom sessions. They have been diligent through the pandemic keeping on top of sanitising and making it safe for all who attend. I am looking forward to the next instalment in my journey towards and stronger and happier me. I highly recommend their services.

Claudia Blackwell: that is tailored to what suits me best that I have had continued success in achieving my health and wellbeing goals. I've enjoyed these sessions so much that I continued with them over Zoom during lockdowns and have even enjoyed learning pilates after not enjoying it in the past. I highly recommend MYP for their tailored 1 on 1 sessions and their friendly, personable, well qualified trainers.

Heath Williams: I've been working with Melbourne Yoga and Pilates for more than 4 years and they are my go-to for anything yoga or Pilates in the CBD. They have a wonderful and caring team and gets great results for our patients.

Rob L: I was referred to MYP by my GP a couple of years ago. Since then I have been training at MYP every week, with a home exercise program I follow outside of sessions. The motivation and support to get me to do this has been excellent.The whole team is incredibly supportive and friendly and now as we approach the end of 2021 I do my exercises very consistently and am getting stronger. I also generally have less aches and pains, have more flexibility and I am fittest I have been for a very long time. I highly recommend them!

Jaco_4950: I have been with Melbourne Yoga and Pilates for 18month after I was referred by my doctor. Previously I was very unfit and lockdown made it worse. I also struggled with motivation. I participate in the small clinical group classes and love them. They are tailored to what you need. I am now stronger and fitter, even through the lockdowns. Training on a regular basis has also helped my mental health as well. I really enjoy my weekly sessions with Molly, she is fantastic!

5. Yoga Corner

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· 42 reviews

Laneway off, Level 1 15 McKillop Street, Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Yoga Corner: what do users think?

Reina: Very nice studio downtown. No upmarket concept chain. Genuine teachers, very knowledgeable and welcoming with a nice variation. Thank you Amy for a very inspiring Jivamukti session and thank you Dave for your technically precise Hatha class. Love it

Kate Lam: Yoga Corner is very transparent, flexible and reasonable in their pricing model, with trial periods to help you get a feel for the place. So few places offer this! They also have a good range of yoga classes. And between the lunch time, after work, and weekend classes I was able to find a few that suits my schedule.It was very important to be able to practice at a basic level or go as advanced as you'd like for each move or pose. That way, you don't feel pressured to do something your body might not like or be ready for, nor are you held back if you want more of a challenge.Yin-Restore and Gentle Flow was of most interest to me. Lexi and Gisele were both approachable, helpful, and responsive. The only complaint I have is the use of incense in the classes I attend. Given there's a lot of focus on breathing, more often than not I find myself holding my breath as the incense makes me cough and sneeze. Obviously this defeats the purpose of being there, despite trying to keep my distance from the incense.The website gives you a great description of what each class is like, although their booking system is very clunky and erroneous. In class, you have access to mats, blocks, bolsters and other props to help you maximise your yoga practice.BONUS: The venue is dedicated to yoga, with a great ambience and comfortable lighting control. Spacious and considered change rooms.If the incense doesn't work against you, I would totally recommend this place and would otherwise give it 5 stars.

Ann-Kathrin Goller: .

Victoria Zhu: Been to two classes - Gisele’s Vinyasa and Amy’s Jivamukti. Both were so so good. Definitely for more intermediate practitioners. I love how you can choose to have hands-on assistance and with Gisele’s help, I was able to sustain my first headstand!! Classes are generally warmed which I also love. Overall 10/10 will definitely be back when I’m back in Melb

Love & Peace: The room temperature varies a little depending on the number of people and the day, but it's not so much that you'll sweat. It's peaceful and clean, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes yoga. Thanks for the wonderful experience ☺️ I'll definitely come back the next time I'm in Melbourne

Alex Downer: Bought a casual pass, instructor Linda was welcoming, professional and had great communication skills. Excellent class.

Aude yukiko: Great little yoga studio. Ale's classes are the perfect balance of challenge and mindfulness.

David Burden: so comfortable great talent staff did a fluff but enya was on loud enough to muffler the SBD out

Megan Gamble: Amazing studio in the heart of the CBD. Amy and her team are friendly and knowledgeable and run heart-felt, inspiring classes for yogis at all levels. You'll feel instantly comfortable in their space, the Hot classes make you sweat and there's showers and towel hire which makes life so much easier for getting back to the office. Can't recommend them highly enough. Definitely try the info offer, it's great value.

E: Nice and gentle class, focused on stretching and meditation. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

Nadia Cusano: Warm energy and inviting space.I have only just started here but can tell it is special.Tyler facilitated the most amazing Yin class 💖Teachers are professional and experienced. I cannot believe I have just found this place!

Camille Nicodemus: Home away from home! Love this studio, the community, the vibe and the teachers.

6. Little Mandarin Yoga & Pilates (CBD)

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· 90 reviews

201&202/37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Little Mandarin Yoga & Pilates (CBD): what do users think?

Tara Cabullo: Enjoyed my reformer class

Jin Yoga: It was amazing experience to made me so clearly why I’m teaching & how I teach. Jowing’s 100 hrs Aerial Yoga teacher training gave me such good confidence. Jowing is very supportive in training, gave us plenty opportunities to teach and learn, and I’m really appreciated this teacher training. I felt so much confidence to delivery my mind to everyone in the class for better understanding by cues, presenting, correcting, encouraging. And I felt so grateful when I see anyone in class had progress.

Elle McFadzean: , but not so difficult that you want to give up and quit fitness forever. The studio is calming, the bathrooms are clean, the teachers are friendly. I've only good to say!

YY L: I first came across Little Mandarin on ClassPass app when I visited Melbourne on a holiday. Fast forward a few years later, I moved to Melbourne and this is now my go-to yoga studio. The teachers are amazing, and the beautiful studio is in a very convenient location.

Sophie Huang: Wonderful aerial yoga experience with Jowing. Have recommended to my friends and colleagues.

Cindy Xiao: I started with aerial yoga with them a few years ago and started to learn about alignment and flow. I feel I was able to progress throughout the years and got to know my own mind and body better. Classes are very innovative and sequences are full of the teachers' unique understanding of the sport. I benefited a lot from the practice. Environment is very nice, spacious and comfortable. Highly recommend it!

TiffanyAmelia24: My favourite pilates studio in the CBD, super convenient location near my office and beautiful studio. The instructors are all super lovely and attentive. Highly recommend to try out if you are looking for a studio in the heart of the city.

Hannah Ho: this was the first LM studio I went, I strongly recommend for those who want to try aerial yoga!!!

Hannah Qin: Claudia is the best instructor! The class is very interesting and easy to follow up.

Ruolin Xu: I have started to have the yoga classes for one year at this place. Really good experience especially for Aerial yoga class.

Wai Li: I went for Aerial Align class with Jin, it was amazing. Jin was very helpful and encourage us to keep going. It was a great workout. Love it!

lee undo: It’s lovely place, teacher was very kind and helpful, at first I started with Ariel yoga with lei, beginner yoga course with Suellen, then alignment class with jowin. Teacher really helpful with adjusting my alignment & making sure everything it’s on the correct position. It’s really makes my yoga journey longer & more knowledgeable. Love it love it love it ❤️

YIZHI WU: very nice place

Dani Ford: Clean, well equipped, great vibe, friendly instructor and hard workout on the Pilates reformer, instructor gave lots of options and help. Will be coming back.

Jane Ting: This is where I have a complete change of what Yoga truly is, where I discovered more about my body and develop a stronger self. This is the place you want to be, to seek peace and calmness the midst of the hustling life.

Pamela Pan: Little Mandarin is a fantastic place to have a mental break. I enjoyed Ariel classes especially the ones instructed by Lei.

Shermaine Sham: Instructors were well knowledge

sparky blossom: The Little Mandarin studio is such a lovely and calming space. Also really appreciate the extra guidance the instructor provided as it was my first time!

7. Radiant Sol Yoga

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· 88 reviews

418 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

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Radiant Sol Yoga: what do users think?

Marni Little: Absolutely beautiful studio and practice

L Z: Beautiful studio with love, healing and freedom

Eva Löser: Wonderful place. Beautiful energy. I felt so calm after the class. Thank you so much.

Alexandra Moon: A welcoming place with a sense of community, beautiful, smells great, wonderfully knowledgeable teachers- I love it there!

Amanda Phoenix: Wow just had my first class here and feel amazing. Jen the instructor was super kind and showed me around. The atmosphere is next level and the room and props are so clean. Really stunning space.

Kp purcll: Beautiful studio and atmosphere! Amazing yoga teachers! Had an absolutely wonderful experience at Radiant Sol! Thank you for inspiring me and helping me on my yoga journey!Karina xx

Emma Pickford: I can honestly say this studio feels like home. I've been a regular for the better part of a year and during that time ive fallen even more in love with yoga thanks to all the amazing and skilled teachers here. Thank you Radiant Sol xxx

Alison Lasek: I was a member at Radiant Sol before the lockdowns and it's so gooood to be back. It's a lovely space to practice in but above all Danielle has fostered a beautiful community where everyone feels welcome.

Huimin Wang: Absolutely a life changing yoga place with great vibes. Super clean, smell fresh, lots of greens and teachers are awesome!

Paul Martin: I love this studio. From the moment I walk in its just beautiful energy! Love love love.

Elaine Mou: Love to spend my self-care time here.

Stuart Brock: Just enjoyed my first class at this studio. Absolutely fantastic. Great vibe. I’ll be back 👍

Lisa Suling-Maslin: hire, a place to store your own mat, ample toiletries, props

Yvonne Brakey: has been spectacular. Her thoughts have always been for her ‘clients’ and for them to be able to continue their practice. The on line classes are as close as attending in person. Congratulations on your success in this and of course we are all keen to be able to attend in the studio again.

Tommy Ryan: I had my first yoga class with Radiant Sol a couple of years ago and have kept coming back. The teachers are always welcoming and I learn something new each time, whether it's a myofascial release workshop, a yin class in studio, or beach yoga. During lockdown they also had a ton of classes and content online, and now that they're back in studio it's still worth me trekking down to Port Melbourne for the classes!

La Sirene: Positive:QualityBeautiful studio, thorough instructions from a range of different teachers who set the space beautifully, ensuring a blissful practice. Radiant Sol is a lovely studio which is warm and inviting.

Maddie Latimer: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI absolutely love this studio. It’s a warm, inviting space and the teachers are all wonderful. There is plenty of space for you to flow, amenities and lockers to put your things away. It always smells amazing and if you’re lucky you’ll get the sound bowl during shavasana

Chris Potter: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityAmazing customer service , always helpful and accommodating, a beautiful studio , excellent yoga teachers who are very supportive, very calm ambiance and atmosphere.


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· 36 reviews

341 Moray St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

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angelo brandstetter: Had a shiatsu massage by Elena ,good technique and was actually the best massage l’ve had !Thank you so much .

Vania Medel: Excellent cultural space, the methodology used in the yoga classes with Elena and Angelo is very comprehensive and personalized, I felt very good after participating in them. / Excellent cultural space, the methodology used in the yoga classes with Elena and Angelo is very comprehensive and personalized, I felt very good after participating in them.

ana luisa Arciniega: Elena and Angelo are not just excellent yoga teachers; they are truly exceptional guides on your journey to well-being and optimal health. Their genuine care for your physical and mental wellness sets them apart.What sets them apart even further is their commitment to knowledge sharing. Elena graciously shared one of her books with me, and it has been an invaluable resource in deepening my understanding of various yoga poses and techniques. This personalized touch underscores their dedication to your growth as a practitioner.The atmosphere they cultivate is nothing short of inspiring. Their convenient location adds to the overall appeal.Elena and Angelo's holistic approach to yoga is not just about physical exercise; it's a journey towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Elga Pappalardo: Cosy location, kind , very professional experts like Angelo and Elena welcome you at The House of culture. I highly recommend to have a go, taking part to a yoga class or a shatsu session.

Anna Pastore: Finally I found a yoga course different from the others, with a teacher passionate and prepared that helps you to feel better mentally and physically.

Maria Sifis: Loved doing yoga classes with Elena & Angelo. Both love what they do and it shows through their knowledge, expertise and relaxed teaching style. Great location and a lovely way to meet other people too.I’ve moved on now but I still would highly recommend going especially for a more personal approach, integrated with wellness and spirituality.

Vasfiye Ozakay: Elena and Angelo are great people! I am very happy to meet with them. Yoga classes are best in the town!

Cecilia Alejandra Rios Teran: Strongly recommended Yoga studio!I've been going for yoga classes, I attended some talks and Shiatsu massage.Elena and Angelo are the best teachers, very patient and knowledgeable. Their yoga classes are personalized and well explained.The place is comfortable and the area quiet, even though it is close to the CBD, so it is the perfect space to relax, exercise, and learn about how to improve our health.

Ilaria Bioli: Elena is amazing! We did 3 shiatsu session, she is very sensible and kind woman!! Shiatsu is a process we learn to enjoy, everytime I finished I felt more energised to handle my questions and feelings, than you House of culture!!

Myda Genova: When I was living in south Melbourne this place felt like home to me, a space where I’ve learned how to practice yoga and the meaning of taking care of myself.Elena she is the best, she is passionate and caring ❤️ I definitely recommend her and her yoga studio ❤️

S M: I take English private lessons in the House of Culture Dr David Juan Ferriz Olivares and I highly recommend it. I find myself very well with the course and my teacher Elena, she is very kind, patient and funny as well!!Learning English with this business as helped me with understanding the language for my future!

Jackie Carriera: Started 3 months ago, Angelo and Elena are both very knowledgeable about the practice of yoga. You are able to feel  comfortable with both yoga instructors who are willing to assist in any way and explain everything in detail that is easy to understand. Both instructors create relaxing and calming atmosphere that allows you to fully immerse yourself in this wonderful experience. I feel so much better since starting yoga and noticed many benefits as I've progressed. Elena and Angelo are such caring and friendly people to be around and overall make the sessions more positive and fun. Elena also give the best shiatsu massage ever! Altogether would definitely recommend and is an amazing experience.

Jessica Badini: Elena is an exceptional English teacher .We used to have from 1 to 2 hours of English lesson a week .My English improved so fast and I’m so glad to had met such a fabulous person .Highly recommended also for shiatsu treatments.

Giulia Eleonora Aresini: I’ve been attending prenatal yoga classes with Elena since December 2022 and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Her classes are deeply personalized and she helped me gaining flexibility and awareness of my body. Attending her classes twice a week has been precious for me, both under a physical and under a psychological/relaxation point of view!

Joey Camilleri: The yoga classes at the House of Culture are great. Elena is knowledgeable and has created a lovely community.

Natali Hryva: !

Kay Yu: I had very good experience doing yoga with Elena here. She was very patient and explain ed everything in detail. After couple of months with her guidance I was able do more yoga postures. I like the way that she doesn’t push her students too much but helping them progressively. I’ll definitely come back to join her yoga class again and would love to recommend more friends here!

S X: Best yoga studio in the world.You couldn't choose better people than Elena and Angelo. They are genuinely caring and amazing people. They will welcome you in their yoga family and they will teach you and guide you to grow.Really high recommended!

sshashte: Elena and Angelo, both are very special human beings with a great commitment to help others. It really is a very praiseworthy job that they are doing at the House of Culture in Melbourne, making known this ancient system of Yoga, which is not only a path of healing for the human being, but also an excellent means of staying healthy , and when I say healthy I mean it not only in the physical part but also in the mental and spiritual. Go ahead House of Culture with your excellent work for human well-being in this part of the planet, go ahead Elena and Angelo! The endless sky is the limit!

9. Happy Melon Studios

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· 31 reviews

1252 High St, Armadale VIC 3143, Australia

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Happy Melon Studios: what do users think?

Nadia Cusano: Hands down the best studio I’ve ever been to. Reformer classes are my favourite but the yoga is equally good. Jump Pilates is a fav.All the teachers are amazing and bring their own flair. Just an impressive place that I look forward to going to practice at the end of a day. Oh and their tea is so good!Thanks team!

Estella Corvini: and facilities. There is cold water on tap, tea, apples and hand towels to dry off at all times. In my eyes it is completely worth it. I have never wanted to exercise before these classes.

Harley McEwan: but hey they also offer Pilate's, meditation, heaps of workshops and lots of types of yoga! Can't wait to go back.

Leah Szymanski: Incredible reformer classes - Did the intro offer and loved it! Highly recommend

Natasha Venizelos: I have participated in a few slow flow and Yin Yoga sessions at Happy Melon and absolutely loved it. The room is at the perfect temperature, so it feels like a warm hug. The atmosphere from when you walk in the doors is calming through the lighting, smell and tea provided. And the instructors I’ve had are great.

Alana Johnston: Good!

Danielle Chubb: i discovered happy melon during lockdown, and have had such a good experience both with the teachers as well as the membership manager, that i'm now going to try some studio classes. Big shoutout to Sorayya for being friendly, accommodating and welcoming and completely eliminating any potential intimidation factor such a high quality pilates studio might otherwise have.

Majorie Elizabeth: Extremely calming, even the HIIT/BOXING classes start and finish with a meditation. The instructors ask you to honour your body and what it needs. It’s a very positive environment to workout in, I leave feeling relaxed and recharged for my day.

Mark Goldberg: Big shout out to my online mat pilates instructor, Laura. Unlike a lot of other instructors, who use the class as an opportunity to due their own workout, Laura just demonstrates to get us going and then turns to the class to comment on how we are doing, before joining back in for the last few reps to end the exercise with us. Her focus is the class not her own workout. And the clarity of her instruction makes it really easy for me to follow if I can't see the screen. Thanks Mark G

E H: Absolutely love Happy Melon! A special shout-out to Laura and Hannie… two of the most capable and caring instructors I’ve ever come across!Studio is a lovely place to visit and is always clean and inviting.

Stephanie Doesburg: Love this studio. Emma M and Emma S are amazing instructors - as are all the other ladies I practiced with, thank you. I thank Happy Melon for making me love yoga! The space is lovely with 3 choices of beautiful tea to choose from to drink before/after class. The membership lady was also really nice and made the process so smooth when signing up after my free trial. I have now moved from the area unfortunately but I would come back to this studio in a heart beat! 100% recommend ❤️

Sarah Cormack: It is such a gorgeous space and has turned me into a committed yogi. Boxing class was also beneficial. Great teas that are perfect for after practice. Would highly recommend!

10. High On Yoga Melbourne

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· 16 reviews

285 Lennox St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

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11. Mudita Yoga & Pilates Studio

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· 26 reviews

292 Charman Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192, Australia

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Mudita Yoga & Pilates Studio: what do users think?

Paula Halperin: The best there is! Gina is the Yoga Queen 💖🧘‍♀️💖

Di Mizzi: I originally joined the studio to supplement an existing practice with another studio as the timetable suited me.This is now my main practice studio.The timetable offers lots of classes at various times . There regular workshops and specialty classes.All the teachers are very experienced and dedicated to the practice.A warm open hearted yoga community ♥

Jodi Shepherd: I attended the Inhale workshop this morning and I am so appreciative of Gina’s guidance and knowledge helping me set my own intentions for this coming year, I enjoyed the self exploration. The Nidra was beautiful at the end and a great way to bring the workshop to a close. Thanks so much Gina x

Suchitra Chari: Wonderful yoga studio - and a friendly community … Gina is an authentic and exceptionally takk ok rented s as nd knowledgeable yoga instructor and guide … it’s a blessing to turn up on the May s as bd surrender yo the practice

Claire Parker: I love Mudita yoga. Gina is an amazing teacher and her team are all lovely. The care and planning she puts into all her classes is fantastic.The studio is gorgeous, light and airy in the daytime and snug and cosy for relaxation. Great range of classes and timetable to suit 😃

Rose: Mudita Yoga is truly an inspiring and beautiful studio. The teachers are amazing, and are thoughtful, ensuring that each class is accessible to all ability levels. I’ve been coming to this studio for a long period of time, and the improvement I’ve seen on my body and mind are amazing. I can never express how much I’ve enjoyed Mudita Yoga.

Grecia Lopez: Love the classes and relaxing atmosphere. Well located.

K Perez: Gina is an incredible teacher with so much knowledge, a beautiful studio and great sense of community ❤️❤️

Josephine Peachey: Absolutely love this studio and all the brilliant teachers. Such a welcoming environment with a wide range of classes to choose from. The classes range in difficulty but are suitable for everyone. Always feel empowered, inspired and challenged in every class. Highly recommend joining the very special Mudita community!

Annie: Fabulous studio. Not too big. Parking close by. Gina is a fabulous and caring instructor and there is a lovely 'vibe'. Gina caters for individual needs and a WhatsApp group helps you feel connected and there are also regular social activities.

Julia Dyer: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismWhat am amazing way to begin the year! Thank you for your guidance Gina, your teachings are magical!

Joy Antonie: Gina provides a beautiful space and a nurturing environment for her yoga classes, here at Mudita. Im so grateful I have found this studio, and am finding yoga to be such an important part of my life, both pyhsically, mentally and emotionally. I attended the Inhale workshop, with Gina, and was so pleased to be gifted with tools to enhance self love, happiness, and wholeness. Highly recommend this practice

Melanie Ford: Positive:CommunicationThe opportunity to attend quality workshops on yoga philosophy such as today's 2022 Inhale is so beneficial and complimentary to the physical practice. The workshop was delivered in a concise manner with potent but easily accessible concepts. Highly recommended.

Kate 88: Supportive, friendly and welcoming studio. You will learn real Yoga here, and you will be held throughout your practice. Throughout lockdowns Gina has provided online classes that have really hit the spot, I can't even begin to say how lucky I am to have come across Mudita and Gina, I will be here for life!

Kanako Chapman: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityYou can learn real yoga at Mudita. They offer variety of classes, through that you can practice not just asanas, but also learn pranayama, meditation and philosophy. The student community is very welcoming and nice. Highly recommended.

Cally Martin: that are right for you. There's sometimes special event type classes if you're looking for a little more, but never pressure to do more than what you can. I first started coming here 5

marsha berry: The workshop on Saturday was very useful - Gina provided many really helpful tips about how to look after knees, hips, lower back and shoulders. I think the biggest take away was that we need to be aware of what we how we may be stressing various ligaments and muscle groups on a daily basis through habitual movements such as driving, using computers and smartphones and crossing our legs while we are sitting . She is a natural teacher and her explanations resonated with the whole workshop group.

Kim East: The Is this yoga? workshop I went to recently at Mudita Yoga Studio was fun, interesting and informative. As someone who has practiced yoga regularly for years, I am always looking for ways to further my knowledge on correct technique and alignment to help prevent and heal injuries. Gina's easy to understand explanations on how tightness in one area of the body can really effect another helped me to better understand my own body, while the suggestions on ways to alleviate tightness were invaluable. I would highly recommend to anyone who practises yoga to attend should this workshop be held again in the future.

12. Melbourne Yoga Sports

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· 12 reviews

46 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Address Website
Melbourne Yoga Sports: what do users think?

S. DuBois: My go to studio now.Different style to the more common flow types but extremely beneficial for developing strength and functional flexibility. The workshop style sequence allows for better development of postures and lifts.I've developed so much faster than I did taking vinyasa classes.

Alison Finlay: As someone who had only ever experienced yoga in a gym environment, I was nervous to attend classes. Clint made me feel completely at ease. He seems to intuitively know when to offer corrections, and when his students would prefer to work through their practice unassisted. He knows which postures to suggest to strengthen particular muscles and assist with the healing of ailments that osteos and chiropractors haven't ben able to help me with. Clint's knowledge of his practice and his ability to teach postures I'd never dreamed of being able to achieve, is nothing short of mastery. I have never experienced such profound changes in my body, nor did I have any idea what my body was capable of. His classes are fun, interactive and catered for all abilities, and his teaching style is gentle yet precise. Clint has completely changed how I view group fitness, and I'm so grateful for the beautiful space and environment he's created.

2cents: Beautiful bright studio. Clint is an awesome teacher. Patient, nurturing and knowledgeable. Interactive class. Thank you!

Nellerichal Sreeju: Clint and team are amazing, not only very kind and selfless to the community but also great classes in a light filled space to practice. I have not spend enough time here as much I would like to but looking forward to coming back and experience more of the magic! They do have lots of different classes to suit various different needs and people. I highly recommend trying their free first class as well as the monthly option so you know what fits best for you!

Michael Muir: I’ve now tried all of the classes that Clint offers and being new to yoga, I’ve gained the most from these sessions out of all the other studios I’ve been to. He is really knowledgeable and cares about building the correct form through poses. He is also great at altering to different levels. Clint is interactive and helpful, and it’s a nice open/light filled space to practice.

Sonia Molina: They will correct your postures and help you to achieve your fitnes goals or recovery objectives.

Megan Jones: and there are plenty of modifications if you need them. Sports yoga will really help you gain strength and flexibility. The teachers are excellent - knowledgeable and supportive - no matter what your level and are always happy to suggest adjustments for you. I will definitely be going back.

amrei Marden: .At Melbourne Yoga sports you will always be met with care, compassion and excellent teaching no matter what level of fitness, injury or previous yoga knowledge you have!There are many different classes on the schedule that complement each other to make sure you can improve all aspects of your body!If you want to nurture and heal yourself in a place where people know your name and support you the CC while way, I urge you to give Melbourne yoga sports a go, you will not regret it!!!

Per Nilsson: The Winter camp was awesome! We will definitely come down to Melbourne again for these camps in the future! Clint and Kate are very experienced in their field and focus on fundamental details that helps you go to the next level.If we would live in Melbourne we certainly would be regular yogis in this studio! Thank you Clint & Kate!

James Boyle: Great room and really enjoyed the classes. Super friendly teachers who give you lots options in class tailored to your ability. As a runner these classes have helped with my hip tightness immensely

Joan Thibaut: A very nice studio, clean and with flair. I like the classes Brikram Yoga, Yoga Sports and Wall Strech the best. The teachers are helpful and do a very good job. I have already been able to get rid of my back problems completely.All in all it is very pleasant and I can highly recommend it.

13. Within Yoga Studio

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Not verified
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· 17 reviews

18 Wilson St, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
Within Yoga Studio: what do users think?

Annie B: Eliza was amazing, the strong flow yoga class was challenging yet rewarding and spiritual - I loved it.Definitely a step up from a "normal" flow class.

Harry: Difficult to overstate the quality of this studio. The instructors are the best in Melbourne, the classes challenging and the community the most warm and welcoming I've encountered.

Karl Steeb: Amazing space and amazing teachers

Rebecca Nolan: A beautiful studio & excellent teachers.

Chris Rose: Shoutout to Alessia. Class was superbly run, catered excellently to a beginner, and definitely pushed my limits in the best possible way.Will definitely be back, thanks guys!

Liz Fox: The best yoga studio I have discovered since returning from London 5 years ago, I feel grateful to be in such close proximity. All of the teachers are exceptional and also kind and welcoming. What I also love is the range of ages and standard of regulars, there is something for everyone and if you focus on your own journey, you will fly. It’s quite amazing.

Caitlin Adams: , the classes are so well run, the yoga is of such a high level but is still so welcoming to beginners, and the vibe of the studio and everyone in the class is undeniably the most friendly in the area.I've sweat, stretched, cried, and laughed all in the same class, and feel so grateful to have found a little hub that makes me feel so nourished 3If you're wondering if this studio is worth trying - DO IT!

Emma O Sullivan: The best yoga studio ive ever been to. A beautiful warm space, Caters to all levels of Yogis with the most amazing teachers, Beyond grateful i have found a new space to practice. Everyone is so lovely they have created such welcoming enviornment. Highly Recommend.

Jesseca: Within is the best yoga studio I’ve ever been to. Unpretentious, beautiful, soulful yoga. 10/10

Laureane Perdigão: Just started and already loving the space and the teachers

Kellee Lewis: My first time here and I'll be back! The class was a strong flow and it was exactly that! A very dynamic Vinyasa sequence with options for challenging postures which the teacher skillfully offered hands on support and adjustments. Masha, the studio owner, is a beautiful teacher and has created a beautiful space to switch off from the world outside and come within! Thanks Masha!

jeff mackinnon: A beautiful space with amazing teachers ❤️

Bjorn Schultheiss: Amazing yoga

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