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1. The Alignment Studio - Melbourne City

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· 66 reviews

45 Collins Street, Shop/19 Collins Place, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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The Alignment Studio: what do users think?

Melinda Smith: and to address problems or injuries. Good at finding a balance between the challenging, the curative and the fun. Highly recommend.

Peter Fairbrother: The Alignment Studio is superb. After two major back operations and a senior’s struggling body, my GP recommended the Studio for the next steps in my recovery. The Studio’s provision of integrated care has been life changing. Its staff are both highly skilled and engaged, working with me in helpful, informative, and enjoyably ways. I could not ask for a better care approach.

Amanda: I highly recommend Michelle as a physio and for pilates. The knowledge and care she has for her clients is incredible.

James Murray: I started at Alignment Studio after recommendation from friend. Michelle is easily the best physio I’ve visited having tried many. Her understanding of the issues and approach that sets realistic goals and exercises has helped me through back pain, planter fascia, torn hamstring, achilles and tennis elbow! If you are over 50 and in denial you will know how easy it is to injure yourself finding someone who can minimise down time is invaluable. Recently started pilates here also and again Michelle has helped greatly - some preventative action as well as repair, thanks Michelle you are a gun.

Dylan Broomfield: I cannot recommend highly enough The Alignment Studio. Michelle has treated me for several years, with wonderful results. Her thorough knowledge and experience in evident in the way that she provides treatment. She is pragmatic in her approach, which allows her to provide effective individual treatment and recovery. She goes above and beyond to ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible and with a regime to prevent further aggravation.

Jennifer Le: Michelle is an incredibly supportive and caring instructor who takes a wholistic approach to my health. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Madeleine Wiley: Ana & Pete were both amazing. Couldn’t recommend more!

Conor Morgan: Very courteous and professional, results based practice

Mark Graus: I have been seeing Michelle at the Alignment Studio for the last few years. The staff and service generally is always fabulous. Michelle in particular has treated me for numerous different injuries. Her professionalism, personalised approach, and compassion ensure that I always walk out better than I walk in.

Veronica Kaufman: Fantastic clinic! Pete Hunt is exceptionally well experienced and has been a miracle worker for me treating a range of different issues that other physiotherapists haven’t been able to resolve in the past. He will also make time for you at short notice if needed and has great relationships with ortho surgeons for more complex requirements. 100% highly recommend!

Fiona Currie: I have been going to the Alignment Studio for the last five years and would rate them higher if I could. The service and treatment I receive is always fabulous and helps me live my best life. If you want supportive and caring physiotherapy that works - this is the place to go!

Jacqui Sarah: I have been going to The Alignment Studio for years - the practitioners and reception is always friendly and professional. My most recent experience has been with physiotherapist Ana - she’s incredible! I walked in with a crooked back and misaligned shoulders, and after 30min of massage and dry needling, I walked out mobile and realigned!! Highly recommended.

A. Kim: I would highly recommend physio Peter Hunt. I had neck and shoulder injuries with pain and could not find a good physio as I am new to Melbourne. After treatment, pain and stiffness are gone like magic!! Peter is professional and knowledgeable. Stuido is modern and the reception staff is really friendly and welcoming. Thanks for the treatment and service.

Joe Troha: I've been visiting Sana for remedial massage at The Alignment Studio ongoing each week for a few months now after I developed injuries from extensive personal fitness training.My greatest grattitude goes out to Sana for helping me not only overcome my injuries, she also has reduced muscular tension and improve my limbre to help prevent injuries moving forward. It's money so well spent and I'm now finding that my fitness strength and abilities has improved.Sana is also so lovely, carrismatic and empathetic! We always have great conversations and she is extremely talented and skilled at her practise. I highly recommend Sana and will remain a regular client.

Spencer Mu: First came here with injury rehabs, this place and particularly Michelle is amazing at getting me back into the sports I love with a combination of hands on treatment and self managed rehab. Rather than passively treating the affected area Mitchell’s treatment is truly holistic and her ‘homework’ is simple enough to follow through. Would absolutely recommend!!

Kate Crosby: Caring and professional-I have used podiatry and physio services.

Chloe: at the alignment studio. Cannot recommend more highly!

Lizzie Playford-Wall: I saw Tara at the Alignment Studio on Friday. Despite my late notice, I was fitted in on the day. I was a little apprehensive at first as I have quite a complex history of widespread, generalised pain. At times, I have found other clinics to be lacking in understanding of the condition; however, Tara demonstrated her clinical expertise and empathy when providing excellent treatment, alongside compassion and understanding. I am especially impressed with the Alignment Studio’s capacity to tailor their treatment to my current needs. The multi-faceted approach enabled me to receive both hands-on myotherapy/massage, as well as physical Pilates and strength exercises. And all for a reasonable price! I had a specially tailored Pilates and strength session, alongside follow-up exercises to maintain the improvement I felt today.I felt compelled to write a review as I have visited many practitioners over the years, and appreciate good, honest, genuine feedback. Tara herself was extremely knowledgeable, made me feel at ease, and was an expert at her craft. My Pilates and strength session set me up with exercises I can replicate at home or at the gym – something I value greatly. Despite my lack of confidence with the exercises, Tara was patient, understanding and non-judgmental, helping me every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend Tara or the Alignment Studio highly enough. If in doubt, book! You won’t regret it. Thank you so much Tara.

2. Melbourne City Chiropractic - Melbourne City



· 40 reviews

1112/530 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Melbourne City Chiropractic: what do users think?

MARCEL CARLSEN: issue was addressed - and the migraines thankfully subsided - but I soon found the effectiveness of adjustments progressively

Michael Whytcross: I could not speak more highly of Richard and the entire team at Melbourne City Chiropractic. At 6"8', ive struggled with injuries for almost 20 years - and been in constant pain. This team has helped get me back to playing active sport again and I couldn't be more appreciative. They are a bunch of amazing, caring, genuine people and I only wish I discovered them sooner!

Athletic Edge: I have been going regularly to Melbourne City Chiropractic for almost 10 years, and it's probably the best investment I've ever made for my body. Since I do weight training and play sports 7 days a week year-round, physical recovery and injury prevention is a high priority for me.When I first came to the practice in 2014, I mainly just wanted a solution to help my body stop feeling so run down all the time. It would take me days to recover from workouts; I wanted to speed up that healing process so I could push my body more frequently/consistently without having to cut back on intensity, or spend the whole week sore and tired. After the first few months of weekly adjustments, I noticed that my body was suffering less side-effects after training sessions even though the training intensity was as high as ever. Where before I wouldn't feel 100% until a few days after a hard session, now I felt back to normal the day after - almost as if I hadn't even done a hard session at all. This allowed me to get in 4 or 5 big workouts in a week as opposed to 1 or 2 before I started chiro. My posture noticeably improved too - I didn't have to concsciously try to hold an upright posture anymore, my body seemed to keep itself in the right position for longer. This made a huge difference to my training, as a stronger natural posture helped reduce injury risks significantly. Little niggles and mini-injuries from workouts became less and less common, and I felt stronger than I ever had before. I was hooked.Fast forward 8 years later and the once-a-week adjustments have continued to pay off, with no major injuries over that time even with a 12-hours a week training schedule. At 35 years old I honestly feel fitter, stronger and have better posture than I did at 25. Thanks to the strong structural foundation acheived through the adjustments, I'm able to trust my body to push itself to its limits knowing that it won't let me down. The adjustments allow me to keep doing what I love at a high level safely, and since I plan to stay fit and active for a long time I don't see myself stopping chiro any time soon.If long-term body alignment and great posture interests you, then I strongly recommend Melbourne City Chiropractic. If injury prevention and better exercise performance is important to you, then I strongly recommend Melbourne City Chiropractic. If the confidence that comes from knowing that your body is finally functioning the way it should be is something you want, then I strongly recommend Melbourne City Chiropractic. They are highly professional, thoroughly attentive and genuinely care about improving your quality of life.Once you experience the positive lasting changes to your body from their adjustments, you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

Rachel Brooks: The chiropractors here are brilliant, and every adjustment I've had has been with a careful and considered approach to what my body needs to get into alignment.When I first read about the ABC method, logically it made so much sense... but until I had experienced it first-hand, I really had no idea just how much of a positive impact this type of treatment would have on my body and my life.Thanks guys for keeping me and my body functioning in an optimal state. I'm so grateful I found Melbourne City Chiro, it's been a real life-changer!

Varsha Lal-Hadley: I'd recommend Melbourne City Chiro to everyone! It's the best kept secret to a better quality of life.

Kristen Bassett: Great office, lovely people, and most importantly, extremely effective chiropractic treatments. I’ve spent more than half my life going to traditional chiropractors, and wish I’d learned about ABC earlier!

Bruce Hadley: Great group of chiropractors. No matter who is doing the adjusting, I walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed. From the time you walk in and are greeted by the friendly staff, until you walk out , you are made to feel valued and important. You really need to make this clinic part of your whole health journey. Cannot recommend them any higher than that!

Sahil Deep: Exceptional team of Chiropractors doing quality ABC work. Highly recommend!

Dani Zeini: Ben is a wizard.Great service and lovely people.I feel better then ever and I am sleeping better.Would Recommend Highly

Isaac Varano: Ben has positively enabled me to go about my day-to-day life activities with ease, improved my posture and overall health and well-being. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. A great guy and an even better chiropractor!

Daniel Garton: I've been seeing Dr Jonathan Camm for about two years now.What a difference getting his ABC Treatment has been, I originally came in to get my posture better. Not only have we seen significant improvement to my posture, but with all the sport and training that i do, I have seen a decrease in my general back pain. Injuries are also few and far between.Im now on a fortnightly visit and enjoy the slow and steady improvments and reset that the visit brings me.

Catherine Hadaj: Great team of chiropractors here. Have had great outcomes from their treatment and all staff are always so welcoming. Awesome vibe in the clinic whenever I pop in.

melanie cowling: I have been seeing Sam for low back pain and the results are incredible. Sam is down to earth, understanding, extremely knowledgeable & experienced. Highly recommend 😊

Josip Juric: Very knowledgeable and great service.

Peng Chen: It's a pretty good experience. They are very careful and friendly. And explain your body to you patiently, not only good service, but also learn about physical health. Highly recommended. Even if their English is not good, they are very patient.

May I: Best team of professionals with unique and effective skills.Recommended

Robyn De silva: Richard is my life saving amazing Chiropractor who has been adjusting me over the past 12years. I was in trouble following a bad fall and was not getting the relief I was looking for from other Chiropractors. My nephew's partner who had been seeing an ABC Chiropractor in Queensland with great results introduced me to ABC Chiropractic. I have not looked back since first meeting Richard. I have so much gratitude.♡

3. Adaptive Chiro CBD - Melbourne City

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· 11 reviews

Suite 40/12 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Adaptive Chiro CBD: what do users think?

qijian cheng: I've been on regular chiro sessions over the past 12months, and Dr Clarence helped a lot with relieving me from tight muscle through chiro adjustment. Highly recommend!

Stuart Coulthard: Great service great staff. My go to chiros in the CBD. Highly recommended

TONG HUO: highly recommend my Chiro Clarence. My shoulder and neck pain issue have significantly improved. He also provide great inspiration for maintaining healthy body through exercises such as Pilates. And I did. My overall physical condition has improved greatly.

Eric Lay: Anthony is great! Been coming to Adaptive Chiro in the CBD for over a year now. I initially went when I started doing CrossFit as a form of preventing injuries, and now come monthly as a form of remedial self-care. Highly recommend!

Lynn C: I am incredibly thankful to my chiropractor,Clarence, for the exceptional care and expertise. Thanks to his skillful treatments, my lower back pain has significantly improved. The personalized approach and effective techniques made a real difference in my daily life. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking relief.

eva chow: Super high recommendation! !My professional Practitioner: Clarence Ho. I accidentally injured my neck in April this year. Of course, other parts of my body, such as my back, were also very uncomfortable. I tried treatments at other doctors without any effect. I found Clarence in July and they treated me for 3 months. Since then, I feel that I have recovered 98%, no pain as before, and life is back to normal! What an honor to meet him!

Cafebelt Melbourne: I need more Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star is not enough 😁

Bella Saliba: I have been seeing Clarence for 6 months now and he has completely changed my life. Prior to my first appointment, I experienced headaches and significant jaw pain and a cracking jaw from TMJ every single day which had been ongoing for several years.After my first appointment with Clarence my headaches were completely gone, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen him sooner. I now see him every 3-4 weeks for a maintenance adjustment to keep my body in check and I rarely get headaches anymore which has made such a positive impact on my life. Furthermore, my jaw now opens with ease and the cracking has significantly reduced due to Clarence’s help. I also suffer from hemiplegic migraines and since I began treatment my episodes are far less debilitating and frequent which I never thought was possible as medication doesn’t even help me.I cannot recommend this clinic and Clarence enough!! Thank you so much Clarence!

WAYNE SMITH: Always a pleasure to be adjusted carefully and accurately...

Sylvia Chia: I've been seeing Clarence now for four years and he's taken my scoliosis and disc herniation from barely being able to walk to now living painfree and unrestricted. I can't thank him enough and all the work he has done for me. Truly an angel.

Ashley Liu: I've been watching Clarence for three months. I had a lot of pain in my shoulders and back due to sitting for a long time. After three months of treatment and with the professional help of Clarence, I have fully recovered. The environment here is also good, and I feel happy after every treatment. recommend!

Alice Zhou: Dr Clarence Ho has been adjusting my lower back for nearly a year now and he’s been super helpful. He adjusted the frequency of my visit based on my lower back’s condition and always helped me relieve my pain quickly.

Tiana niccoli: I have been treated for chiropractic treatment by Anthony for years and I cannot recommend him more. I leave the clinic feeling so much relief. Thanks so much Anthony!

Wendy Xu: I've been seeing Dr Clarence Ho for 4 months. Before coming here I had pain in my sacroiliac joint for about 1 year and at the worst time I had difficulty getting up and turning over in the morning. I came across his clinic by chance and after half a month of treatment the pain was completely gone. I will continue to see Clarence for my shoulder and spine problems. Clarence is a very experienced and skilled chiropractor and I am lucky to have met him this year.

4. Melbourne Chiro Clinic - North Melbourne

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· 5 reviews

49 Chetwynd St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia

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5. Viva Physiotherapy - Melbourne City

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· 52 reviews

Level 9/289 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Viva Physiotherapy: what do users think?

Son: I’ve been seeing Bernice for some time to treat my chronic shoulder issues. My experience with her has been nothing short of transformative. Bernice is a phenomenal physical therapist who is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also genuinely caring and attentive.Her professionalism, compassion, and dedication have been exemplary. She has taken the time to listen, thoroughly assess my condition, and develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to my needs. Her holistic approach not only targets my injuries but also addresses the underlying causes, enabling sustainable recovery.Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping me regain strength, mobility, and confidence. I now feel better than I have in a very long time, and am immensely grateful for her support and exceptional care. I cannot praise Bernice highly enough.

Evan Simmonds: I have visited many Physio’s over the years and Kathryn is hands down the very best. When I came to Viva I could not run without shoulder pain now I’m running over 10km. Her understanding of the body and ability to not only prescribe the right recovery plan but expertly guide me through correct technique has helped me not only recover from injury but also given me the confidence to increase my training / improve health and know there’s always a path back to full fitness.

Vera Kung: Viva Physiotherapy has been my go-to clinic whenever I’ve had back problems for the last 6 years, and I’ve recommended them to so many friends and acquaintances. The physios are so methodical with their diagnoses, they put together practical programs you can do at home or at the gym for long-term recovery and injury prevention, and they patiently answer all my endless “why” questions. I feel so lucky to have found this clinic.

Jane Del Rosso: Viva Physio is made up of highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioners that work across connected disciplines with the aim of supporting their patients/clients holistically. The team here have guided me through incredibly challenging health issues including recovery from a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Their support and services made it possible to manage and overcome significant side effects for a strong recovery and greater resilience. 🙏

Kay Gee: Love the work Kath is doing. Great clinic. They are going above and beyond. The only area of improvement is privacy. The consultation rooms are not very sound proof so you hear every private consultation in the waiting room. Otherwise really great practice

Ky Atk: .3 weeks later I got a follow up call from my Viva physio to check in with my progress – this was great both to keep me accountable and to ask extra questions.I’ve also found the Hub video content on the website to be very useful – clear, low-hype and trustworthy. I now use these at home when exercising.All in all, I’m so impressed with the quality and range of services offered, my needs being understood and, of course, the results – my shoulder is happy once more! I highly recommend Viva Physiotherapy.

Alberto Magnano: I went to Viva Physio about a month ago for a very painful ongoing problem with my elbow that includes tendinosis and a tissue tear. The studio it's nice, clean and conveniently located in CBD near many public transport.Kathryn was very welcoming and professional; she explained in detail the manipulation/treatment that she was going to perform on me, she also gave me some exercises to do at home and surprisingly, after only a week, I can already feel the benefit and the pain has gone significantly down.I'm really happy with the service that I received, and I feel confident to suggest anyone to go to Vivaphysio if you are looking for professional and knowledgeable Physiotherapists.

Martene Harvey: Viva Physiotherapy genuinely cares about providing individualized holistic wellness. Having googled them 6 years ago for back pain, I regularly attend clinical & mat Pilates classes and Yoga sessions. Offering individualized programs and small supervised classes in a sunny and friendly environment, the physios are extremely knowledgeable and focus on technique and safety with ongoing follow-up. They are also flexible in their ability to offer both in studio and on-line classes.I have seen a consistent improvement in my physical strength, fitness, flexibility and overall body awareness as my program continues to evolve. I can't recommend them highly enough and am really happy to have found them.

Ann Marinas: I have been going to different Physiotherapy clinics here in Melbourne and Auckland, and I gotta say, here in Viva Physiotherapy, they've given me the best quality of care in addressing my injuries.The team is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.One of their staff, Carlee, has been very supportive and patient with me. She has targeted the root cause of my injuries and the way that she explains to me about it is top notch. She really knows her stuff. Her target to detail is so good and holds me into account. I've never encountered a physiotherapist who have assessed me thoroughly, told me logically what is happening with my body, and say the rationale on why we need to do the clinical exercises to aid me in my wellness journey. if in case there is a movement that doesn't work, she and the team will give me alternatives to be able for us to achieve my mobility goals.The clinic itself is clean, neat and the equipment is well-maintained. Going there, it is very accessible to Flinders Street station, so you wouldn't have a hard time finding it.Highly recommended!

Loz Lalor: and have always been extremely happy with both the treatment and the service. The physios I saw really listened to my concerns and put in place successful treatment plans that suited my lifestyle, and my goals, including getting myself ready for a 30k charity walk. The space itself is inviting and as 'city' worker it's so convenient. I have recommended Viva to a number of colleagues and they have all had a similar, happy experience. I recommend.

Alarna Rose Gray: I went to Viva Physiotherapy for help with some persistent pain and postural issues. I chose them specifically because I wanted to combine Yoga with my treatment and be sure that this came from a scientific and trained point of view to avoid injury.The team has been amazing - friendly, supportive and patient. My treatment plan has been tailored for long term improvement and also to my specific needs and psychology. There has been significant progress over time and strategies in place to maintain this.Yoga can be done online from home and, while the sessions are tough, they work! My physiotherapist is always willing to demonstrate the poses one-on-one, and show how they can be modified so I can approach them safely while building on strength.Absolutely worth the travel, I'm really happy I found them.

Anthony Wong: Kathryn the physio was really knowledgeable and explained things really clearly. Manual therapy was great as well.

Ali Alzawad: Highly recommend, I I had so many injuries and I could not move or walk well and thanks to Sarah Murphy I become normal again.

Muses Of Mystery - Head Office: From a small fall, acutely inflamed femoral & unable to walk yesterday to being able to walk & drive home today, brilliant! Thank you Tim & team Viva. Highly recommend.

Ally Yan: This place is a blessing!! Kathryn is my physiotherapist, she is professional, knowledgeable and patient. She answers my questions and provides me with the most suitable advice. I also had Training sessions with Jessica and Sarah, they are both amazing.

Tas Gray: Kathryn and her team have been the answer to all my running related injuries over the past couple of years. Can't recommend them highly enough for treatments, massage and injury prevention with pilates.

Hannah Kallady: The best physio I've ever been to! I came for advice for my constant back-aches, and after going to multiple physios over the years with the same problem, the support I got from Viva was ten times better than any of them combined. They were also incredible during my pregnancy, and made the experience pre and post birth so much better than it would have been otherwise. I can't recommend them enough.

Nicholas Harris: Bede is amazing, really skilled and thorough. Classes are great too, small and you get personal attention.

6. ChiroCure Clinic - St Kilda East

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· 138 reviews

278 Inkerman St, St Kilda East VIC 3183, Australia

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7. Port Melbourne Physiotherapy & Pilates - Port Melbourne

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· 27 reviews

1/11 Beach St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

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Port Melbourne Physiotherapy & Pilates: what do users think?

twirling betty: women would benefit from help with but are often too busy or maybe even too embarrassed to seek out. Ali is the dream in this regard. She’s very skilled but also caring, compassionate, warm and open. Which is amazing because - let’s face it - it’s one thing to present with a sore elbow but it does take a particular kind of practitioner to put you at complete ease during a consultation about the business end of things! She’s the best.

Sara Young: enough. She really listens to your unique situation and then provides a tailored plan to help you. She is so knowledgeable and caring and follows up to see how your getting on. Her schedule does fill up quickly so be flexible when booking. It's totally worth it!

Chris Howard: also available, treatment options were easily sought and therefore I was well taken care of.I highly recommend the practice.

Gus Cutler: Tanya and the team are the absolute best. I started treatment with Tanya following a series of neck and back injuries. Her treatment, professionalism and the level of personal care and communication she provides with my other medal providers is world class. I now attend weekly Pilates classes that are a key to my ongoing mobility. Highly recommended.

Camila Barros: Thanks Port Melbourne Physio & Pilates for having me! Alex is amazing and I couldn’t be happier to be looked after so well by such a great professional, full of knowledge and care. I really would love to thanks Alex for her loving attitude, patience and empathy. You are amazing and I am so grateful for you and what you do!I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to be cared by a great professional full of knowledge, compassion and care.Thank you 🙏🏼

Rowen G: Had a great experience with Sally - would definitely recommend!

Gordon Chakaodza: I worked with Sally on a one on one basis shortly after my surgery. She prepared an excellent program which had the end result of better strength and recovery. Highly recommend Sally and the team at Port Melbourne Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Georgina Wilson: . I can’t speak more highly of the clinic and of Ali as a clinician. She was professional and knowledgeable and I left with tangible exercises to assist with my diagnosis. Absolutely recommend Ali and the clinic overall!

Anna Heerey: Exceptional care and expertise! The highly skilled and professional team at Port Melbourne Physio & Pilates are dedicated to patient well-being and make this clinic stand out. I would highly recommend PMPP to anyone in need of top-notch physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates classes.

Briony Medhurst: . Thanks 🤩🤩

Alena Hardinge: Port Melbourne Physio has provided me with the professional and supportive care I've been looking for for a long time - an amazing, attentive team with the qualifications to back them. Pilates classes are small and tailored to your needs, couldn't recommend them enough!!

Kathy Starr: I’ve been coming to PMPP for several years now and have always been so impressed by the staff and the clinic overall.Ali Minichiello is an incredible physiotherapist, so kind and caring but also providing me with the best advice on a personal exercise program as well as her knowledge and experience with pelvic floor physio. It’s such an important part of staying healthy and active and Ali’s advice has been invaluable to me.Thank you to Ali and the rest of the team.

Patricia Hanna: and once again I had such a great experience with Ali! Their mums and bubs classes for Pilates is awesome and I highly recommend!

Julia Healey: I started doing clinical Pilates here at the beginning of my second trimester. Sheree and the team have been instrumental in building up my strength, increasing my mobility, treating my varying aches and pains and just generally being a valued source of reassurance.I’ve really enjoyed the tailored and thoughtful approach to treatment that I’ve experienced and I would highly recommend Port Melbourne Physio and Pilates for both their Pilates programs and 1-1 physio treatment. I will be back for some mums and bubs Pilates as soon as my body is ready.

Jane Barkman: I highly recommend the team at PMPP for general physio, pelvic floor physio and clinical pilatesAli Minichiello is an exceptional physiotherapist, demonstrating thoroughness, professionalism, and genuine care in facilitating my overall health program. Ali’s overall understanding of all things physio but in particular pelvic floor rehabilitation is outstanding.I know I’m in great hands with Alex Walker for my clinical pilates. Alex ensures that I am correctly doing the exercises, modifying as required and makes the classes fun - who doesn’t love a bit of banter to distract whilst exercising. The progress I have made is phenomenal.I really appreciate the teamwork and collaboration among the physiotherapists.

Hillary Naish: Fantastic care, combined with no-nonsense re-hab advice & follow-up, all delivered by the competent team at Port Melbourne Physiotherapy & Pilates, with a special shout out to Ali.....thanks! 👍Highly recommend. 🙏

Vanessa Heuser: Sheree has really helped me get back to running pain free. I finally understand the importance of having a great physio.

Giacomo Del Prete: Thank you Ali for your kindness and availability every time! The best and more caring physiotherapist in Port Melbourne!

Urania Tokatlidis: PMPP is my first port of call if my body is not being cooperative! I’ve had a few issues over the last few years with a broken shoulder, knee surgery and back problems. Ali Minichiello is an excellent physiotherapist who is thorough, professional and caring in her approach to helping me heal. In fact, there are quite a number of physios there who I’ve seen and who I could also recommend.

Glenn Cowden: I have been a client for 5 years now and have found that whoever I see I get great care with professional, helpful, understanding, and a supportive nature. Ali Minichiello is my got to person . They are a team of elite women who keep me moving .Glenn

8. Little Mandarin Yoga & Pilates - Melbourne City

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· 51 reviews

201&202, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Little Mandarin Yoga & Pilates: what do users think?

Tara Cabullo: Enjoyed my reformer class

Jin Yoga: It was amazing experience to made me so clearly why I’m teaching & how I teach. Jowing’s 100 hrs Aerial Yoga teacher training gave me such good confidence. Jowing is very supportive in training, gave us plenty opportunities to teach and learn, and I’m really appreciated this teacher training. I felt so much confidence to delivery my mind to everyone in the class for better understanding by cues, presenting, correcting, encouraging. And I felt so grateful when I see anyone in class had progress.

Elle McFadzean: , but not so difficult that you want to give up and quit fitness forever. The studio is calming, the bathrooms are clean, the teachers are friendly. I've only good to say!

YY L: I first came across Little Mandarin on ClassPass app when I visited Melbourne on a holiday. Fast forward a few years later, I moved to Melbourne and this is now my go-to yoga studio. The teachers are amazing, and the beautiful studio is in a very convenient location.

Sophie Huang: Wonderful aerial yoga experience with Jowing. Have recommended to my friends and colleagues.

Cindy Xiao: I started with aerial yoga with them a few years ago and started to learn about alignment and flow. I feel I was able to progress throughout the years and got to know my own mind and body better. Classes are very innovative and sequences are full of the teachers' unique understanding of the sport. I benefited a lot from the practice. Environment is very nice, spacious and comfortable. Highly recommend it!

TiffanyAmelia24: My favourite pilates studio in the CBD, super convenient location near my office and beautiful studio. The instructors are all super lovely and attentive. Highly recommend to try out if you are looking for a studio in the heart of the city.

Hannah Ho: this was the first LM studio I went, I strongly recommend for those who want to try aerial yoga!!!

Hannah Qin: Claudia is the best instructor! The class is very interesting and easy to follow up.

Ruolin Xu: I have started to have the yoga classes for one year at this place. Really good experience especially for Aerial yoga class.

Wai Li: I went for Aerial Align class with Jin, it was amazing. Jin was very helpful and encourage us to keep going. It was a great workout. Love it!

lee undo: It’s lovely place, teacher was very kind and helpful, at first I started with Ariel yoga with lei, beginner yoga course with Suellen, then alignment class with jowin. Teacher really helpful with adjusting my alignment & making sure everything it’s on the correct position. It’s really makes my yoga journey longer & more knowledgeable. Love it love it love it ❤️

YIZHI WU: very nice place

Dani Ford: Clean, well equipped, great vibe, friendly instructor and hard workout on the Pilates reformer, instructor gave lots of options and help. Will be coming back.

Jane Ting: This is where I have a complete change of what Yoga truly is, where I discovered more about my body and develop a stronger self. This is the place you want to be, to seek peace and calmness the midst of the hustling life.

Pamela Pan: Little Mandarin is a fantastic place to have a mental break. I enjoyed Ariel classes especially the ones instructed by Lei.

Shermaine Sham: Instructors were well knowledge

sparky blossom: The Little Mandarin studio is such a lovely and calming space. Also really appreciate the extra guidance the instructor provided as it was my first time!

9. Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic - Reservoir

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· 161 reviews

4 Rubicon St, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia

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Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic: what do users think?

Jasmine: Highly recommend Jarrod and his team at Northern spinal. Have been coming here for 17 years and will not go anywhere else. I always walk out feeling amazing

The Man: Honestly I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment I received from Fady as my physio. He made the process incredibly easy to continue my sport and exercise alongside my treatment and I recovered in no time at all. I can’t emphasise enough how good he was at breaking down and helping me to understand the treatment and more so how genuine and kind he was as a person. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Phoebe Hueston: . Would highly recommend seeing Leticia!

Bato Mulabegovic: I can't say enough positive things about my experience at Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic. Dr. Jarrod and Dr. Leticia are absolute lifesavers! I was dealing with intense neck pain that had started to radiate down my arm, making it difficult to even get through the day.But after just a few sessions at the clinic, I started to feel like a whole new person. The care and expertise provided by Dr. Jarrod and Dr. Leticia are unparalleled. They not only treated my symptoms but also took the time to understand the root cause of my pain, providing me with long-term solutions for better health.The entire team at the clinic, including the reception staff, are incredibly kind and accommodating. They made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in, and their professionalism and warmth are truly commendable.If you're struggling with any sort of pain or injury, I highly recommend giving the Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic a visit. You won't regret it!Warmest regards,Bato

Noah Waite: Amazing service, great physio’s!

Ami Barbz: Have been coming here for over 15yrs. Jarrod is an amazing Osteopath. Recommend this practice to anyone. In addition having other services under the one roof is fantastic and very convenient. I also attend clinical pilates and Leticia and the team are great.

Andrew: Very very good, got great help and information on how I can do different things to help benefit me and my body for the future.All consultants I’ve had have all be great.

Emma Richardson: Aches & pains no more. Northern spinal is the place to go. Matt is amazing. Fixes me up every time and trust me there has been a lot of times.

Jesse Samra: Jarrod magic hands

Lisa Webster: After several visits I feel confident in saying Fadi is amazing, 😻 knowledgeable with great communication and empathy. Highly recommended physio, I always feel better when I leave!

Wail Abidale: Been seeing Matt, nothing but high praisesRecommended

James Rodericks: I have been coming here to this clinic for 14 years and Jarrod has been so good in recognising my back problem and treating me, but most importantly telling me what to do after i leave here.i am able to lead a relatively pain free life and am very grateful for his care and all the lovely team at Northern Spinal.

Georgina Panteli: The services of osteopathy in Reservoir northern final a second to none. I’m feeling so much better thank you.

Karen Watson: I have been attending Northern Spinal for just over 12 months. I have found Jarrod very helpful with the treatment I have received for my lower back pain.He takes the time to listen to you issues and then has a plan to fix them.

Barry Firebrace: I highly recommend NSOP Matthew Fieschi and support staff. The team makes you feel welcomed and cared for.

Nikolaos Vlanes: amazing work at this clinic. skilled people working in a way i have never experienced before.

Harry Alivizatos: Thank you for the treatment Fadi. You really really helped fix my lower back pain. I recommend anyone with back pain comes to see you

Fady Bassili: due to experiencing some back and neck pain, he explained everything clearly, coached me with some exercises that i have been doing and they are working great. Could not thank him enough and highly recommend.

10. Flex Sports Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates - Melbourne City

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· 46 reviews

Level 1/99 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Flex Sports Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates: what do users think?

니모옹: I’ve been doing Pilates at Flex since January. I had done 1:1 class or 1:3 group class with Irwin, Naomi, Faith depends on my schedule and everyone in Flex team is so friendly and professional. Thanks for caring about me. Highly recommended 👍🏽👍🏽

Kate Goodwins: I cannot speak highly enough about the team at Flex, especially the amazing myotherapy and remedial massage therapists. They really take the time to listen and understand the injury or health issue you have and always treat you with care and empathy.I struggle with neck/back/shoulder pain from being a desk-based worker and at Flex I have always had the most thorough remedial massage treatment for these issues, which also feels amazing! I can be a little tender and sore the day after treatment but it is so worth it for the improvement in my movement and pain overall.I have happily recommended friends, family and colleagues to Flex and the feedback has been they have had equally amazing experiences. If you need a really great remedial massage, the team at Flex are the best!

Phoebe Louise Beate Gawin: . Anyway Joanne pulled me from the apathy-abyss: she gave me exercises tailored to my schedule

AKSHITA AGRAWAL: the EXPERT hands and FRIENDLY brains are there to help you the best to get you out of immense pain. when I visited for the first i was drenched in pain of my back, shoulder, neck and spine. Just in one visit I was 90% relaxed. An other visit made me free of every kinda pain.Highly highly recommended!I could have given Flex more stars if there was an option. ♡

embilbie: provides a calm, quiet, and compassionate guided approach, grounded and professional. Also a real commitment to client wellbeing both physical and emotional. I felt so well looked after as I went into and recovered from weight loss surgery. Thankyou so much for your care. You'll see me again.

Emma Robertson: 100000% rate the wonderful team at Flex. I have recently started one on one Pilates classes for post-surgical rehab and I couldn't be happier. Attentive, tough & very professional. I can't get enough!

Cherida Longley: Just the best, most professional clinic you could choose. Warm, welcoming and kind. Expert treatments, safely delivered and follow up programs that will get you moving again with confidence. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Samantha Shaw: I would give more stars if that was an option!I've been going to Flex since they opened over 13 years ago. All the practitioners are highly experienced and professional. They take the time to really listen to and understand you and the health issue you are experiencing. It is a warm and welcoming place to be.I have referred many family members and friends over the years and they have all been extremely happy with the result. I have gone to Flex for treatment for injuries, post op rehab, management of degenerative issues and strengthening work via clinical Pilates.Without exception they have been exceptional!

Sally M: and the appointments were a bright light during lockdown. Naomi is generous, caring and makes you feel like family. I can't recommend Naomi and her team more highly!

Deidre Egan: I have trusted Naomi with my physio treatment for over 15 years. I also see Michael for physio and Monique for myotherapy. Everyone at Flex is highly skilled at diagnosis and treatment. They are also sensitive to the emotional needs of clients. As a person in a larger body I have never felt judged. They support me to enjoy movement for my physical and mental health. They really are a cut above the rest. I highly recommend Flex Physiotherapy - ten stars!

Yoni Ungar: I've been seeing James at Flex for a few months now - initially for clinical pilates to help with my back and then for rehabilitation of my ruptured achilles. Honestly, I could not have gotten through this tough process without the attentiveness, care and expertise of James and the team at Flex. Would recommend these guys to anyone!

Amrita Malik: Great relaxed environment, personalized treatment and highly recommend James B!

Anna: .Naomi and the team will look after you, you'll be in excellent hands!

Jennifer Parr: I've been seeing Naomi at Flex Physio for more than 10 years for various issues. Absolute professional is all senses of the word. The location in Queen Street, Melbourne is really handy and the staff really warm and welcoming. If you're looking for a great physio, I strongly recommend that you make contact.

Nettie Handley: The team here are always friendly, and Fiona has helped me get great outcomes! I would happily recommend them.

11. Align Chiropractic - South Melbourne

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· 23 reviews

265 Montague St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

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Align Chiropractic: what do users think?

Mai T: After having major surgery, a long period of overseas travel and an interstate house move amongst other things, my body was not in the best state. Kieran and Martin have been excellent at delivering chiropractic care and have helped me to bounce back, and I trust that my spinal health will continue to improve in the long term. Thank you gentlemen!

Luke Field: I was recommended Align by a colleague after seeing an osteo therapist for several months without improvement with my daily lower back pain. I was skeptical, but Martin carefully explained what was likely occurring, that with treatment I wouldn’t require expensive scans and gave me an idea the timeframe in which I’d likely see an improvement. Even when partway through progress I thought I wasn’t seeing any, we discussed, he recommended stretches and got me back on track. They service from everyone has always been friendly, booking/rescheduling is easy and the facilities they have a great. Definitely recommend the team if you’re thinking of seeing a chiropractor.

Anna Leahy: I have been going to align for a few years now seeing Kieran. Always easy to make and appointment, never had to wait long when there. Kieran has been amazing over my time seeing him, from helping my body be the best it can be while training for a marathon to most recently going through pregnancy. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Dan Edwards: Couldn’t recommend this practice more highly. Thanks so much to the team at Align 🙏🙏

Lee Oettinger: Excellent care and attention to client needs

Gutless “Daps59”: Very thorough history taking - results after 1st treatment!Will be returning 😊

David Baird: Absolutely exceptional customer service, got me in on the same day I called up as a non existing customer, and didn't drag me through any annoying processes as I was receiving treatment regularly somewhere else. Was able to walk in, get tested and get an adjustment all within an hour. Extremely happy with my service here and will be recommending to others, and be coming back when I am in Melbourne again. Thankyou Align 😊

A W: Great service that was very professional yet friendly! I really felt that the team listened to my issues and were able to minimize my pain. Thank you

Lola Dodkins: Attentive service, friendly and welcoming always and when I've seen Kieran he has been so communicative about the course of treatment and every adjustment, which I personally find extremely reassuring. Highly recommend!!

Ian N: Great crew and great care at Align 👌🏻

Vaughan Mayhead: I had a great experience with Align, couldn’t fault it. I was in Melbourne for work and had a sore neck which was causing lots of discomfort. Had an appointment with Kieren and feeling much better. Would highly recommend.

Talisha Prestedge: On holiday from Brisbane and saw Dr Martin for an alignment. Very professional and informative. I know I will be back the next time I am in Melbourne.

Dan T: My first experience with a chiro, but I was at ease straight away. Was made to feel welcome and everything was explained well which was a great comfort. Highly recommended

Tanya Ellen: Just an all round pleasant experience. I haven't left a google review before but the level of service and friendly nature of this practice moved me to do so.I could not have been more impressed with Align Chiropractic.

meg pratley: Great staff, I never have to wait for long and has a really friendly atmosphere.

Wessam Atteya: Martin was very professional diagnosing and managing the problems.Very pleasant environment and nice reception staff.Glad to be referred to this practice

Cherine Scheepers: I have been suffering with lower back pain for quite a few years. I am a passionate runner and have been trying to persevere through the pain. Last year I tore my quad and injured my hammy - death for a runner !! Several weeks of physio brought no relief. Then I tried Align Chir and met Kieren. Kieren was fantastic. He took the time to thoroughly understand my injury and sent me for X-rays. Within 2 weeks the difference was astonishing! My hammy and quad recovered rapidly and for the first time I had no lower back pain whilst running. Physio may work in certain instances - but if you are not recovering try something else. So much is related to the alignment of your back and a spine. And now I am off for a run! Thank you Kieren

12. QV Physiotherapy - Melbourne City

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Not verified
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· 88 reviews

5/10 Artemis Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
QV Physiotherapy: what do users think?

Jacob Knight: After having issues with chronic lower back pains for 6 years, going to different phisios. I then got a doctor's care plan and went here.Living with pain for the past 4 months every day, after seeing Mary here for 3 sessions my pain has nearly disappeared.Her sessions are very detailed and ensuring to solve the problem, have in depth conversations about what's going on and how to solve the issue.Good service,Good results,Friendly staff,Would recommend.

Eva B: Mary is an absolute gem. Each session has been very detailed, insightful and fun. She has a wealth of knowledge and has made sessions fun and seamless. Very happy with service from Mary and team

Umut Sahin: I have been receiving remedial massage from Irene. I started feeling better even after my first remedial massage session with her. I had a really bad sciatica. I couldn’t walk longer than 500 meters without stopping or sitting. She is incredibly good at her job. After 3 sessions, I can walk properly with almost no pain. She has been making such a big difference to my recovery.

LK W: Lauren is an exceptional physio. She has excellent communication skills, positive attitude and expert knowledge in recommending and managing an effective rehab program. She seeks ways to adapt the exercises tailored to your need and situation. She's one of the most humbled professional I've met.

Loredana G: Mary is an excellent physio who meets you where you’re at and works alongside you. The front desk staff is also friendly and warm.

Michael Manson: Thank you very much to Irene! I had a fantastic remedial massage with her. I had just completed my first marathon and her massage made such a difference to my recovery! Thanks Lizzie at front desk. Such lovely staff at QV PHYSIO!

Mary Andreas: Great experience at QV Physiotherapy and Lauren was superb! She made me feel comfortable and diagnosed the problem quickly. The treatment got me back on track, reducing the pain so I was able to enjoy the rest of our time in Melbourne.Everyone was welcoming and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommend them.

Catherine Sheehy: A very BIG thank you to Physiotherapist Raphael at QV Physio . His professionalism , genuine interest in my injury was 1 st class .Also help , exercises , massage and on going care . Thank you . I really recommend Raphael .

Bhanuja Kumar: Visited after straining my back. This was my first time visiting a Physiotherapist and Mary was wonderful. She walked me through the exercises, her approach was thorough and warm.

Ariel Chou: Highly recommended for Mary, physiotherapist, at QV Physiotherapy. I have been suffering coccyx pain for months, after the initial treatment with Mary, 80% of the pain is reduced. Mary is able to target the issue and provide treatment effectively. I’m so glad I’ve found Mary.

Myles Kendall: Went to see Vasish at this clinic to get some help with ongoing neck pain. What a legend! Had a quick chat before he got stuck in and gave me a lot of relief after just one visit.He was great at explaining what was going on and what I needed to do for a full recovery.This is the ONLY physio clinic I would recommend to family & friends.

Yoli Isa: Guste is my RM Therapist who is amazing, professional and very passionate. I have been receiving the best massages from her and I have seen improvement in my shoulders since she’s been treating me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Anne Hotta: Professional, competent, informative and kind. Lauren has been wonderful and that's how my health is, too.

Deb James: The staff here are so lovely. I’ve been having remedial massage with Guste and she’s fantastic. I’m really feeling a difference.

Evita Madeleine: Mary is a great physio! This was my first time ever going to a physio but Mary explained everything clearly and made sure I was comfortable.

Laura Hall: Visited on my trip to Melbourne after tweaking my neck on the plane. Excellent service and location and so so friendly. I definitely recommend. Super easy to book too.

Saskia Vandermark: the receptionist was great too, I think his name was Landon or Liam maybe? 10/10 experience

CHIN-YI HSIEH: Mary is my physiotherapist. She is knowledgeable, friendly and caring. Really appreciate her detailed assessment of my physical issue and the exercise program she tailored for me. I can feel the condition of my elbow pain is getting better!

Helen Mok: Mary is amazing! Finally went to see a physio after tearing my ATFL a few years back. Having never been to a physio, Mary was so lovely and gave me a clear run-through of whole process and a through assessment of the injury. She provided me with treatment and exercises to work on conditioning and strengthening my ankle, tailored to the movements involved in my bouldering and hiking leisure activities. Thank you!

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