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Nucleus Network Melbourne Clinic Vista Clinic Australia Fertility Control Clinic Melbourne IVF East Melbourne Doctor South Melbourne - RealCare Health Clinic Victorian Clinical Genetics Services Women's Health Melbourne

1. Melbourne Rapid HIV Test - Melbourne City

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· 6 reviews

9/460 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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2. Nucleus Network Melbourne Clinic - Melbourne City



· 91 reviews

Unit 5/89 Commercial Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

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Nucleus Network Melbourne Clinic: what do users think?

JAS MIN: Just finished my second trial with Nucleus Network today, and will definitely consider another trial in the future. The staffs are as wonderful as always, they have looked after me carefully throughout the entire stay. The idea of participating in a clinical study can sounds daunting, the staffs and the environment definitely make me feel really safe. Give a shout out to Mohamed our coordinator who has been really helpful and amazing throughout the process.

Hannah Liebenhals: Mohamed Abdulkhan was my Research Coordinator during my trial at Nucleus Network, the attention to detail and dedication to patient well-being were evident at every step, as well as having outstanding communication. The overall staff during the clinical trial ensured I felt completely safe and well looked after in the facility. I Highly recommend Necleus Network for anyone seeking a secure and nurturing environment during medical research.

Juan Sebastián Granados: Every doubt I had previous the experiment has vanished after a week participating in a study with Nucleus. The proffesional staff, the clean environment, the nice facilities and delicious food was even more than I was expecting. I'm really motivated to participate again!

Tess Maskell: I took part in a 2 part trial each 9 days long and found the staff and management wonderful, helpful and accommodating to a fault. The food was excellent. Taking part in this trial, which was for medications to do with Alzheimers, made me feel like my time and effort was really worthwhile. Being paid for it was an added plus.

Minh Triệu: Great time there!

Francez: They were all so nice and patients were well taken care of.

Ariel Manuel Monserrat: Very organize and with excellent service

Jagdeep Singh Cheema: I have been a part of a study and It was very exciting for me. Nurses and doctors were very helpful and professional. I had a great time while enjoying some recreational activities and got a few wonderful friends during the trial. Recommended to go for a trial once at least.

Paula Andrea: I have loved my experiences with Nucleus , it has been a great escape to concentrate on study while earning extra cash, meeting great people and I cannot commend the staff enough for their attention. You are in the best of hands. Highly recommend

Jimmy Rogers: First time to the Clinic. Staff were detailed and caring. There was some minor mistakes with the initial visit but it was quickly fixed. Flexible times and good payments. Thanks.

Waqar Ed: , she responded to all my queries on time and made sure that I was aware of everything related to the trial. I will definitely come back for another trial.

Tue Tran: I have participated in two studies. Everyone at Nucleus Network was so nice.

John Mondejar: Well-trained nurses and exceptional facility. Jenny deserves a promotion, she is one of the best coordinators.

3. Vista Clinic Australia - Melbourne City

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· 83 reviews

suite 415, Level 4, 530 Little Collins St the exchange tower, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Vista Clinic Australia: what do users think?

Alexa Martynyuk: . It’s a great way to stop unnecessary wrinkles formation and significantly improve my look by very gentle touch. We achieved more open eyes, nicely open eyebrows. Highly recommend 🤩

Galina Lesiuta: Their lasers are amazing! My skin looks so smooth and radiant 🤩 Dr. Jenny is the one I would highly recommend.

Sam McCombe: Amazing doctor, very happy! experienced and is definitely the expert. She is using all great quality in everything.I particularly recommend fillers lifting points and Threadlift. I keep coming regularly

Alex Polyakov: Excellent and extremely professional practice. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Ekaterina Suturina: I’m regular patient and my family members, so grateful how Dr Miller and the clinic staff changed our lives.The best place, highest standards and education.Well done!

mikhail soutorine: I was impressed with Dr larissa Miller professional attitude her level of knowledge.When I saw her first time in the clinic she provided all the information I required and we have developed a good treatment plan of my skin condition. I have got all the information I needed.After the procedures were done I was happy to see the great results! My neck is lookig really young and my face acne scars almost gone now!Hi thank you Dr Larissa who everything you have done for me!

Mona Bella: Long term patient of Dr Miller here. Like a gym for my face. Did a little bit here, a little bit there. Dr Miller also looking after general health to ensure we achieve maximum.The best part - no one can see what changed, I look still myself and you can’t point what improved, overall I look great, and I’m so grateful. It changed my life, I feel happier and more confident.

Ekaterina Shtelmakh: I am delighted with the competence and attentive attitude of the clinic staff. The results of the procedures pleased me. Now I am your regular customer.

АК 74: 👍

Mila Dymnikova: Couldn’t be happier with my treatments and results! Thank you so much dr Miller ❤️ highly recommend coming here.

Svitlana Dymnikova: I've had a few treatments in the clinic past over couple of years, so I can say with certainty that they are one of, if not the best cosmetic clinics out there. I always felt reassured that he would give me the best possible outcome while maintaining realistic expectations.The results have far exceeded what I thought was possible.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr Miller and the team to anyone.

диана булгакова: I recommend it, I leave the salon like a queen! Professional doctors. Thanks for the beauty!

David Serratore: Amazing practitioner, the best outcome I ever had from her treatment!

Тамара Бушуева: I recommend ❤️

Bob Barbaro: I usually don't write reviews, but this is an exceptional case, because it's the most I can do in gratitude for what I felt at this clinic. Many thanks to Dr. Miller

Петр Мельников: It was a wonderful experience for me to watch the excellent work of the receptionists and the doctor. The result showed itself in a couple of weeks and very pleasantly surprised me. I strongly advise you to visit this place and feel what I felt

Фатима Хуранова: 👌🏻

Вера Шевченко: Today I had a procedure and my delight knows no bounds! I give 5 stars now I'm yours forever

4. Fertility Control Clinic - East Melbourne

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· 74 reviews

118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia

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Fertility Control Clinic: what do users think?

Stefania Ramirez Peña: I really love the clinic ✨ the service and staff were EXCELLENT ❤️ I recommend 100% this clinic.Thank you so much for the love

Stephanie D: was incredible. I was in and out within 2.5 hours and feeling great afterwards. Thanks team!

Tayla Drew: I had a really great experience getting my IUD changed here.The overall experience was about 4 hours which I was expecting, and they run a pretty tight ship - there is just a lot of patients there.The staff were so kind, and given I had my procedure under light sedation it was completely painless!I’m really happy I chose to visit the clinic & would highly recommend.

Madison Parker: Amazing staff. I've been there once before for an abortion and today I had a mirena replaced. They care for each patient beautifully. The nurses were lovely and make sure you are comfortable. The doctors are gentle and very professional. Highly recommend to women of all ages. Very grateful for going through the experience with them. Thankyou lots.

Beck Lomas: , however if he had have come 10 seconds earlier I would have been completely undressed.All of the other nurses and doctors would ask me if it were okay for them to come in before they did, but yeah the male doctor didn’t exactly have a lot of privacy. I did notice another review which said the same thing.Overall great experience, and yes I would recommend this clinic, but would also just ask that the male doctor is a little… respectful of people’s privacy.

Kimberly Pringle: but the staff were so friendly and professional which easily made up for wait time. Being sedated during this procedure make for a far more pleasant experience. I would highly recommend this place if you need an IUD inserted.

Aude. Crl: A real human relationship that listens, I'm afraid of blood tests but they supported me and June is truly an incredible person, she takes the time, cheerful. I recommend 100%

Jodie Foreman: and slept for three hours. Feeling great afterwards.

annie c: I went in for my copper IUD and was met by nothing but warmness, kindness and professionalism. We had trouble finding the place but rang the receptionist and she was lovely.Highly recommend this place

K W: . The worst part of my visit was the protestors out the front, I’m glad they’re not able to protest directly out the front anymore. My then boyfriend

5. Melbourne IVF East Melbourne - East Melbourne

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· 75 reviews

344 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia

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Melbourne IVF East Melbourne: what do users think?

Laura Wilson: Excellent experiences with Dr Vanessa Ross and Dr Melissa Cameron, and the whole team in Suite 3 at East Melbourne. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant and so grateful for the help and support throughout our IVF journey.

Rebecca Faure: Cannot express the talent Dr Daniel Lantsberg & his team have they are all so kind, friendly, caring, understanding.With his expertise we successfully had 3 egg retrievals.And the aftercare of nursing staff was exceptional.

shimi Kannoly (kalashree Melbourne): We had very good experience at MIVF in 2015. We faced challenges to have a baby because of my PCOS and hypothyroidism. We even tried a few cycles of hormonal treatment which weren’t successful. I consulted Dr Rachael Knight at MIVF and were successful in the first IVF cycle. We had our beautiful daughter in 2016 and in 2023 we had our second daughter naturally.

Sandra Pang: A huge shout out to Dr Samuel Soo, who gave us a lot of reassurance after my very heartbreaking and stressful two-cycle experience with another specialist who used to work with MIVF. I went to Dr Soo for second opinion, and he was very professional, basically did not give up any hopes on me and even took time to explain our treatment steps and made sure we understood the logic behind it. None of these were done in our first specialist appointments as we were basically rushed out as quick as possible.The nurses I encountered were mostly supportive and responsive to any questions I had. The staff members at the MIVF pharmacy were amazing and communication was great.Unfortunately I can't give this a 5 star review, not just because of my first specialist experience. Day 1 reporting could be better, as both times I call in I was put on hold for 30 minutes.

Marissa Cashmore: Solo mum to be here. After two unsuccessful IUI rounds, I was moved to IVF. I don't like that a new donor needed to be selected, but understand why.I had Dr. Hale and Dr. Lantsberg work with me.Both have such a kind, progressive, honest and supportive approach.The nurses at Melbourne IVF are amazing! I love how helpful they were after every single appointment and/or procedure. No question was treated as though it was stupid.Currently 12 weeks pregnant.

Faye Ghane: Staff are friendly and caring. The nurses are very responsive to all of your concerns and in one word, you are not just a number to them. I can't thank them enough. I was with Professor Tsaltas. He is not only an amazing doctor but he is a sympathic caring person who wants success for his patients from heart and he doesn't wait for multiple failures to do something because he truly has sympathy for his patients and what they are going through. I am so happy I decided to change my doctor and continue my journey with Professor Tsaltas. My husband and I are grateful to him forever.

Emily Graff: Dr Violet Kieu is amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with her.

6. Doctor South Melbourne - RealCare Health Clinic - South Melbourne

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· 69 reviews

245 Park St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

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Doctor South Melbourne - RealCare Health Clinic: what do users think?

Ryan H: Great care and service by Dr. Raymond and the receptionist Maria. I was able to see the doctor almost as soon as I arrived, and he was super friendly.It didn't take long at all for him to diagnose my skin problem, and to provide the prescription via sms. He also sent me the fact sheets via email straight away after the appointment.Highly recommend.

Boruch Shapiro: Dr Yuri Raymon is a caring and knowledgeable doctor. Excellent diagnostician. Highly recommended.

Kerry Cleaver: I took my 16 year old son to see Dr Raymon on Sunday. I had not attended the clinic for years since it had changed hands. Dr Raymon is one of the loveliest doctors I have ever met. He is compassionate, kind, thorough and does not rush through the appointment. His support and care for son was faultless. I can’t recommend the clinic and Dr Raymon highly enough.

simon braham: Very nice and helpful doctorHighly recommended

Margarita: Dr Raymon is fabulous - helped me to address various matters and supported me all the way through the journey. if you are looking for GP, would highly recommend making an appointment to see him.

Jayne: Dr Y Raymon is very experienced and professional hardworking specialist. Highly recommended.

Yanik Atzil: Dr. Raymon was amazing and very professional. I'm highly recommending him.

Avi B: Dr Yuri is great, thank you Doc.

Passionate Couple: but rather makes sure that "no stone is left unturned" in diagnosing you, giving you solid advice and treatment, based on his extensive knowledge and experience

Kyle Papworth: My experience at Real Care Health Clinic has been excellent over several years. All the doctors have treated me thoroughly, with passion and made every effort to assist. Highly recommend if you're needing a long term GP.

john stork: Always have been extremely very happy at this practice with Dr E Petrov and always happy to pay for a consultation

Timur: To be honest, I'm delighted. The girl at the reception Marina just made my day. In our time, it is very rare to meet such professional bright people. I will definitely continue to use the services of the clinic and recommend to all my friends

e pornamazian: Dr. YURI is so caring and fun. Definitely recommend him.

inexpensive interiors: My 84 yo father was visiting from NSW and we had to find a doctor urgently. The staff were very accommodating and Dr Yuri was so caring and thorough. 10/10!

Avi Bendetsky: Great clinic, Dr Yuri Raymon is especially good very attentive and knowledgeable.

7. Victorian Clinical Genetics Services - Parkville

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· 37 reviews

The Royal Children's Hospital, 50 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

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Victorian Clinical Genetics Services: what do users think?

Marian N: I highly recommend Dr George McGillivray. I sought him out for a second opinion because I could see he was highly regarded in the support pages for the particular condition that my baby had been diagnosed with during my pregnancy. George was professional, reassuring and kind. After our meeting, he followed up on my case even though he had no obligation to do so. I will always be grateful for the care that I received from him.

N L: Great service and they been really helpful !

Clayton Cross: The whole experience was a little surreal and it was VCGS who brought clarity to the process. The GP whom I saw was unaware of genetic testing and had to spend 20 minutes explaining it to him. Then rang VCGS and they had to as well. They guided me through the entire process. Could not afford to pay bill on time and then they let me pay it off by installments - no issues. Overall very professional and very helpful.

abigail boag: 5 stars says more than we can in words - we cannot contemplate some of the other comments as they are so far removed from our experience. Thanks so much!

8. Women's Health Melbourne - Caulfield North

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· 13 reviews

338 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161, Australia

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Women's Health Melbourne: what do users think?

Rebecca Koce (Bec): Beautiful doctors and specialists. I didn't need to see for IVF or fertility but for hormones care.Referred to help with my hormones. What a wonderful caring clinic, and I saw a variety of specials such as dietitian, thyroid specialists, and gynecologists, and they are all so caring.

Paula Mullan: Dr Lew and her staff have been amazing from day 1. She took the time to listen, tailored our IVF journey to our issues and needs and was empathetic and kind throughout. We are now pregnant..with twins and can't thank Dr Lew and her wonderful staff enough for caring so much and guiding us through our fertility journey. 10/10 would recommend.

Belinda Fitzpatrick: We highly recommend Dr. Lew/Women's Health Melbourne. The entire team at WHM has been incredibly supportive, caring, and helpful throughout our time under Dr. Lew's care. We always felt that we were receiving the best possible care from Dr. Lew and her staff that was suited to our individual needs.

misskatebutler: The team at Women’s Health Melbourne are always great to deal with. They’re professional and welcoming.

Simone Appleby: Dr Raelia Lew and the team at WHM have been nothing short of amazing over the past year!Through every step of testing, IVF cycles, day surgery admissions and planning for our future, Dr Lew has provided a safe, inclusive and well informed environment. IVF is a daunting process filled with so many unknowns, but Dr Lew, the admin team and nurses have shown an incredible amount of compassion and support. I am extremely grateful to have had such a compassionate and understanding team on my side throughout this journey. My only regret is not booking in sooner. Thank you!

Jennifer Cumming: Dr Raelia is an amazing doctor. She is kind, compassionate, highly skilled and knowledgable. She has the most lovely manner and always makes you feel as though you are in the best hands, which you are. Couldn't recommend her more!

Alyce Edwards: I highly recommend Women’s Health Melbourne especially Dr Lew and her team. Many years of treatment and WHM have never been anything less than exceptional!

Rebecca Carlson: Wonderful team, they were very responsive and supportive and had absolutely everything covered. Can not fault them.

Emily Lyons: I could not recommend this practice enough. Dr Lew has been amazing! After poor treatment with another Gynae, I was so very happy to find Dr Lew. Very highly recommended!

Faigie Ulman: Highly recommend this practice. Lovely team and individualised care.

Hilary Miller: I cannot recommend Dr. Raelia Lew, her team of nurses and dietician enough. I had such a positive experience on my IVF journey with them. The continuity of care, emphasis on informed consent and cutting edge medical approach were incredible - it made the whole journey to pregnancy alot less stressful. My only regret is that I didn't move Fertility Specialist to Dr. Raelia Lew from another provider sooner.

Mellissa McDonald: !!!So thank you, and to your wonderful team.Even before the baby, it takes a village!

Erika Zanini: We had such a great experience at Women's Health Melbourne. Dr Lew is incredible and very approachable. No question was ever too big or small. Her team were always friendly and professional as well as very compassionate to how challenging fertility journies can be. If we had to seek assistance in falling pregnant again, we'd have no hesitation in calling Dr Lew & WHM again.

Tanya Mason: Dr Raelia Lew took to the time to understand our individual circumstances and thoroughly went through all our results and options. The care and attention we've received has been fantastic. Highly recommend her and the WHM practice

Kelly Dulic: I can't recommend Dr Lew and her team enough! They are all highly professional, compassionate and patient. This extends across the entire team. We are so grateful to everyone for giving us the gift of life and having our dreams come true.

Mireille Morgan: and doctor. He didn't at all seem interested in helping me achieve my goals, it seemed to be about the money for him. It was so stressful and frustrating, I searched for a new doctor and was so lucky to have found Dr Raelia. She went over things the previous doctor had not ever mentioned, gave me other options. She has always been so open, clear, honest and is a real pleasure to deal with, she always made me feel comfortable and safe. I could not have found anyone better than Dr Raelia. Everyone I've interacted with through WHM have been lovely. Jean the nurse was always right onto everything for me, she was always prompt with her replies, I felt comfortable with her and she was a huge help. The ladies at reception are so sweet and helpful. We are in some tough and trying times and the way they have dealt with appointments is effective, safe, sensible and assuring. I cannot fault them at all.I will say that during times where you are doing a cycle, in more recent times, it has been difficult to get someone from PLA or nursing team on the phone and you have to leave a message. I've got to Day 3 of my cycle a few times and still not spoken to the PLA team. The last cycle was the worst, it got to 4.30pm on Day 3 and I hadn't spoken to PLA which means no medication can be collected which means you can't do your cycle. That was very stressful. Having said that, I do know that the whole team were working frantically, they were extremely busy due to COVID and so many patients wanting to do cycles before IVF procedures are stopped. For many of us, we don't have time to lose on these cycles. So I can understand these were special circumstances. But as far as speaking with anyone from WHM, they have all been friendly and helpful and they certainly always do their best.I was so much happier with the process through Dr Raelia and WHM than that with Monash. It was much clearer and easier to navigate. When I was with Monash, every time I wanted to progress, they threw a new step at me. Dr Raelia and team lay out the process step by step and it's very clear what needs to happen before you can commence any procedures. That was not the case with Monash, it seemed every time I thought I was ready to commence a procedure, they threw another step at me. They also charge over $300 for the counselling sessions, WHM do not charge any additional money for those counselling sessions. If you need to talk to someone at any time after the mandatory ones, they do have free sessions available, something Monash did not ever offer. The differences are huge, but the most important was Dr Raelia herself. She is always bright and happy to see you, I felt so comfortable and relaxed the second I met her. I would go to Dr Raelia no matter which organisation she was with. I have already recommended her to so many people, I could not be happier. When I had my miscarriage last year, I could see she truly felt for me, she was so kind. She celebrates your successes and mourns your losses. I could not imagine finding a better doctor than Dr Raelia. I do believe my success is because of her, I do not think I would be where I am today without having been with Dr Raelia. If you are a woman who's struggling with fertility or even just want to freeze your eggs, please do yourself a favor and see Dr Raelia. She is nothing short of brilliant!!!

Jo Thomson: I can not recommend Women's Health Melbourne enough. Raelia and her staff are caring, thorough and kind. I found them all to be professional and informed at every visit. I would highly recommend Women's Health Melbourne

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