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1. Adventure Rooms Melbourne - Escape Rooms - Melbourne City

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· 206 reviews

Basement/306 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Adventure Rooms Melbourne - Escape Rooms: what do users think?

Mia Hastie: Just had a party there with me and 6 friends, 10/10, will come again. It was so adrenaline rushing and a really fun experience.

Sueda Yavuz: It was so good and had lots of fun and excitement

Sam Jnr.: Great experience

Cielito Lapid: were extremely friendly. Tina was kind enough to slot an extra game for us as we had some spare time allowing us to complete 5/6 adventure rooms. Overall I highly suggest this if you're looking for something to do in Melbourne!

Nikki Ilbury: Andrew was the best game master and it was just so much fun

Katelyn Farmer: Andrew was a great game master and we had a great time even though we sucked 🤗

Nathan Weller: My girlfriend and I chose to do the The Gaol Break room at the Little Bourke St location, it was an amazing experience. Kayla and Harry had amazing energy and were such great help. Would 100% come back!

Weh Yeoh: Black Queen is an amazing room! Have done over 100 rooms and the puzzles were very unique. Lucy was excellent and friendly. Would highly recommend, in my opinion, their best room.

Angus Webb: My first escape room was the Black Queen, it was super fun!

Yerim Kim: Yaaaayyy piece of cake♡ let them eat cake

Harrison Engstrom: Genuinely, a well-crafted, creative, fun and joyous experience. I went on a combo-birthday and was not exactly "feeling it" simply because it was real late at night and I'd had a drink or two.Upon arrival, we were made to feel welcome and taken care of dutifully by Chelsea and had such a wonderful time. The Abandoned Cabin was a wonderfully scary and uncomfortable experience with a complexity to all the puzzles that fit the time limit and theme wonderfully.The whole experience was buoyed by a wonderful atmosphere and an attention to detail that only faltered once or twice, simply due to a hyperfixation on one red herring or two. I genuinely felt the experience could have been scarier - but that was beside the point. My partner was thoroughly spooked and I loved the integration of the scares into the puzzles themselves.I won't spoil any here, but it does get you to confront typical horror tropes and fears to get to the next section. It was such a wonderful way to handle a horror-themed puzzle without ever sacrificing any of the momentum of the team solving the rooms.I've been doing Adventure Rooms/Escape Rooms for over a decade at this point and I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Top to bottom - professional, intricate and fun experience. Highly recommend with 3 or more people and look forward to coming back in the coming year.

Lesina Uini: Great job Andrew!

Katie: Epic fun! Thanks Mat and Andrew 🤙 first timers, did the easy one and nearly didn't make it. Lol. Got there in the end.

Anton Phillipson: Definitely recommend Black Queen! Great challenges of all sorts 😁

Kim Scott: Lots of fun for the whole family. Will be going back soon to escape another room.

Jacqui “JJJACKS” Munro: We got there and the staff were absolutely amazing, they were so nice and helped us out with the Black Queen room when we needed it. Absolutely amazing I can't even say that enough 3 thankyou so much for the fun experience I'll definitely be going back


· 266 reviews

12-18 Yarra St, South Melbourne VIC 3025, Australia

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Escape Room Melbourne: what do users think?

Lilli Ross: One of my favourite escape room experiences!! We did Kellar’s Magic Emporium with 6 people, and it was a little squishy, but it is recommended for 5 so that was understandable. Very challenging, but also solvable, and the game master was great. Highly recommend!

Mathieu Lague: Wonderful, random afternoon landed three adults and a child down the path of solving the mystery of Clumanji…

Sam C: , and the Mine Escape room at ERM is one of the much better. The puzzles were intuitive, entertaining and worked well with the story of the room. My partner and I accidentally booked the room for the wrong day, but the staff were able to accomodate for us. Highly recommend, and will be back to try out the other rooms!

Andrew Thomas: Great fun and lovely staff.

Charlie H.: Kellar's Magic Emporium was an awesome experience for the four of us. Everything worked fantastically with great puzzles, set design, and storyline. We had such a fun time, and each of us solved little puzzles. Extremely fun room with more than you'd expect!Just like another reviewer said, I'm sad I can't experience this again with fresh eyes!Run to Escape Room Melbourne!!! 10/10!

Bernard Lurtutas: Great family fun for the young and not so young too

Sean Curlis: It was very immersive. A great experience. Requires a bit of lateral thinking. Will certainly do more of them.

Abdul Azad: Went in today and the employees were very nice and welcoming, the gave us clues when we were stuck and also gave us extra time when we didnt complete it. Will definitely come back

3. LOST in Melbourne Escape Rooms - Melbourne City

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· 119 reviews

298 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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LOST in Melbourne Escape Rooms: what do users think?

Murray Foster: AMAZING! SUPER SCARY! Dud the Annabelle theme escape room and it was indeed very scary and got to the point where me and my team all dropped to the floor. Very much worth the money, the puzzles were difficult but not too difficult to where it was annoying. Very much would like to try the other rooms.

Sheen Str: Did the conjuring escape room..not for those who are spooked easily. I'm one of those but can contain my screams when there is a possessed doll screaming in my face while I'm locked alone in the room, or walking into a room full of creepy bald dolls, or rattling and banging sounds. The puzzle itself was of easy to medium difficulty, and we got out in 56 minutes with clues. Enjoyed figuring out the disappearing letters, unlocking cupboards, and trying to figure out horse head placement. Def can be completed in a group of 2.Start here if you want to give horror escape rooms a go but are not ready to wet your pants.

Thao Tran: Very grateful to them for wanting us to have plenty of joy and feel challenged!

David Nancarrow: Such great escape rooms - they were very challenging and super enjoyable.

Anthony Roeszler: Amazing! It was truly worth going, Annabelle was fantastic and could not fault anything. It's one of my top 5 favourite escape room's and we have done nearly 30. We will be back!

Wayne Cumberworth: Wasn't a fan to go to an escape room, but once you go in, the experience takes over and your competitive nature kicks in.

L T Balkin: Highly recommend heaps of fun staff were extremely helpful and friendly,Unfortunately we didn’t escape, but we had lots of fun !!!

Kyle Griffin: Loved the experience, staff was amazingly friendly and the room very scary, fully accommodated my extra request and was extremely immersive

Lachlan Curl: The staff member was very friendly and welcoming when we arrived. They explained everything to us really clearly. The room itself was really good - my friends and I did the Before Midnight room. The puzzles were really cool, and there were some other really immersive mechanics.Unfortunately, upon exiting the room, there were no fun photo opportunities. No “we escaped” signed or Photo Booth. Not even a card with our room and escape time. Although the whole experience was great, the underwhelming “congratulations” feels a little lame and doesn’t compare the other escape rooms.

Jackie T: Did the Annabelle escape room - well designed and absolutely horrifying

S S: 👻🎃This was my first ever escape room, and oh boy did I enjoy it immensely. There are 3 games to choose from, and my group got the After Midnight one, which was of medium difficulty and scariness. The design of the room and the puzzles was top notch. The puzzles really forced us to think outside the box and find the clues hidden among the objects in the room to unlock the door to the next room. We took a little over an hour, party confounded by the timer in our game stopping at 54:59, which wasn't a big deal.The second room took the longest time, and was so satisfying. The third room was very well designed as well. The story in our game was to get to the bottom of a murdered actress, and we did reach the bottom of it all.Completing the game was indeed satisfying. The staff were friendly, and there's also a cute dog who loves the guests! Since no cell phones were allowed inside the rooms, there's nothing to show, which is actually good, because these rooms need to be experienced without any ideas beforehand.We went in a group, and each group had about 7 members, which is kinda necessary given the scope of the tasks.Overall, it's a fun way to spend time with friends while exercising the brain!

Julie Tieu: I did an escape room experience here with 6 others. We had an absolute blast trying to figure out the clues while greeting lost scaring each other and ourselves😂
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· 389 reviews

Ground Floor 3, 190 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Escape Hunt Melbourne: what do users think?

Nicole McDermott: Booked the venue as an excursion for my secondary school students and they were fantastic in catering for our needs. All the students had an amazing time!

Mary Cheungchin: Had a great time here for my birthday last week. Ben was an amazing host from the very start to the end.

progressive dad: Great spot! Fun for all the family

meesha laboo: Booked 2 rooms for a birthday event- we all had an absolute ball! So much fun highly recommend for anyone looking to do an escape room.. we will definitely be back!

Lynda Nowland: Very enjoyable had a great time with our group. Friendly staff also!!! Will do another one very soon

Amalia Luci: Paul was really friendly and professional and willing to help everyone.

Nadia De Amicis: We loved the Aladdin room at Escape Hunt! The room was an awesome challenge with great puzzles. Thank you to staff member Bec for being super helpful and friendly throughout our experience! ☺️

Abbey Bamford: Love this place! Have completed the law & disorder and aladdin escape rooms so far and they have been really fun. The staff have been really friendly and helpful with clues inside. Keen to come back and complete another room! Highly recommend this place for a challenging and fun group activity.

Jess Beard: Marley was the best! Made our experience awesome. Thanks for the fab arvo, fellow Star Kid! 🤗

5. Woodbury Escape Rooms - South Melbourne - South Melbourne

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· 271 reviews

259 Park St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

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Woodbury Escape Rooms - South Melbourne: what do users think?

陈克里斯: This place is like going to your mates house and having a blast. I highly recommend going and u most certainly will be back with my friends for more exciting fun.

Stephanie Estaris: The game master and staff are friendly. My husband and I played The Curse of Kidd Island. We love the story behind it. We’ll definitely come back again.

Nieka Bishop: Great place!! We did Kidd Island - the puzzles were really fun and loved the interactiveness of the room. The bonus puzzle was a great added feature. Really well set up and very clever. The kids loved it too, there's an assortment of different puzzle types and it gave everyone a chance to shine in their strong areas. Will definitely go back!

Tomo Wato: Did my first ever escape room experience here.Enjoyed every moment of it. Love this place highly recommended

Melia Mulder: Best experience. Staff were amazing. 100% recommend

Sally: My friend and I visited the Woodbury escape rooms today and absolutely loved it! We did the “Leaper” escape room and it was amazing. The actual escape room was very well designed and the clues/ puzzles were thought out very well and fun. They also number clues so it’s a bit easier to navigate what to do first and in order, unlike other places. This escape room was not easy but not too difficult. Staff were incredibly friendly and helpful during the entire game. Would 100% recommend coming !!

Ben Letham: The Leaper props are showing their age and could do with a refresh but the room itself was great fun. Puzzles just the right amount of challenging and spooky atmospherics.

Michelle: I am an experienced escape room enthusiast, having done more than 50 escape rooms.My friends and I completed all 4 rooms in the one day and we had a blast!The staff were super friendly, and the rooms were great. The leaper room was probably the best one, but all the other rooms had their own great puzzles.I also loved the idea of the bonus puzzles.I think the only thing I'd fault them on would be the "puzzles" that were more just physical interactions based on luck.I would definitely recommend coming here!

Jemma M: Did Leaper tonight and was an awesome experience. Great customer service from Matthew as soon as we walked into the establishment. Super welcoming and funny and the room itself was just brilliant. Great puzzles and even better environment. Cant fault it and couldn’t recommend it more!

Stephanie Escalante: Been here twice, did Leaper and Little playful things room. Absolutely loved it, was surprised as this is one of the more affordable escape rooms, you can tell thought and care has been put into making the puzzles and rooms also the staff are very friendly, highly recommended this place.

6. Rush Escape Game - Escape Room Melbourne - South Yarra

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· 970 reviews

160 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

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Rush Escape Game - Escape Room Melbourne: what do users think?

Cat Feeble: rooms are really fun and well designed

Ka Ieng Lei: rooms are great, gm are nice and friendly!

Leesa Hinsch: Thank you Mitch and team at South Yarra. Us Special Agents took a while to figure out the amazing codes and puzzles to stop us being blown up! We thank you for your patience and your gentle reminder to stop overthinking 😁We had an excellent adventure!!!!

Grace Kennedy: Had so much fun doing the ClueManji room! Mitch was great at giving us the rundown and super friendly. We will definitely be back 😋

Oliver Soo: Quite challenging and great puzzles

Jean Lin: SO GOOD

Honest Reviewer: We had an awesome time, it was our first time and when we got into the room we kind of stood there for a little bit not knowing where to start, kind of expected them to have a count down or tell us to start 😂I've learnt for next time

Adrian Chiodo: Me and my partner have done a few escape rooms nothing beats Rush, they run a great show! Udi was a great host and really set us up well to succeed !!

amy bedingham: Escape room was really good - highly recommend!Such lovely and helpful staff!

Zac Roberts: did the cluemanji room with my girlfriend and we both had an amazing time, Udi was a great game master and we had some laughs, overall great night would come 100% back again

Kimmy Wild: Did the hacksaw room while on a trip from Brisbane. So much fun, was only 2 of us and we managed to make it out with some time to spare. Highly recommend. The staff member I didn’t get her name but if you are my game master on 17/4 you were an absolute gem, really appreciate your kindness.

Jordan Robb: escape room experience.

Bonnie and Shane Stevens: So much fun. Game masters were super nice and helped us through in our hung over state! They even let us have all the time we needed on our second room as there was no one booked after us which was awesome. Hacksaw was our favourite and I'd totally come back on my next visit to Melbourne.

Romi Bar Ilan: The best escape rooms in Melbourne!!We really liked the decor in the rooms and the puzzles and the staff was very kind and helpful.Special thanks to Mitch who was really nice.Thank you very much and I am sure we will come again soon

Rio Reedy: Very high quality and interactive game room! We did Clumanji and it was challenging but not super difficult. The hosts were energetic and helpful throughout the challenge. Would definitely recommend as a fun group activity 😃

Kacey Co: The experience was amazing. I wish i could do more rooms… if only i had more time i would have done all the rooms.

7. Entermission Melbourne - Virtual Reality Escape Rooms - Melbourne City

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· 203 reviews

Level 1/164 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Entermission Melbourne - Virtual Reality Escape Rooms: what do users think?

jdreischl92: Great fun good stuff thanks to Tea and Owl for hosting us

Bek Donnan: Great experience with Owl 🦉

kira: by banging on the wall in the next room

Kaelasha Tyler: Very cool. Games master Jay was awesome too. We’ll be back

Anne Johnson: Owl was great. He helped us through when we got stuck without us feeling like we needed help. Had a great time 👍

Callum Morris: Alice!

victoria “Run v run” Atkinson: My group of 11 x fourteen year old girls loved this and sitting outside listening to the screams and shouting at each other was almost as much fun. Michael and his team were great in communication before the party and during they were on top of everything.And so close to restaurants for afterwards….unique fun party

Austin Loy: Awl was great. Experience was out of this world

rachel goh: i played the manor of escape with my bf and it was so fun! owl was a great and patient guide, highly recommend!!

Zenaye (ZenDhar): We played manor escape! Owl served us! And had a wonderful time. Do highly recommend!

Nick DoDo: Thank you so much for making my son's birthday fantastic! Michael was an excellent and kind gamemaster. He made everyone feel welcome, and we all had a wonderful time at the party. Everyone was delighted! Thanks again!

Steve Piner: Michael was very friendly and helpful

Kylie-anne Jacobs: , once we got the hang of the controllers, which was pretty easy, we were away. Our Games Master, Owl, was amazing and chimed in at just the right times to offer hints and guide us through when we got stuck. Overall it was a great experience.

Sylvia Green: We did the standing escape room. Very good experience with the family. Owl was helpful and patient. We would come back again.

Kiryu Von Kitteh: It was really good apart from us being noob on our first go on the Chernobyl 😆

8. TRAPT Bar & Escape Rooms - Melbourne City

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· 744 reviews

377 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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TRAPT Bar & Escape Rooms: what do users think?

Harry Boyle: Fun escape room, Connor was a wonderful host and the place has a great vibe!

Ashlyn Menz: We had the best time! Bridget was amazing and had great energy! Highly recommend

Jason Oster: Alice in wonderland was a very satisfying room to escape from. Thanks to Bridget

Renee Scicluna: Such a great place… hidden treasure.Clues were challenging and experience very rewarding

Tara McKenzie: Harriette, Maeve and Jack are three of the funniest people I’ve ever met! They made my party and I feel instantly comfy in the escape room, helped when we didn’t know what to drink and could figure out what rooms I’ve done just from description. Harriette would make a heck of a bar manager!

kia mck: Maeve , harriet and jack are absolute angels!!! Honestly an asset to the company! I’ve only just moved here and they’ve made me feel so at home!!! They deserve all the praise

Sarah Doublet: Harriet was fantastic!

Budd: Thanks Harriet for running us through the Big Top room!

Jonathan Valcarenghi: Absolutely fantastic! Couldn't recommend it enough!

John Morrison: Great experiences for reasonable prices, escape rooms aren't to easy either!

Izzy Ross: I love this place!! Played Cave In for a friend’s bachelor party yesterday and had so much fun we came back today for Mutiny! Connor was so lovely and really made the whole experience so welcoming and accessible for us. 10/10 this is definitely a new Melbourne favourite!

Natchaya W: Fantastic spot for an escape room experience! The cocktail was delicious, and the room setting was good, though it could be improved with clearer instructions. We weren't aware that we'd have to return to the previous room to solve the puzzle. Despite that, we had a great time overall!

Jayde Moffatt: So much fun!!!!

9. Strike Escape Rooms Melbourne Central - Melbourne City

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· 187 reviews

Melbourne Central, shop 305 level 3/211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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10. The Mystery Rooms - Escape Room Melbourne - Fitzroy

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· 1012 reviews

303 Napier St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

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The Mystery Rooms - Escape Room Melbourne: what do users think?

Shereen Yanny: Had my 12 year old daughter and group of her friends do the medieval quest and they absolutely loved it. The Staff were extremely helpful and friendly! The rooms were very well thought out. Thank you! We had a blast. We will be back!

Marwah: Super fun and interactive room! Loved the decor and set up of the place! Staff was very helpful! Good price!

Gillad Bitterman: What a great adventure!Very interesting and challenging tasks, amazing props!

CLARE HOLMES: Staff were incredibly welcoming, funny and quick witted. We will be back with reinforcements! Thank you 😁

James Munro: Fun

Cass D: We did a group event with 2 rooms. The Lost Tomb and Medieval Quest. We had so much fun, the puzzles are great. We had such a good time. Staff were amazing, friendly and very helpful!! Definitely will try the other rooms.

Karlie S: Came here for a work function. Staff are friendly and rooms are testing! Would do again without hesitation

Yoganya Arunothayaraj: with amazingly immersive settings, creative and fun puzzles, and wonderfully friendly staff. We went as a group of 4 and had a great time - there was something for everyone and although we were 6 mins overtime, the staff let us finish as they didn't want to interrupt the fun we were having

Laura Chamberlain: We had so much fun!!!! We did the School of Magic room. This was our first time and we were impressed with puzzles and set up. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Marnie Hill: Great fun!! 🔐

Denise Prediger: Such a great experience!! Love it so much! The Tomb was quite challenging so we enjoyed it.
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· 277 reviews

54 Moreland Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia

Address Website
Ukiyo Melbourne: what do users think?

Matthew Scott: What an amazing experience, nothing like any other escape room I've ever done. I highly recommend The Crumbling Prince room, the atmosphere, story, pacing, puzzles, music and sound, all 10/10 not to mention the incredible narration/ interactivity with an AI/director and our fantastic and enthusiastic host Chris. Really can't give them enough praise, we immediately booked vouchers for a return visit for the next part in the story.

vietnamese bread: very fun, and interactive. the plot is interesting and fascinating. i’m excited for to do finish the entire series. our host, chris, is friendly and hospitable, and even fixed my friend’s shoes 😂will definitely come back

Laura Sharpe: Did deep space divinity, a great escape room. Might go back for the sequel.

Meg Arthur: Unser Gastgeber war großartig und das Zimmer hat viel Spaß gemacht. Ich würde es nicht wirklich einen Escape Room nennen, sondern eher eine interaktive, immersive Geschichte. Ich liebte den Tee und die Mochi, die vor Beginn unseres Abenteuers serviert wurden, es war eine tolle Sache. Mir hat es wirklich gefallen, dass jeder Spieler ein Charakter ist, jeder seine Rolle im Raum spielt und niemand im Abenteuer zurückbleibt. Ich freue mich sehr auf die nächste Folge

Anita: Die Erfahrung war anders als in normalen Fluchträumen. Die Rätsel waren gut gemacht und durchdacht. Werde auf jeden Fall wiederkommen.

Mitchell Walsh: Habe den Space One gemacht! So gut! Sehr emotional fesselnd und SEHR eindringlich.

12. Red Herring Escape Rooms Crown Melbourne - Southbank

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· 37 reviews

Level 1/8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

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Red Herring Escape Rooms Crown Melbourne: what do users think?

isabella ngu: . Vivian the game master played a huge part in making this experience so much fun! Would come back just for her! Love her energy!

Lachlan Caller: Dylan was absolutely amazing, so kind and walked us through everything we needed to know before and after the escape room. The service was amazing and he even squeezed us in to an escape room with only about an hour before closing. Wouldn’t recommend it enough!

Elena Kakosimos: Great fun! Dylan was amazing and very helpful!

Shani Joubert: dylan was so good and so helpful and definitely would be going back !

Dearbhla Morrison: Had the best time here - so good we came back a second night in a row!!! Shout out to Dylan for the great service too

Krystie Jones: Absolutely amazing! Highly recommended 🤪🤟

Sandie N: Was looked after by Dylan today, such a lovely person. Great character, great personality, got the group really excited for the experience. Very attentive. The Old Haunt room was fantastic, a thinker but definitely fun. Would go back, 100%.

Emily Selar: Amazing experience and lovely service from Dylan!

Mariette Melhem: Best escape room ever

Jack Dunn: Really fun, Callum was a great help and was very enthusiastic about the escape room.

Cael W-R: We did the alien invasion escape room and it was great, a good mix of challenging and fun and is a great escape room for a group of mates. We will be back.

Tara Lloyd: Did the Alien escape room with some friends! It was a great challenge but easy to follow Vivian the game master was lovely too! Very happy that we got the record for the room!

crystal wood: My husband and I had the most amazing time on Sunday afternoon. We did the Old Haunt and absolutely loved it. Dylan was so helpful and friendly, he went above and beyond for us. Absolutely recommend giving this a go. We will definitely be back.

Dennis Hall: First time going to an escape room and was quite impressed with the whole experience. I'd definitely go again, highly recommend 😀
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· 382 reviews

level 1/38-40 Eaton Mall, Oakleigh VIC 3166, Australia

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EscapeXperience: what do users think?

Christopher Ripper: Went to Oakleigh Escape Xperience on a first date and did the Burlesque room. It was such a great experience and really built a great connection working through puzzles together. It was the best way to break the ice! Mark was terrific hosting us. Highly recommend.

Dylan Dickson: We lost. Our highlight was Nathan the mad lad.

Sarah Jane Wilson O’Connor: The Burlesque escape room is awesome! Really clever, challenging and so much fun! Highly recommend and the staff are lovely, we got out with 10 minutes to spare!!

Anastasia O: but there are a few interesting riddles. Everything works well, we escaped 5 mins before. Service is good.

Sean Browne: Our host Amelia was a pleasure. Me and my friends had a booking mix up and Amelia amended it and let us in. She was very polite about the whole situation. Would definitely return.

Joe Delaney: booked us on the wrong date she was able to help us out 👸

Kayt Peddlesden: Had a great time and actually beat the time by less than 2 mins!

Corey Posner: It was enthralling !

Izzy Etlis: Awesome experience, Clockworks was a really interesting and challenging room!

14. The One Room Escape - Glen Waverley

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· 241 reviews

9 Aristoc Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150, Australia

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The One Room Escape: what do users think?

Claudine Faerie: Had a fun experience here completing the Green Hospital room. Good local escape room- putting a team together to come back and do the Egyptian room

S K: Great place

Winnie K: My family member had joined a birthday party group, they had lot of heart beating fun time there. Many laughter talk about what they thought and what they did after the game. Easy location.

Ashton Samuel: I went there with a group of people and really enjoyed it. However some of the activities were strange and to difficult. Overall very fun and would recommend to try one out.

Joshua Dennis: Immersive experience and super friendly staff. We will be back again soon.

Di Daly: Highly recommend this place. Fun, entertaining, challenging. Something completely different. Loved it!

Kimberley: Great escape room! Loved it. Very cool.

Juliet: Have been here twice now and have really enjoyed all the rooms! Personally love the Green Hospital, as jump scares are the best... but this is also one of the few places with large rooms for a big group, which is so much fun. Really great host, very accommodating and patient when we've had to change bookings etc. Highly recommend these rooms for escape newbies and enthusiasts alike.

Bella De Graaff: Some really great rooms and great stories. Always have fun here.

15. Lost Australia Station - Carlton

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· 158 reviews

199 Grattan St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
Lost Australia Station: what do users think?

Dana Kent: Staff were so kind and really patience. We were in a room for 2hrs…

Brian Ryu: Super fun!

Yasmin Jdeide: amazing

Tyler Redmond: Amazing experience! The staff were so nice and chill and were super nice. I did the Sherlock Holmes escape room and it was so fun! Would definitely be coming back to do a harder room

Steve Farrell: Great room- Great fun- friendly hosts- thanks

Nob Gag: The staff were friendly and helpful. None of the rooms are scary, so if you're looking for a horror experience, then you might not like it. We got the record time today for the walking undead. The guy who was chained to the black lock didn't pay for the room and stole.

Jimmy Tran: One of the more difficult escape room

Mark Winsall: Great escape rooms - we did the prison break and LOVED. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Definitely needed the clues though. Made it with a minute to spare. Best escape room we have done. Will definitely be back.

LLamaZ 4U: Siiiick

16. Virtual Room Melbourne - Virtual Reality Escape Room - West Melbourne

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· 63 reviews

75 Peel St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia

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Virtual Room Melbourne - Virtual Reality Escape Room: what do users think?

Mike David: Booked in for my birthday...far surpassed my expectationsl! Time Travel, Press Start and Arrow Dash! Anthony covered all the bases well for the newbies to VR and was great help when we got keen to come back and play the rest, hope we get Anthony again.

Elijah Quinton-Crowe: Absolutely amazing and lots of fun!! Would 100% recommend playing Press Start.Anthony made this the best experience ever

Hakim Khan: James and Anton are awesome and made the whole experience so fun. Would definitely recommend this experience to everyone and will be back to do all the other ones!

JS Seong: Fantastic experience!

N MKM: Very fun activity with a great host, James. We’ve done a few escape rooms which are always fun, but the virtual reality is a new experience and adds to the overall charm. Would easily recommend.

Dinithi Diss: The most fun experience and out of this world scenery! The host James was super lovely and very helpful! Will definitely be coming back again. Such an exciting and different experience

Jes Hoskin: Played Time Travel Chapter One for a work function and it was fantastic. Have given vouchers as gifts since and planning another visit asap.

Aida Alavi: such friendly staff and great first experiencewill definitely come by again .

Noza Haya: Coolest experience. Best VR in melbourne 🙂‍↕️

moh a: great story line, great customer service and so much fun!! if only there was another option for more time!

Michael Sheedy: We just played Arrow Dash. 2 adults and 2 kids. We had so much fun. We would definitely come again. It was very competitive

Emrah Arguc: Awesome experience kids absolutely loved it

Mohamad Chamra: Wonderful experience, friendly staff, and amazing fun, would recommend for anyone, honestly best VR experience i’ve ever tried.

Lee Heggan: Fantastic time with my family, great for my 8yo son. The three of us did chapter 1 then booked again with discount for chapter 2! We will be coming again!!

Pansawn Thianchote: Very fantastic, it's fun and easy to play for foreigners. I can understand and enjoy the game. It's a nice place to spend time with friends.

Andrew Constantine: Great fun, and very helpful manager. Highly recommended.

Thomas Leeson: James was absolutely unbelievable and the experience was so much fun. We will definitely be back again next time we’re in Melbourne.

17. Excape escape room - Frankston

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· 142 reviews

3A Wells St, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia

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Excape escape room: what do users think?

SCOTT REBECCA: We did the Illuminati escape room which was fun. Very enjoyable. 👍

Brendan Mann: We just held our work staff party here the other night. The staff were amazing and super friendly, we had a great time, highly recommend 😀

Jackson Coghill: My Girlfriend surprised me with the zombie themed escape room for my birthday this year and I was not disappointed! Not only were the puzzles fun and the room proved to be a great communication exercise for us, but the staff were lovely and all the more accomodating towards us. So far have only tried out 1 of the rooms but trust that me and my girlfriend will be back for more date nights here in the future. Would recommend

Channara Allen: First timer and I absolutely loved it. Kaja was amazing too, thank you for an amazing experience!

Fezzy G: I done the Zombie escape room with a friend and it was fantastic. The staff were very happy and welcoming.. they were very helpful throughout our time there and I will be going back to complete all the other rooms. All round it was a fun and cool experience and I highly recommend doing their rooms.

Ben Lobo: Smaller than other places but so much fun. Staff are super helpful and friendly

Bailey Richardson: I EXCAPED gold rush. I was greeted by Isabelle on anrrival and she explained everything in detail. Also gave good hints without giving away the answers. Was a great time and will be back.

Jaelyn Kennedy: Got welcomed by the lovely Isabelle! I did the gold rush escape room, it was really fun. Isabelle explained everything in a professional way. Would love to come back and do another room!

Bas Nas: Had so much fun doing the Illuminati room with my wife, took us just over an hour to finish it with help from the friendly staff over the walkie talkie, my only gripe was that i found the room to be a bit too dim, it was difficult to look for things and find where things go, and the music over the speaker was a bit loud in my opinion, it would have been better if they played quiet ambience music instead of suspensful music, but overall it was a great experience

Matilda V: We love Isabelle and maddy had such a fun time

milly poo: I went to excape today with some friends I was met with Isabelle and maddy they where super helpful and really lovley, will be back again such a fun experience

Rob Tennyson: Had a great time in the Zombie Room with my wife and daughter today. Highly recommend!

Margus Kristjuhan: Super experience.

Taylor Giesen: What a great experience! Had 2 of us doing the Gold Rush room, was perfect difficulty and so much fun. The staff was so nice, thank you Kaja for hosting us! Will definitely be back 😁

Damian willmott: Great fun, had a really good time. Recommend to have a go.

Darcy Corbett: Super fun, went for a work outing and it was great and the staff were lovely. Definitely recommend.

18. Rush Escape Game - Escape Room Hawthorn - Hawthorn

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· 193 reviews

606 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

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Rush Escape Game - Escape Room Hawthorn: what do users think?

Vanessa Le Miere: Our experience was elevated from the moment we walked in, thanks to Kels. Their humor and charm as a Game Master made our night enjoyable! It was clear they were invested in ensuring we had a blast, even on a Saturday evening.Overall, a fantastic experience that I highly recommend filled with positive vibes - Thanks Kels! :

Nick Mead: .Shout out to Charlie, or gun and great game master!

Alice Jaques: We enjoyed The Strangest Thing escape room at Rush. Thinking outside the norm when solving the puzzles, and not getting sucked in by red herrings is the key to this game. Great fun.

Austin Chau: I had a really fun experience in the saw escape room, the clues all made logical sense the atmosphere was perfect. Our game master made the whole thing enjoyable.

Becca Narhi: We did the saw inspired room. We luckily got out with 10mins to spare. The game master was great. We did need some assistance to get us through. Looking forward to returning to complete other rooms.

Bronson Aquilina: James is the best game master. no doubt about it

sienna morter: Charli is a queen

mayuri mogare: An absolute blast!! My friend and I took up the Brooklyn Nine-Nine room and to all fans out's definitely a must try!Shoutout to Jack for being the most hilarious, kind, and helpful game master ever!! Very very noice🤭

Kiera Lee: My husband and I had such a fun time doing the Hacksaw room! The worker James was absolutely lovely and had a great sense of humour and was very informative. Could not speak more highly of them!Cannot wait to come back to Melbourne and try the other rooms

Sarah Willcocks: . Clean, well-maintained space, interesting puzzles. Thanks Games Master James!

Caitlin Shepherd-Peck: I cannot express how much fun the Brooklyn Nine-nine room was! The amount of callbacks and jokes from the show that were all over the room were numerous to say the least. Maddy was the greatest game master ever! I did the room by myself and she was the best helping me out when I was stuck! 1000/10 would recommend this room and game master. NINE NINE!

Paul Hughes: The family had an *amazing* time on the weekend tackling the Strangest Thing room.It was super immersive and brought perfect Stranger Things vibes. The puzzles were really interesting and creative, and we found that each of the 4 of us had one aspect that allowed each of us to uniquely shine. And in the end we escaped, which we were thrilled we were able to do.Maddy was an awesome game master, really engaging with us when we arrived. Both of our girls had a fun time with her before we started. And celebrating with the game master at the end was really cool too.Highly recommend for a really challenging, immersive, and fun escape room!

Steph Muscat: James was a phenomenal Game Master who put such a great touch on our experience. They were so helpful, witty and went the extra mile to make our night so enjoyable. Thank you James, we’ll be back!

Elise Castro-Ramirez: Absolutely fantastic experience! The Hacksaw Room was challenging, scary, realistic feeling and so much fun all at once. And GameMaster Zinnia was the perfect host! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Definitely going to book in again.

Katya gibson: Did the Brooklyn 99 escape room with my dad, we both had the most amazing time. Every detail of the room was so well thought out and linked to the show while being the perfect level of difficulty making it so incredibly fun. On top of the quality of the experience, our game master James was the friendliest and most encouraging person, who really contributed to us having such a fantastic time. We will both be back soon and absolutely recommend rush escape room hawthorn to everyone!

Ashley: Good venue,great puzzles and awesome staff.i highly recommend especially as somewhere parents can take teenagers

Ben Messenger: We played Nine-Nine at Hawthorn Rush Escape Room.Kels who was our gamemaster was really great. We required a couple of clues from them and they didn't just give it away but just gave us a hint that helped. We mamaged to escape with about 10 minutes left which was our first successful escape.I would recommend Rush to all and sundry. They are awlays great and encouraging. Looking forward to our next Rush escape experience.

Wayne G: So cool, worth a visit

19. Escape Games Melbourne - Escape Room Melbourne - Richmond

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· 76 reviews

1st floor/412 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

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Escape Games Melbourne - Escape Room Melbourne: what do users think?

Divya Bannerjee: Our son had a great time with his friends here for his birthday!! Thanks Daria for allowing us to use the outdoor space as well!! A fun filled afternoon for parents too 😊

Angela Booth: So much fun! Lots of puzzles and clues to work with. Thinking outside, inside, under and over the box required! Highly recommend.

Sherridan Green: Thank you!

Vicky van Aken: My son and I went and did The Raven escape room had the BEST TIME!! seriously recommend, anyone who wants a great time and something different to go to Escape Games Melbourne. You won't be disappointed.

Dean Elliott: A great place with some intriguing puzzles. I'll go again next time i visit melbourne.

Debbie Lovell: Loved this escape room. Very atmospheric, great variety of puzzles. A very 'traditional' escape room with lots of codes and locks, which I loved!

Anastasia Zaytseva: , and the decoration/set-up in the room was great as well. The team was so lovely and accommodating, and our group had a fantastic time. Highly recommend, and will definitely be back to do the other rooms!!

Brittany Hornby: Great experience, challenging but fun! Staff were amazing

Bobby Shepherd: This place was great and the attendant was super nice! We did the motel which was just the right amount of a challenge. Wonderful date idea!!

Danielle: I love escape rooms and this one was so much fun! We did the Motel one but all of the rooms sounded amazing. Thanks Escape Games Melbourne for a great time!!

Pamela Heystek: .Since it was cheaper than most Escape Rooms I've seen and provided enough engaging puzzles to fill the hour, it's great value for money.Everything was accessible to us shorties, but taller / larger people might have difficulty moving between the rooms.

Jackson Wood: Had a great time with work solving "The Darkness Falls".Very atmospheric, good puzzles and difficulty.Only had one minor issue because a previous group had damaged one of the puzzles leaving it unsolvable.

Brad Donald: Hotel Vacancy was great! Challenging & recommend 3-4max for this room.

leah Xou: We had fun in the Raven Hill. Real spooky atmosphere and the staff was helpful and friendly. Can't wait to be back for the other rooms.

Lars Degn: Worth a visit!

Karla Lauren Esteban: My husband and I wanted to try something different this weekend so we tried escape room. We were looking at different venues before but this one had an available room as we were booking less than 12 hours before the actual game.My husband and I enjoy doing puzzles and games together and we've tried some physical and online escape rooms before and I would say we are pretty good. We did try the Barber Shop as it was their easiest and we didn't want to overestimate ourselves.We were greeted by 2 lovely staff who were very helpful and kind to help us get through the game. They'd hand you tools and a walkie talkie so if you need a hit of help you can contact them to give you a clue.I wish I could say that we finished it in an hour, the ladies gave us an extra time and that was really kind of them. We spent too much time in one of the room puzzles and forced ourselves to avoid asking for help that we were wasting precious time!Disappointed with ourselves but will definitely be back to redeem ourselves!Thank you for a great time!

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