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Legends MMA & Fitness Extreme Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Melbourne Melbourne Fight Club - Martial Arts Academy Dynamite Muay Thai John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA Melbourne Honour Martial Arts - Melbourne Prestige Gym Melbourne Absolute MMA (CBD) Dominance MMA Abbotsford Rise Mixed Martial Arts ELEV8 Mixed Martial Arts Arakan Martial Art Melbourne Self Defence Absolute MMA Immersion Mixed Martial Arts XFC GYM 3201 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai / Kickboxing, Boxing XFC Narre Warren - Mixed Martial Arts Krav Maga Australia (Self Defence/Krav Maga Classes In Melbourne)

1. Legends MMA & Fitness - Melbourne City

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· 46 reviews

Level 1/362 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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2. Extreme Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Melbourne - Malvern East



· 140 reviews

660 Warrigal Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145, Australia

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Extreme Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Melbourne: what do users think?

Steve: My son Tim has been a member for the last 12 months. He has grown in confidence and his fitness levels have greatly improved. Wrestling Staff Coach Vinod and Coach Kosta know their discipline inside out. It is an encouraging and supportive community.

Leander Garrad: Amazing facility to train at. Great coaches and a great bunch of team mates to train with.

Jordan Comerford: Amazing atmosphere and staff. Always leave jiu-jitsu classes feeling satisfied, better about myself and exhausted!

Lachlan James: Amazing atmosphere and experienced coaches!

Sarah Boukouras: Paul and the team are all such positive mentors and coaches for our teenagers. A real community club with fantastic facilities, been there for 3 years now and what they have learnt in that time is immeasurable. Thanks as always Coach

Eugene Osenkowski: Fantastic staff, great place to get fit and meet similar minded people.

Jamie Yu: With a variety of equipment, professional coaches, and a good atmosphere, this is indeed a gym you should go to!

John Perry: What a great training establishment.KT Just brings it home.My Daughter love being here, her self confidence just grows.Thank you to all the staff that make this possible.

Jason Li: My 5 years old son has been learning BJJ and Muay Thai for almost half year and he loves classes here so much! It’s been great to see our boy getting improvements every day not only at physical fitness but also discipline and manners, big thanks to Extreme MMA team especially coach team leading by Paul!

Mirta Valentin: Great experience

peekal: love the atmosphere

lisa nikki: nice school~~~~

Penny Karanicolas: We have been going to extreme MMA for 4 years and we are very grateful for the care and the discipline they continue to install in our children!Resilience, determination, honour and confidence! Would highly recommend.

Jiun Kae Pui: The best coach for the best martial arts, especially for kids. Excellent facility and admin staffs. No one does it like this in Melbourne worth every moment

Luke Spurling: Best mma gym in Melbourne

3. Melbourne Fight Club - Martial Arts Academy - Melbourne City

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· 71 reviews

9&10/367 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Melbourne Fight Club - Martial Arts Academy: what do users think?

Josh Tan: Very great place to train. Old school atmosphere with knowledgable coaches. Very friendly snd helpful receptionist too!

Rozalija Kizenevic: , and it's so much fun to train there. It's suitable for those who want to explore a variety of martial arts and for those interested in participating in interclub or amateur fights too. They also offer great schedules for Muay Thai and Boxing group classes, with morning, noon, and evening sessions.I definitely recommend!

Logan Hohaia: Great place, great people!

emily augello: staff and members are all super welcoming and supportive for beginners and the classes are challenging and fun! Recommend coming to try if you can 🏻

WallCroft: Great place to train been coming here around 7 months everyone from the desk staff to the trainers are excellent and welcoming great place to learn martial arts.

Solomon Donald: Trained here for about a year and had a blast. staff are super friendly and will assist you if you ask. Super knowledgable team and all levels of training available

fiqst: atmosphere where you're on a first name basis with all students within your first couple of classes.Not feeling karate on a particular day? Try boxing, try kickboxing, try muay thai, try bjj, try arnis! The variety here for your martial arts journey is unparalleled.I've made lifelong friends, found love, formed a karate family with my daughters at this club. I plan to grow old with this club.Come join my journey. You will find that you'll end up starting your own!OSUSempai John

fin megalo: Wonderfull trainer .He Understands where i stand and helps me achieve the goalsHad 6 weeks slims challenge - was able to reduce 5 kg and this program is rewarding since theres personal attention and weight check every week to ensure there is reduction in weight . My stamina improved throughout this period and body feels very much stronger and leighter - infact feel younger

Franklyn: Staff are really friendly and facilities are great. Charith is legitimately the best trainer I have ever had.

Arthur Levecq: good trainings, good trainers and well located! competitiv prices and nice people

Fernando Piccione: This is not a modern sterile gym where you go do your workout with your headphones and go home without interacting with anyone. It's a place you train and over time build relationships with a training 'family' that is very inclusive no matter your age/experience/disabilities/limitations.From a karate stand point, we are very lucky to have Shihan George and Shihan Peter, together with all the senseis and sempais, keeping the kyokushin style alive, respecting all dojo traditions and constantly motivating everyone for improvement in technique and ability.I encourage everyone to give it a try, it's never too late ;

Keith Mush: His name was Robert Paulson his name was Robert Paulson

Ard Scoil: Melbourne Fight Club provided me with the structure and accountability I needed to realise my weight loss goals. I had no previous boxing or gym experience but thanks to Hamzah, I was able to shed 14kgs in 6 weeks. As well as tailoring the programme to my specific needs, Hamzah was very flexible and worked around my busy work schedule. Looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with MFC going forward.

Mario di lorenzo: The quality of the instruction here extend far beyond the ordinary gym experience. George and Hamzah extensive knowledge and expertise is impressive. They make sure every person, regardless of their skill level, get attention and the necessary instructions to improve.I strongly suggest PT muay thai sessions with Hamzah, these changed my life with significant positive improvements in my mentality, discipline, focus and overall well-being.

August Ashcroft: but that isn’t to say anything negative about their bjj program, which I train in. Most of the training out of the cbd location is oriented towards white belt nogi techniques, whereas the training at the malvern location does more intermediate gi techniques. I’ve seen nothing but professionalism and competence from the instructors I’ve learnt from and I would recommend them to someone who wants to start jiujitsu. I have far less experience with the thai boxing and boxing programs, doing mostly beginner classes with a couple intermediate classes, but I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the instruction and classes with them as well. Overall a very solid gym that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in training casually or getting started in martial arts. I can’t speak to how good a place it is to fight out of or train more seriously because I just don’t have the experience to do it honestly.

Bjorn Liyanage: A proper old school gym. Great people with no heros.

Leanne Simon: My daughter joined when she was 4 and now as a 6 year old, she tells me how she loves going to Karate training. George is very inclusive and takes good care of everyone who comes into his gym. Highly recommend!

4. Dynamite Muay Thai - Melbourne City

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· 42 reviews

Level 1/388 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Dynamite Muay Thai: what do users think?

Dan Mallon: Great place to learn Muay Thai, Dennis and the crew are extremely passionate about what they do, I'm very proud to say I trained here.

K: Dynamite is leagues beyond a commercial martial arts gym. Head coach Kru Dennis, along with coaches Lily and Zia, have built a place that will change you for the better in ways you could never imagine when you first step foot into the gym.The wealth of knowledge is endless. Coaches all work tirelessly around the clock to take care of fighters and non fighters. Yes this is a fight gym, but respect and discipline is practiced by everyone. Coaches tailor the program according to your level, what you want to achieve and they show the same amount of care whether you fight or not.As long as you leave your ego at the door, respect everyone you come across and give the gym everything you've got, you'll receive comraderie and growth you won't find anywhere else.

Canh Tran: Great gym with a great team and coaches that really care about the fighters. I started at the end of 2022 looking for a place to get more fit. Fast forward to August 2023 I’m in a fight representing the Dynamite. Instead of just fitness, I found purpose, a family, and so much more. 10/10 would recommend.

bob: I've joined dynamite roughly 5 months ago with the intention to try and keep fit and active.My experience here is nothing short of amazing. I find it difficult to put into words the feeling I get when I walk into this gym. The love and respect that echo through the walls here is honestly something so special.With years of combined experience between coaches theres always something new to learn.There's also a huge emphasis on teamwork. Everything is done as a team to ensure no one's left behind. regardless of skill level I think there is something here for everyone.If your looking for a gym to better yourself and be part of something amazing. I couldn't recommend dynamite enough.

V: Lucky to have them in Melbourne

Juan Pablo: Very humble and nice people, pretty friendly for beginners as they understand everyone starts like that. Prices are fine, would recommend if you actually want to commit long term

Julian Toh: Thoroughly enjoyed an organised PT today with Zia and Toby. Zia's eye for detail and capacity to communicate this was excellent, and really enjoyed working with Toby who was super technical and fluid in movement. Really appreciated the cerebral approach to training and got a taste of their very supportive club culture. Fully recommended to anyone regardless of skill level!

Elly McIlwraith: Highly recommend dynamite. Legit and friendly Muay Thai gym. My partner and I visited while on a holiday and took private sessions with Zia. Zia is an incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and experienced trainer who we both learned so much from. Zia gave really amazing feedback and pointers and we are both happy we’re leaving with stuff to focus on improving. Thanks Zia and dynamite!

Ananya P: I guess my motivation to join a gym, any gym, was to be a part of a team. I love team sports and when I moved to Melbourne I was looking for a team to really get behind.In that respect, these guys have been nothing short of fantastic, really good coaches, amazing opportunities to get better and put your skills to the test.All the coaches, Kru Dennis, Zia, Lilly and Fabio are helpful, ridiculously knowledgeable and have built a culture where everyone helps everyone no matter your skill level, or who you are. It really does feel like one of those places where you can walk in and leave your regular life outside.It's great, and long may it continue. Urge anyone who's thinking of joining a gym to get to this one ASAP, they have loads of classes and your skill level does not matter, you'll get better.

Quan Finch: Dynamite is a great gym to train at, by the first session I knew I'd found the right place to train Muay Thai. There's a great feeling of community at Dynamite, all the members were immediately welcoming and willing to share advice and encouragement from the get go. I've never been particularly athletic and I've never trained martial arts before, but I never let that bother me thanks to the great community and trainers. Zia, Lily and Kru Dennis all have an insane depth of knowledge regarding the sport and their advice is always clear and insightful.If you're looking to train Muay Thai you couldn't pick a better gym than Dynamite, it takes a lot of effort, and you'll often be pushed to your limits, but it's always a great experience with a community as supportive as the people at Dynamite.

Nick Spencer: This place is the real deal, the instructors are intelligent, thoughtful and will truely push you. The culture of the gym and quality of people there will keep you around.So lucky to have met Lilly & Kru Dennis and to have her in my corner, could not recommend this place enough.

Aditi Chaudhary: I tried A few Muay Thai/boxing gyms in cbd before settling with dynamite. It is not a commercial club like others and has more family feeling to it.It’s more of a Muay Thai institution than a gym , where aim is to impart all knowledge to the students and help them grow more in the sport.If you show your dedication and are willing to do the hard work, instructors will put in double the effort to train you and make you meet your goal whether that be training for fight, getting fit or learning Muay Thai/boxing/kickboxing. Instructors Kru Dennis, Lily and Zia are best in their field And Kru Dennis is gifted in recognising each individual’s strengths and working on them rather than having umbrella formula for all students.Instructors also foster environment of discipline, teamwork and respect which also helps in life outside gym.Highly recommended!!

Fábio Sousa: I started training in Muay Thai years ago now and it wasn’t until I joined Kru Dennis and the team at Dynamite did I feel like my Muay Thai journey was beginning. Dynamite isn’t your typical Muay Thai gym that have routine sessions and once the class is done you’re back home, Dynamite offers professional level Muay Thai sessions and the best thing about it is that every session, everyday is different so you never want to skip a class because deep down you know you’re missing something good! Whether you’re looking to work on your fitness levels, learn some new skills, work on your striking and pad work or getting read for you next amateur / pro fight, Kru Dennis, coach Lili and dynamite family really focus all their energy into your goals no matter how small or big they are. I highly recommend training at Dynamite Muay Thai to all who are looking to take their skills to a level that you never thought was possible.

Joseph Calara: . Since starting, even despite Victoria’s State lockdowns, I have been slowly going from strength to strength and have pushed myself to where I feel almost unrecognisable.I initially came over to Dynamite after over a year or so with other gyms because I wanted to be better at something I enjoyed. I did not feel like I was living up to my potential and so I wanted to push myself. Even though I talked about wanting to do a legitimate fight, it would make me wince bringing it up every time because I was uncomfortable with my skills in fighting and was very doubtful of myself, particularly since I really had zero experience in sparring and am quite heavy

Jacob: Amazing place to learn with great and helpful teachers that are really kind people aswell, fully recommend.

J: Don't even know where to begin with this review - joining Dynamite has changed my life. With no previous sports/martial arts background, I initially joined just wanting to lose some weight with a weekend session...soon I found myself at the gym 6 days a week, and even did a kickboxing fight several months in!This is an absolutely incredible place to be. It's not for the faint hearted... you will be pushed to your fitness limits but all this is intoxicating when in such a supportive environment with a great sense of camaraderie ad. respect.I can't speak highly enough of head coach Kru Dennis and trainers Lily and Yun Zia. As trainers, they are the most dedicated and knowledgeable coaches you could ever ask for. They're always watching during class and ready to help whenever you need. Kru Dennis will leave you in awe every time you learn of how knowledgeable he is, and how much thought he puts behind everything he teaches. As people, they are the most humble and caring individuals who will treat you like family.Joining Dynamite is easily one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! I've gained so much confidence and my time here has taught me much about challenging myself and practicing diligence.

5. John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA Melbourne - Notting Hill

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· 45 reviews

6/278 Ferntree Gully Rd, Notting Hill VIC 3168, Australia

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John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA Melbourne: what do users think?

Carlos Martiniano: "I recently joined John Donehue Jiu-Jitsu and MMA gym and I'm thoroughly impressed! The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely care about each student's progress, whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete. The facility is well-equipped and maintained, creating a welcoming and safe environment for training. Classes are not only challenging and rewarding but also a lot of fun. I’ve already noticed significant improvements in my skills and fitness level. Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn martial arts or elevate their fitness in a supportive community."

Lachlan Gomatos: Joining John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Not only has this gym helped me get in to the best physical shape of my life, it’s allowed me to meet some amazing friends and turned in to a second home.After hearing about the legendary achievements of coach I was in awe & extremely grateful to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from someone with such pedigree despite having no experience myself. Outside of coach himself, every single class is taken by someone with a wealth of knowledge & great attitude towards teaching which makes taking part in something physically challenging a breeze & lots of fun.It speaks volumes of the culture that has been built in this incredible place and I am so blessed & grateful to be a small part of it.The facilities are extremely clean and well maintained, every time I come in I’m always greeted with a smile.Thank you to the amazing staff, and coaches of JD’s for helping to change my life every session for the better. If you’re hesitant to join, like I was - please give it a try, you won’t look back. After my first year here, I can’t wait for the many years to come.

Claire Drew: As a teenage girl I feel so safe and comfortable. It’s a very nurturing environment with a lot of other females there. All the coaches are patient and super nice. Every single session I learn new stuff.

Denis Holliday: I did extensive research on martial arts organisations for a 15 year old boy before settling on John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA in Notting Hill.Despite the extensive travel - close to one hour each way - I'm thrilled with the decision we made. Parking is available, fees are very reasonable, and the standard of instruction is superb.With all of the disciplines available under one roof, training began in the boxing program a little over two months ago, and now, thanks to the fantastic advice and encouragement of coach Pete Soumilas, there has been a rapid and noticeable improvement of his skills. I'd also add great character development to the mix, and that is clearly due to the friendliness and support of all staff - from those in the office to those on the mats. Thus, it is with thanks that I offer my highest recommendation.

Velizar MAnev: and it has been one of the best gyms I have ever trained at. Everything from the atmosphere, the people that train there and the coaches is increadable. I have developed many new skills and gained life-long friends from there. Would definitely recommend for all levels!

Rudy Garcia: Couldn’t recommend JDs any higher, since my first session everyone involved with the gym from coaches, to staff, to students have all been amazing to train with. Everyone there from brand new to seasoned veterans are all willing to help you learn and develop across all the disciplines. Whether competition focused or fitness focused, they tick every box and make you feel welcome. Loved every minute of it!

Harrison Bright: I’ve been fortunate enough to train at John Donehue Jiu Jitsu and MMA for nearly 2 years now, in that time the skills I’ve learnt and the friends I’ve made, will be worthwhile for years to come, classes are professional but friendly, catering to all levels, from those who just want to learn to those looking to compete. The coaches are helpful and knowledgeable in their respective disciplines, and have truly supported me throughout my time there. Coach is someone that many travel to learn from and for good reason. This gym has helped me physically get in shape, mentally turn my life around and I would not feel half as good as I do now in my day to day life without this gym. 100/10, highly recommend.

Nick Mason: Joining this gym has been the most meaningful and life changing decision of my life. The most experienced, cleanest, friendliest and welcoming gym in Melbourne.For two years now I’ve been a member of and pupil under Coach. The personal development one can achieve under the guidance of coach and the other world class coaching staff, both as an athlete and as an individual are incomparable.The management staff of the gym are the most friendly and welcoming to all students, new or returning.The facilities are very well maintained and cleaned meticulously. Filled with modern equipment, clean spaces and always a welcomed smile.Whether or not you’re seeking to develop a new skill, dip your toes into a martial art, start a new hobby, make new friends, become a world class competitive athlete or more importantly grow into a better person through training a martial art, look no further than John Donehue Jiujitsu and MMA.Join the family and see where your martial arts journey can take you

Christine Lee: Under the guidance of coach John and other experienced coaches, I've not only learned the intricate technicalities of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but also gleaned invaluable lessons in fitness and discipline. Their wealth of experience and skillset has been instrumental in shaping my understanding and skill in this sport.While the fundamental themes are taught in classes, there is also an individualized and goal-oriented focus in identifying specific strengths and areas that are needing more attention.This tailored training approach ensures I consistently work towards these goals whilst being intentional with my training.It highlights the gym’s commitment to fostering both discipline and encouragement for growth, setting commendable standards!Highly recommend this gym to be part of!

Michael H: I have been training here for a few years now. Great all-round gym with a fantastic group of training partners, staff and first-class coaching. Immense knowledge from head coach John Donehue, which is passed down through the ranks, with everyone happy to take the time and effort to help and make sure you understand the techniques you are working through.Lots of class options throughout the week to line up with people’s schedule for BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling, Mauy Thai and MMA, with lots of open mat time as well!Gym membership has been ever increasing over my time there, which is just a testament to the fun atmosphere to learn a great skillset, get fit while doing so and meeting a great bunch of people.

Janna Fortaleza: Great BJJ gym! The coaches are very attentive and technical and really push the students to work harder. Lots of room to roll and the change rooms are also very clean and spacious. There's a wide variety of classes and class times and its easily accessible from Monash Uni for students who are looking to get into grappling.

safin: It's a great martial arts gym with a very friendly community. I've joined in May and have had a great time here ever since.

Asher G: I've learnt more important life lessons from this place than I did at school and Im grateful for Coach JD and others not only teaching me BJJ/Grappling but also building my confidence, discipline and overall character.

Matthew Javier: Have been training BJJ for a little over a year now, the coaches always go above and beyond with the level of detail demonstrated in the techniques we drill every class!

Michael Yi: I’ve been doing brazilian jiu jitsu classes at John Donehue Jiu Jitsu MMA gym for 3 years. I’ve experienced not only a high standard of training classes and coaching but also a great community within the gym to be apart of. Thanks coach JD, the other great coaches and all the friendly staff in the gym.

karol stephens: Pete was so incredible to work with, going in with no experience he made us feel super comfortable and started with the basics! Highly recommend Pete for all levels of knowledge with his years of experience allowing him to adapt for anyone!

Ellie Gatzios: This MMA school is very clean and also staff are very accommodating, they have a Variety of classes for all ages, I’ve taken my son here for boxing with coach Pete he was very skilled and patient.Also my son he’s doing jiu-jitsu with coach Chris and Dot, I was very impressed with how they held the jiu-jitsu classes, and how thoroughly they explained everything to the kids.After doing training at John Donohue, my son, became very confident and made new friends.Highly recommended.

Christine Tsiorvalas: Been training boxing over a year now with coach Pete who is a great coach. I have learnt so much and continue to do so.The place is very friendly & clean.Thanks again Pete for being a great boxing coach.

6ix: Joining JD gym has probably been one of the best decision I’ve made in my life. World class coaching and amazing facilities, great people and overall a good vibe. The staff are incredible, the coaches are world class and the people are just the best. Cannot recommend it enough! Do yourself a favour and book in your trial class and you won’t regret it!

6. Honour Martial Arts - Melbourne - Oakleigh

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· 95 reviews

2/19 Edward St, Oakleigh VIC 3166, Australia

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Honour Martial Arts - Melbourne: what do users think?

zheng Lin: instructor Jeff and simon is highly recommended, really like the way they teach Muay thai,it’s very realistic useful technique

Ryan Liu: When I first stepped through the doors of Honour Martial Arts, what stood out to me was the down-to-earth atmosphere and sincere community within the gym.Honour caters to all levels of experience, with highly enjoyable and insightful Muay Thai classes.Vinh's grounded and genuine personality branches out to all the coaches as well as the members.If you're introverted like me and worry more about fitting in with the right community, this gym will most definitely fly kick that doubt right out the door 🙏

Lionel Ha: Moving gyms to Honour is one of the best decisions I ever made. From the very first day, I instantly felt like at home and had joined a new family. Everyone at the gym including the coaches are the friendliest people you will meet. The culture in the gym is unlike any.Very well structured and an excellent timetable that caters to all levels.Vinh is such a legend and will push you to become the best version of yourself.If you’re looking to train Muay Thai or just looking to get fit, I couldn’t recommend this place more.

Simon Lange: Great gym to train at for all levels whether you're trying to get fit, learn practical skills or looking to fight/compete in Muay Thai.Most importantly good vibes and honourable values to live by.

Samuel Hickman: The other reviews are not lying. This gym is great. Having sampled several MMA and Muay Thai gyms, I've found that Honour Martial Arts offers an unbeatable mix of exceptional coaching and great culture. Highly recommend.

Andy Bui: The best decision I’ve ever made was signing up to Honour.I have gained so much confidence and many life long friends from joining this uplifting community. There is no animosity and everyone there is truly pushing and bringing the best out of each other.The coaching staff are very welcoming and knowledgeable in the art of Muay Thai, which enables everyone to excel in their capabilities. I’ve been able to get much fitter and learn valuable skills whilst having fun in the process.

Martin Dinh: Best training environment I’ve ever been a part of.Fantastic level of coaching, as well as a sick community where everyone supports one another.Not to mention a great timetable and class structure that caters for all levels of Muay Thai, whether you’re just starting out or a pro.Couldn’t recommend Honour enough if you’re looking to train Muay Thai or simply have a great time getting fit.Keen for many more years of training here!

Justin Lee: nice vibes and great environment

Aayush Gupta: I can't recommend this gym enough! The staff is incredibly friendly and supportive, always making me feel welcome and motivated.Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned, there's something here for everyone. Plus, the classes they offer are fantastic. Everyone is humble and nice which is very hard to find elsewhere.I never experienced life changing transformation until I came here. I managed to lose 12kgs in 3 months! I have never looked for another gym and don't think I'll be looking for one in the near future.If you're looking for a gym that truly cares about your fitness journey, this is the place to be!

Aidan Kwok: Best Muay Thai gym around. The coaches are super friendly and really know what they're doing. Vinh even agreed to fight me for ownership of the gym however I had to decline as I did not want to get beat up

Ben Kav: Hands down, the best Muay Thai facility! I have been training with Jason, and he is the real deal - he makes the complex simple and breaks it down so that I can understand the technique. There are no egos; he has welcomed me and got me up to speed by dedicating his time to develop both my technique and mindset when it comes to martial arts. He is patient and understands the peaks and troughs of learning. I cannot recommend this gym more highly, as well as Jason’s teachings.

dennis gomez: Home away from home ! Been Training at Honour for about 9 months and have become a better & fitter version of myself. Vinh, Jase, Adrian, Jet, Chenny, Sez, Simon and many more are all class and the best coaches. The vibe at this gym is the best of any. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly and keen to learn but also there to push each other beyond limits. If you’ve ever thought about getting into Muay Thai, come on down and get started with Honour. You won’t regret it 🙏

Bahman Ahwazi: Great gym with excellent trainers who really care about their students. Wouldn’t want to train anywhere else.

Larnie: Honour Martial Arts is a fantastic Muay Thai Gym. Has a very welcoming, encouraging and comfortable environment.Was new to Muay Thai about a year ago, at Honour I have developed a lot mentally and physically, made some great friends and connections.Vinh is an amazing head coach and has build a wonderful community here at Honour.

Lawrence Dinh: I had trialed many gyms around Melbourne before I came to Honour.But when I did, I was instantly captivated.I was captivated by the coaches, by the outstandingly strong sense of community, how well run the classes are, the top tier quality of teaching, and the free spiritedness of the gym.What’s so special about this gym is that even the most skilled fighters and the beginners are united. Which allows beginners to learn at an extremely rapid pace, whilst feeling even more welcome.I travel 10 minutes further from home to get to this gym in comparison to others closer, but it’s 1000% worth it.Thanks for everything so far Honour! 3

Jibril Shaikh: Great gym and coaches, even better community and vibes.

john cao: I was eager to have my first competition but the head coach Vinh knew exactly when I was truly ready. He made sure my training was up to standard, and put me through various tests of composure.I have now competed in many amateur bouts under his guidance!

Damon Romandini: Best gym going aroundEveryone is friendly and welcomingCoaches are brilliant and willing to help in anyway

Zi Ja: Joined this gym a year ago new to Muay Thai and it’s been an amazing journey learning the best from their coaches and training with people who make up such a great culture.Vinh is a warm, charismatic head coach who wants to see you excel and challenges you to exceed your limits through discipline and courage.Highly recommend Honour Martial Arts!

7. Prestige Gym Melbourne - Melbourne City

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· 54 reviews

Level 2/181 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Prestige Gym Melbourne: what do users think?

Nina Ue: I started at the Prestige Gym with the sports 9 years ago and Pedge was the best trainer I had so far. He was very patient, competent and also demanding in the best combination. I trained in a lot of gyms in different countries since then and until today I still think about the techniques and mindset he taught me and I am very grateful for his efforts. I can highly recommend his classes!

Munib: Great gym and facility!If you’re serious about boxing this is the place.I’ve been training here for a year now and I’ve learnt a lot about the sport & myself.The team are incredible, very welcoming and friendly.

ChanPir Sports: We are manufacturer & Exporter of🥊 Boxing Equipment🧤 MMA gloves👕🧢🎒 Sports wear🥋Bjj/karate uniformMade in Sialkot Pakistan 🇵🇰*Custom made product*If you are interested please contact me for more detailsRegardsChanpir Sports923181817412

Abba Electrical: If you want a Proper Professional trainer, head to Prestige

rwm gym: Superb coaching.

Gino Zen: I did a short tour of every boxing gym in melbourne before picking Prestige. The training is rigorous, tough, and builds champions. It isn't a fitness gym. It's a gym filled with passion for the sport and its technicalities. The coach is filled with knowledge and experience that he uses to guide you in the sport. His attention to detail will keep your technique tuned. fundamentals are key. The teammates are also all great to train with. Good people. the atmosphere is serious but fun. Come here to improve and you will

Sanvir Maharaj: Highly recommended. I've been taking private lessons from Pedge for a few months now and my boxing has improved dramatically. The training is serious, very technical, and will test you, but the results are easy to see. The facilities are clean and very well maintained, and the pricing is probably the best I've seen in the Melbourne area, which is surprising given the high quality of the coaching.

Paul Lynch: The best Boxing Gym in Melbourne by a long way.

Raymond Rogers: Best boxing gym in Melbourne by a long, long way. The atmosphere is great, everyone is focused and determined, but Pedge is what makes Prestige stand out. He is an incredible trainer, very straightforward, serious, and really wants to see his students succeed. My footwork has come leaps and bounds in the few months I trained here, and continues to do so as I practice what I've been taught over and over again. The gym is home to some serious talent too. Pedge is a phenomenal teacher, and despite his no-bs attitude he is a very friendly person and has fun at times. I miss Prestige already. Thank you for your help.

Random Guy: Really great gym and trainer. Only attended for a short time and had to pull out due to an old back injury but the level of detail to technique is very impressive! Great gym if you want to learn to fight correctly

8. Absolute MMA (CBD) - Melbourne City

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Not verified
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· 91 reviews

136 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Absolute MMA (CBD): what do users think?

Daniel Kim: Great coaches, great people, great environment and culture for learning and training. Would highly recommend for everyone.

Andrew Yuen: Kemal is the most knowledgeable, funny, helpful coach. The biggest asset this gym could possibly have!

Elle Marengo: Absolute MMA CBD is my favourite gym in the city. Everyone has been so welcoming and respectful. I love the Muay Thai classes, and also the Yoga for Combat Sports classes. If you are new to MMA, I highly recommend doing any of the introduction classes with coach Alastair Volders! I learn new skills in every class and always leave the gym feeling so happy. Absolute MMA CBD has definitely changed my life and I’m very grateful. 😊

Pav Kalinowski: I've been coming here for about 6 years. Excellent coaches, really friendly people at the gym too. Toohey and Pradeep are fantastic coaches. All the members are very welcoming.Google asked me to update.Still coming here, coaches are still fantastic. No more level 2 boxing which is a shame but more MMA classes.Another update request from Google.Saturday morning classes have kicked it up several notches with the new coach Sam. Absolutely fantastic stuff. He puts in a tremendous effort and it really shows.

Sam Parsons: Great staff, great facilities, super knowledgable and high level coaches, but also super welcoming and accessible for first timer like me

Have a swing: Preeminent choice for those seeking a pugnacious pursuit of fighting prowess. An absolute gem for the discerning connoisseur of martial arts.

Paul P: A place to make friends.

Hunter Locke: I 3 this place

Kartikey Puri: Great place to practice combat. Muay Thai evening classes get too crowded though

Harman Buttar: Best mma gym in the city!

Anthony Alcala: 🤙🏽

9. Dominance MMA Abbotsford - Abbotsford

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· 84 reviews

9 Harper St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

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Dominance MMA Abbotsford: what do users think?

Daniel Holland: clean gym, amazing staff, would recommend to anyone looking for a quality gym around melbourne

Georgia Verry: Having trained at top gyms around Australia, Dominance is a rare gem in having some of the best athletes in Australia while also having an incredible team culture. Dave is a thoughtful and generous coach who has created a safe place for people to learn great jiu jitsu. There’s a strong women’s team and flexible timetable. Can’t recommend highly enough.

charles Crll: Was offered two trials there but sadly moved out of the city after. Very nice club!

Oscar: Super friendly and welcoming club for beginners. Highly recommend!

Andrew: Welcoming and inclusive crew with great instructors and team mates.Positive and healthy culture for both hobbyists and competitors.

mat kv: Super professional and friendly ❤️

Jan Petersen: Great instructors, good atmosphere and ample facilities! Recommended 100%

Joel Diamond: Good vibe, and very strong culture. Professional faculties provide the perfect place for anyone looking for a gym. The instructors are all super professional, and make time for all levels. Very friendly for women too, with classes offering a good ratio most sessions. Although a very serious, and pro style gym, the vibe feels open, and friendly. The gym dog is a real cutey too

Andrew Meggs: I have had the fortune of training at many Australian gyms. This is undoubtedly one of the best gyms for BJJ in Australia. I first started training with Dave Hart in 1999 at ‘Hanger 4’ then moved with him and the other founding members of Dominance MMA. To Richmond. I stopped training 12 months after being awarded my blue belt in 2000.I moved with work to Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Singleton, Townsville and back to Melbourne. I have trained with some fantastic people in all locations including with former world champion Leo Arruda in Adelaide.I keep returning to Dominance for training due to their high level of instruction, professionalism and their very warm and welcoming attitude.The gym has a very strong team who’s dedication to training is very impressive. Their skill flows over to those who train for skill and social aspects.This is always demonstrated throughout by the instructors investing time in all members who are on the mat.Dave is continually working with the introductory students and ensuring that they are welcomed to the mat.Max and Sam are fantastic instructors in their own rights but they demonstrate the attitude that the gym has worked hard to develop.When you walk in the door you will be impressed by the friendly staff that work the reception, they will take the time to show you around and answer all your questions about the gym.I can not speak highly enough about dave and the team at dominance MMA.I would recommend them to anyone wanting to train BJJ regardless of your age or experience. The gym is capable of making you feel part of the the community.

Adrian C: Great people, great training, been there since 2004!

Aleziah Spiers: . The moment I stepped into the gym, I was greeted with friendly faces and a positive energy that made me feel right at home. The coaches and training partners were incredibly supportive and encouraging, making each session both productive and enjoyable. The facilities are top-notch, with all the equipment you need to train effectively. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, I highly recommend Dominance MMA in Abbotsford. It's a truly exceptional gym that's dedicated to helping its members reach their full potential.

10. Rise Mixed Martial Arts - Altona North

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· 22 reviews

6 Blackwood Dr, Altona North VIC 3025, Australia

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Rise Mixed Martial Arts: what do users think?

Gerald Batty: Best BJJ and MMA in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Family friendly inclusive environment with some of the most technical coaching available. Highly recommended.

Luke Andrew: and absolutely love popping into Rise for some great rolls!Great people, great BJJ. They also offer other services like MMA and Muay Thai. 🥇If your in Altona or surrounding areas and enjoy🏅 A Clean Facility🏅 Friendly, highly skilled Grapplers and Wrestlers🏅 Welcoming atmosphere🏅Diverse group with Men, Woman, adults and children all working together to have some great BJJ!I highly recommend this facility ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐OSSSee you guys again shortly!

Barney Withers: and it feels like a large 'family' once you get to know people. Highly recommended for mind, body and soul.

Dr W: Great informative gym, Sosefo was really helpful and friendly and caters to each person's needs and wants

Ray Galea: Wonderful to meet Cam Rowe and his great group via assisting Guro Ray Floro seminar..great culture and great people....if you live in the area and looking for first class MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ ...Rise MMA is the only choice 🙏

Paul Sciberras: An excellent and welcoming environment, my daughter is loving junior jits!

Roberto Men: Great gym to practice BJJ. Sefo is great with the kids and the kids learn in a very friendly environment.

Jack Fisher: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value

David I: Top gym

Alex Lynch: Amazing gym all the trainers are amazing

Ahmed Ali: . Classes are run very regularly at various times with slots also available on Friday for sparring! However although they do have boxing gloves to supply for training sessions, I’d heavily recommend investing in your own gloves, along with a mouth guard and shin pads; it’s a whole new world plus you won’t have to constantly ask others for spares or be prevented from sparring!

Lukas Edwards: Great environment. Chill but striving for excellence. i have learnt a lot there and ever step has been enjoyable and made only more so by the supportive people. If your interested in Jiu Jitsu or any of the other classes provided you should definitely check it out.

Karen Nguyen: A great, women-friendly martial arts gym. Enjoyed the fitness, self-defense techniques and generally good vibes of the place. Highly recommend trying them out.

Samuel Martinez: The team at Rise are amazing to work with, and everyone who goes along is extremely supportive and motivatingMy partner and I had never undertaken any form of martial arts until we came across Rise 9 months ago, and now we both absolutely love the sport and the way that Rise is run.Could not recommend Rise Mixed Martial Arts enough!!

Matt: Rise is a very welcoming place to train. There's a real team-like atmosphere at Rise that keeps everyone motivated and feeling supported. All the coaches are great, and are willing to work with students of all abilities to make sure they achieve their goals.

Q F: Fun and welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels. Clean amenities. Quality training and instruction from a legit BJJ black belt. If you're on the fence or are hesitant about taking up martial arts/self-defence, simply sign up for your free session and you will not regret it!

11. ELEV8 Mixed Martial Arts - Heidelberg West

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Not verified
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· 145 reviews

25 Kolora Rd, Heidelberg West VIC 3081, Australia

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ELEV8 Mixed Martial Arts: what do users think?

Patrick Zwarts: Excellent gym facilities, friendly and very knowledgeable coaches. 10/10

Bruce Zhong: For all levels of trainer

patrick70371: Elev8 is a top-notch MMA gym. Dan, the owner, runs a tight ship, ensuring the gym has a great vibe and top-tier facilities. Muay Thai coach Somchai Chimlum is in a league of his own. His classes are intense, informative, and will push you to improve. Highly recommend it.

Kevin Tsang: Very welcoming for a newbie that has never done Muay Thai or any sports for the last 5 years.Will definitely be back.Thank you Somchai and the gang for making me so welcomed today.

Alexander Livissianos: Amazing staff, facilities and training. Trained here for over a year and could not recommend it more highly. Thanks again.

Arjun Bhugra: A wonderful place to learn different disciplines under highly skilled coaches. A supportive environment where you can stay healthy, learn continuously and form friendships. Head Coach and owner Daniel is welcoming, patient, encouraging and has an incredible wealth of knowledge in all areas - particularly in BJJ and CrossFit/Fitness.

daniel cortes: Atmosphere is everything, beautiful way to reset the mind and get into a good mindset, 10/10 gym.

Scott Gregory: Highly recommend!

Alex Romashov: Awesome grappling gym with top level Elev8/AET jiu jitsu and wrestling coaches. Excellent supportive environment and highly motivating team. Striking and functional strength classes are also on offer, everything under one roof. Thanks Daniel and the teamCan’t go wrong with trying this place out.

Ali Taleb: A fantastic mixed martial arts gym with great coaches. Better than the coaches are gym owners Daniel and Nicole, who would be able to get along with absolutely anyone.Ego is left at the door at ELEV8, I have enjoyed training freestyle wrestling at the gym and look forward to a long stay.

Abbey Fletcher: Daniel is awesome, supportive coach and great environment!

Zac Gallagher: My experiences at this gym have been pleasant, could use more fans

Jesse Bruzzese: Great gym fun friends and intense training

12. Arakan Martial Art Melbourne Self Defence - Melbourne City

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· 4 reviews

483 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Absolute MMA - St Kilda

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· 70 reviews

Rear level 2/30 Inkerman St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
Absolute MMA: what do users think?

Dana Hooshmand: My second home! Will be sad to move far away :(World/renowned trainers and athletes here. A decorated fight team. And classes for everyone from day 1 beginners to MMA athletes.

Josh McDo: , and if you’re female and feel uncomfortable about training with men, then you don’t have to, although everybody places an emphasis on looking after each other, but personal preferences 🤷‍♂️.This review is long overdue to be honest. I’ve competed in MMA and Jiu Jitsu competitions with Absolute, and I mostly just train Jiu Jitsu now.Simon the head MMA coach is a legend, he does loads to help people out as if they’re his family and most of it you wouldn’t ever actually hear about because he’s too humble to mention it. He’s helped me out personally in the past. Dan is more behind the scenes these days but he’s also a great guy, keeps everything running smoothly. Kemaal and Ollie are the head Jiu Jitsu coaches at the CBD and Collingwood respectively, they’ve got a wealth of knowledge each and both compete and a high level. There are too many combined attributes to mention in one review, but it’s fantastic and you should try it out.One last thing to mention, is that there’s a weird unspoken

Nathan Fradley: Fantastic gym and community.Oli and Sam are both brilliant BJJ coaches, making things easily understandable, fun but also the right ampunt of challenging. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming.

Dylan Luddy: .

charles Crll: Was offered a trial here but sadly moved out of the city after. Very nice club!

Thomas Young: Great gym with world class fighters as your coaches, everyone is extremely welcoming and the facilities are fantastic

Seena Katayama: I went mainly for Muay Thai and the coaches were wonderful! I had a few different coaches and each had their unique style which I loved. I also tried out boxing which I don't have much training in but the coach was patient and taught very well.Lots of extra equipment too for those who don't have all the gear.

14. Immersion Mixed Martial Arts - Glen Waverley

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· 114 reviews

655C Waverley Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
Immersion Mixed Martial Arts: what do users think?

R M: Amazing coaches, great team.

Matthew Cross: Been here since 2018, multiple things about this place make it fantastic, I'll sum it up by saying its the atmosphere that makes it stand out, across both muay thai and BJJ from the trainers to reception and to those you spar with. Been very happy with this place since day 1.

Kevin Yu: Amazing gym.Sam the owner, is a great coach. Wish he did more lunch time classes.Would highly recommend

Simon Nguyen: . Could not recommend this gym enough!! Super glad I decided to try something new and have never looked back :

Nathan Gemci: I have been with Immersion MMA since 2018 and can honestly say there is no gym quite like it. The moment you walk into the gym, you are greeted by the dynamic duo of Ben and Ben who are extremely kind and willing to assist you on your martial arts journey.Then you have the coaches, David, James and Sam who are not only high level black belt competitors and coaches, however, they genuinely want to see you progress! P.s they also love a little bit of banter!!The most important part is the team. If you’re looking for a family like community, Immersion MMA is the place for you!

Sheldon: Elite coaching and incredible team culture.Do yourself a favour and just walk in!

Shah Khan: do an outstanding job teaching both the fundamental and advanced Jiu-Jitsu students. They’ll break down complicated BJJ moves into easy-to-follow steps with meticulous detail to cater for everyone. The entire Immersion crew does a wonderful job attending to everyone’s needs. The culture here is second to none and everyone here is keen to help each other improve their skill levels. Training here you’ll meet wonderful people and make lifelong friends. From the very first day I started Jiu-Jitsu here, I felt like part of a community. Jiu-Jitsu has helped me both mentally and physically. It has also helped me off the mats to become more confident, resilient and disciplined. I feel privileged to be part of the Immersion family!

Shervantha De Silva: 10/10 the best BJJ gym I’ve been to. The front desk staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and the coaches are always available to help and support you. The community treats you like family regardless if you are new or a veteran to the sport. Would highly recommend for anyone thinking of making the jump to starting BJJ.

Jordan Sercia: The best gym in the world. Dave and Sam are two incredible coaches and both Ben’s at the front of house are friendly and accomodating. If you’re new and wanting to start out, this is the only gym you should consider.

Kieron Boyle: Great gym. Staff and coaches are always approachable, friendly and willing to help.

Tanav Tyagi: East or west, immersion is the best

Sal: Grateful for the past 10 years I've trained at Immersion MMA. World-class BJJ and Muay Thai programs, clean facilities and the most friendly customer service!If you're worried about being new/out of shape/uncoordinated, you will not come across a more supportive environment, which in time will become your second family. Whether you're a novice, hobbyist or wanting to test yourself in competition, this is the place for you!

Hua Hu: Been here just shy of two years and wish I joined sooner. Already referred friends over to join. The instructors Dave James and Sam are amazing. Great culture and really feel at home from the start. Would definitely recommend.

Donald Harris: great gym with good coaches, and they did make cancellation very easy if needed to cancel.

Hugh Tuttleby: Extremely friendly and knowledgeable environment, World class Jiu-jitsu training, The coaches Dave and Sam are super chill and lead by example with there admirable work ethic and dedication to the art with the competition results to show for it. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to learn Jiu-jitsu

Gorvin Galle Liyanage: Amazing gym with the greatest bjj coaches in the country. The teaching and the culture at the gym is unbeatable, highly recommend!

Sam Chew: This gym is the place to be! Great gym culture, instructors and high quality training 👌

15. Australian Combat Sports Academy - Thornbury

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Not verified
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· 136 reviews

325a Darebin Rd, Thornbury VIC 3071, Australia

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Australian Combat Sports Academy: what do users think?

Nick Doyle: sparring which I think is great to help us develop and get comfortable with our style, and the environment is generally very friendly. I’ve met some great people through ACSA and highly recommended it.

Khoa Nguyen: Incredible gym and friendly atmosphere! I’ve been here for over a year now and it really does feel like one big family that you are welcomed into. You aren’t just treated as a number here, Coach Phill and Denis treat their students with care and cater to everyone’s needs.

Joe Averte: Excellent coaching staff. Great environment for all skill levels and fitness levels.I’ve been at ACSA for almost 2 years now and the friendly culture means that everyone feels like one big family.Whether doing Muay Thai or BJJ to compete or just to stay fit I cannot recommend ACSA highly enough

Luca Greco: Training at ACSA has been a great experience for me. Phil is an incredibly knowledgeable coach who really supports and cares for his students. ACSA is a very friendly and welcoming environment suitable for people of all skill levels. Would highly recommend!

Miro Vukic: I highly recommend ACSA to those looking to train in any combat sports. Full credit to Coach Phil who invests so much time and energy into his team and coordinates his classes really well. There is structure and goals to suit all levels and opportunity to grow in any area of the sport you want to. There are also frequent workshops that take you through basic and/or intermediate techniques. Most importantly it all really fun and friendly!I trialled a few places when I moved back to Melbourne and ACSA made me feel right at home especially as it caters to all age groups!Give it a try, you will be glad you did!

Angus: The best in Melbourne

Samuel Benavides: Couldn’t ask for a better gym and coach. Very friendly environment suitable for everyone!!

Charlie: Phil and the team at ACSA are amazing. Really welcoming environment and cater to all levels. Joined as a 1st timer in to any martial arts in 2023 and the Muay Thai classes have been great, lots of progression, expertise with the coaches and good crew all around!

Li Chen: Coach Phil and Dennis are fantastic, always keen to develop people from all experience groups. Value is in the welcoming nature of the gym and the overall culture to help each other develop and grow. Highly recommend, in particular myself coming in as a complete beginner, both Phil and Dennis have been great in guiding us to be better.

Assiya Ali: ACSA is by far the best MMA gym in Melbourne, the classes run by the coaches are well structured and super fun. Everyone at the gym is super welcoming and i’ve made many close friends the time i’ve been here. I totally recommend anyone thinking of joining no matter your skill set, it’s seriously the best!

Nick Verdon: It’s such a welcoming gym for anyone of any skill level. Everyone is super supportive and the coaches go above and beyond to make sure everyone’s safe and having a good time while also giving world class instructions. Can’t recommend this gym enough.

Jordan Byrne: Have tried out multiple Muay Thai & BJJ gyms in the northern suburbs and ACSA is by far the best. Phillip, Dan and the team are a wealth of knowledge and genuinely care about their students. With years of experience both fighting and coaching they constantly find ways to teach new techniques and level up your training.It’s great to have constant guidance throughout the learning process. Thanks guys!

Grant Wu: Phillip Lai and Denis Kelly are the best combat sports coaches in Australia. ACSA has the best community and is suitable for everyone from all levels of training. There's also a great in-house Physio, everyone goes to Quan from QMD Physio for there injuries.

Byron Goodwin: High class coaches and fantastic facility. This gym has changed my life, such a great community atmosphere, I can’t get enough of it! I look forward to every class. Can’t say enough good things about this place. See you on the mats!!

Jason Yang: ACSA has a fantastic family friendly atmosphere, Denis Kelly is a world class BJJ and MMA coach. Highly recommend ACSA to anyone.

Adam Bell: An outstanding space to train in your choice of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA and boxing with extremely professional and friendly coaches and staff . This place has become like my second home and I can’t recommend it more highly

Cassie Dart: ACSA has one of the best cultures I've ever seen in a martial arts gym or dojo. They make the sport fun and engaging, in a super supportive, positive and ego free environment. They teach students to push themselves to develop their skills and fitness, whatever your goals might be. There are also opportunities to compete and help grow careers outside of the gym. Coaches Phil and Denis really know their stuff and are some of the hardest working people I've ever met. It's not all about business, they clearly love the sport and really care about their students. Honestly all the coaches and students are great, and I have made so many new friends in this place. I couldn't be happier.

16. XFC GYM 3201 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai / Kickboxing, Boxing - Carrum Downs

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· 10 reviews

31 Lathams Rd, Carrum Downs VIC 3201, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp

17. XFC Narre Warren - Mixed Martial Arts - Narre Warren

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· 61 reviews

1/12 Deblin Dr, Narre Warren VIC 3805, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Krav Maga Australia (Self Defence/Krav Maga Classes In Melbourne) - Moorabbin

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· 42 reviews

34A Bignell Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia

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Krav Maga Australia (Self Defence/Krav Maga Classes In Melbourne): what do users think?

Irina Moroshko: We are so grateful to this place, our son loves to go there so much that he ended up going 6 times a week for two hours each time!! Such lovely people, great facilities, they don't just teach martial arts and self-defence, they also teach beuatiful values such as helpign each other, respectign each other, not giving up when its hard, etc

M D: Fantastic instructors, my 6 yo and 8 yo love coming here and have developed so much confidence

Joshua Brohier: Did a workshop at Krav Maga Australia last night. David Freeman and his crew create a very welcoming environment for good learning; I highly endorse this school.

Suresh Talasta: Best gym for kids and adults to learn Krav Maga self defence skills. My son is enjoying each and every class here with Dave and team. Along with self defence skills he is also learning much needed situational awareness and respecting others. We are very happy about our son’s improvement in these skills and highly recommend other parents.

tynjaxs: Fantastic place to learn Krav Maga! Our son absolutely enjoys every lesson. He is very comfortable and loves the environment. The best instructors; clear in their teachings, kind & welcoming and they don’t let any silly behaviour happen in their sessions. They are very safety conscious and very respectful at all times- they receive this in return too. Would highly recommend to anyone that is considering to learn Krav.

Leon Koldun: Great self defense class that focuses on what would happen in the street instead of fancy techniques.

Mirnel J.: Honestly the best place in Melbourne to learn those kinda skills. I compared quite a bit before I decided. The training is great and has some good structure to improve over time. Coaches are great personalities and listen their students needs and address them.Hands down as a "customer" I feel heard and looked after. Super happy there. Besides that, the crowd is great too!

Ray Galea: Great people and facility..toughness layered with respect and family values..highly recommended 👍👍

Mark Doray: Awesome place...👍👍

Ancy Khampa: My child gets great support for overall wellbeing from Both David and Shelly who are just so amazing with the members of Krav Maga family.This place is amazing and has the feel of supportive trainers, loving environment for children. Highly recommended.

19. Renegade MMA & BJJ - Kensington

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Not verified
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· 60 reviews

3/60 Stubbs St, Kensington VIC 3031, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
Renegade MMA & BJJ: what do users think?

Christopher Lim: From the moment I stepped into Renegade BJJ a year and a half ago, I was met with warmth and welcomed wholeheartedly into a community that embodies the BJJ lifestyle. Their timetable caters to people with the busiest schedules, and their classes cater to the absolute beginner teaching the fundamentals in a safe and supportive environment, up to advanced practitioners and competitors. From the coaches' expertise to the camaraderie of the members, I am both humbled every day to be constantly surrounded by such a high level of skill, as well as grateful to have found Renegade during my jiu jitsu journey. Regardless if you're new to BJJ, or if you've been training for a while and looking for a new gym to call home, I couldn't recommend contacting Jamie and dropping in for a trial visit enough.

Duy Huynh (Bruce): It was really fantastic that I found Renegade BJJ. Coach Jamie and Coach John were extremely helpful and supportive, everyone is welcoming and kind. The academy also values the culture of care while training to avoid injury 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻, so give them a try, it’s worth the time.

Josh: I was a fat old man who was becoming increasingly inflexible and sore. Now I'm a fat old man who is just sore. Jiujitsu saved my life.The friendliest rolls you'll find, these are good people, you will get good BJJ, but you'll do it in an environment that supports and cares for you. No meatheads, just warm energy and people being like; "oh hey man, I noticed I keep getting you with this move, would you like me to show you the defence?".This place is good for the soul.

Nathan Thorneycroft: There's no doubt that Renegade is the upper echelon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Melbourne. From high performance professional coaches, to a warm, welcoming and inclusive community. The leaders Jamie, John, Carla & the team not only expertly develop the skills of academy members in BJJ but have created a safe space for all who walk through the doors to learn & leave with skills both on and off the mats.If you have ever wanted to try a martial art or BJJ, drop them a line! You won't regret becoming a Renegade!

James Weston: The crew is awesome

Ollie W: I've been training at Renegade for almost a year now. I cannot say enough about how BJJ and the experience at Renegade has impacted my life in a positive way. The dedication, commitment, loyalty and care that Jamie, Carla & John have for students is unmatched in any sports or fitness environment I've ever seen in my life. There are many human beings that come and go through the doors of Renegade BJJ every day - each dealing with different life challenges and moments, and I know for a fact that for some, Renegade and being on the mats and training is everything to them. It is becoming that for me. I'm grateful I have BJJ and Renegade as a huge anchor in my life, letting me be the best I can be every single day.The sport of Jiu Jitsu and the experience at Renegade has had a profound impact on my life, and I recommend doing a trial class and seeing for yourself what it can do for you.

Longli Loei: From the safe and professional coaching to the facility cleanliness, Renegade offers a welcoming environment suitable for practitioners at all levels. With a comprehensive timetable and availability of private coaching, members are able to train as frequently as possible to achieve their training/fitness goals.

Chris Said: Started training here just over a year ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life I think. The amount of black belt coaches in one gym and all able to teach you their own unique different styles and skills is amazing. Whether you want to learn a new set of martial art skills for fitness and leisure or you want to become the most feared grappler in the world, then this is the gym to come too.

Brett: awesome gym with a great culture and friendly members. weather its for self defence or wanting to compete, this is the gym for you!

Nicholas Paas: Awesome gym, great culture. Jamie is the man!

gcgmorno: Great club with a welcoming atmosphere

Todd Haywood: Great venue, open plan. Hosts white belt tournaments which are a fantastic service.

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