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Primus English ROMAN PTE Discover English OHC English Melbourne TJ7 Learning (PTE/IELTS/NAATI Coaching) Ace Language Academy Impact English College Melbourne Turner English Ability English Melbourne Bayside College Pty Ltd ORE - NAATI CCL, PTE and IELTS Training Centre Oakleigh

1. ORE- Naati CCL, PTE and IELTS Training Centre - Melbourne City

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· 65 reviews

Part, Level 2/51 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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2. Primus English - Melbourne City



· 73 reviews

3/123 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Primus English: what do users think?

Gleice Fagundes: Positive:Quality,ValueI attended this English school in 2019 and I have only great things to say about my experience. The teachers were amazing. At that time, I had a very limited knowledge of English and in about 8 months I scored 7 in IELTS. I highly recommend Primus English!

Xin Wang: I have been learning in Primus English for just 12 weeks and I passed the IELTS test. This school is like a big family and l love it very much.

JOEY CHI: Teachers are friendly and there is a diversity of resources that helps students to learn English effectively. I’ve been taught by 4 teachers at Primus English and they all seemed professionals in teaching English. Even though some are not my teachers, they tried to help me. Ive had great experience here and I would definitely come back to this school whenever I need to improve my English or to prepare for the English exams.

Cheng Yu-Lin: I recommend Primus English.Teachers are nice And pension. If you have any questions about English , they will help you.

Francisca Verdejo: If you want to learn English and Primus is the place. 😊. Teachers are always ready to help.

Israel Segall: I recommend Primus... It’s a great place to learn in a relaxed environment.

Chathurika Madushani Kankanamge: Hi! I am Shani. I would like to tell you how grateful I am for your OET class and your way of motivating people to learn and improve English. Specially, Mark, you are an amazing teacher.

成川僚: It was a small class so it was easy to ask questions. Also, the classes were very easy to understand.

Hemali Patel: . Friendly staff I really recommend this class.

Ram Lee: Did OET course and passed at once!Friendly staff, a great teacher and a good chance to meet new friends. Highly recommend

Tsuka: I really recommend Primus English. Teachers are so kind and friendly. I enjoyed school life that I had been blessed with classmates.

Mei Yuki: I studied English in Primus for 6 months.It was a great time for me because of friendly teachers, staff and friends from around the world.Good luck!

yuqi gu: I chosen a perfect shool,the class is definitely useful,I really love it,nice teacher and lovely classmates. I will never forget this period time

Chuubiee: Highly recommend the course, affordable to students and high quality of delivering the lessons.Teachers are experiences and helpful, staffs are very can bring your food and store it in the school haha!

ash amigos: I am very grateful for the OET classes, thank you!

Mo Karim: Affordable prices and it's a great place to improve your English language. I studied the IELTS course, and I have got sufficient feedbacks on my writing, which was my goal in this course. I also learned some phrases in the spoken language. If you’re in Melbourne, I recommend this place for you to enhance your English language.

3. ROMAN PTE - Melbourne City

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· 337 reviews

Level 3/213-215 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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4. Discover English - Melbourne City

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· 50 reviews

247 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Discover English: what do users think?

James Harvey: Great place to teach

JOSE TORRES: Good teachers, dynamic classes, although the facilities could be improved a little more. Motorcycles can be parked, cars cannot.

Frank A. Penaloza Duenas: I absolutely loved studying at Discover English! A big shout-out to Matt for being professional, helpful and the best teacher! I studied CAE and IELST. 💯 recommended if you are after studying English and passing your English tests.

Alejandro Garcia Castro: Nice but...

5. OHC English Melbourne - Melbourne City

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· 70 reviews

185 Spring St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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OHC English Melbourne: what do users think?

Misaki Shimogama: I had good experiences in this school. I could meet a lot of people. I was the best in my life. Thank you for four weeks. I was in Fin’s class.

Jhon Alejandro Contreras: I learned a lot, all the stuff and the spaces were excellent, I have improved my English in all aspects, the way the teachers are teaching involve all the necessary to learn English in an easy way, also by learning vocabulary and interacting with people helps to much as well.

angie lopez: It's a good place for learn english and have fun with the classmates. Also, the staff and teachers are very kind and nice.

Lorena Bohorquez: My overall experience was amazing, the college has a great infrastructure. Holmes institute provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my English skills. Classes are dynamic and challenging. I really enjoyed my time in the college. I couldn't ask a better place.

Yesica Ramírez: Ohc has been one of my best experience, I came to Australia without English, and I learned everything there. Also the teachers and the school makes you feel like you are in a family and give you a lot support when you need it.

Cindy Ramirez: Great experience! Awesome teachers

Abd el Azeez sulayman: How can I communicate with the institute .. There is no WhatsApp, Telegram or IMO, what is the method of their communication?

dieca09: My experience at OHC Melbourne was simply the best it could have been. Here I found not just teachers but a new family, always looking after us, as students and friends. They made me feel like being at home.The teaching level is very good but remember that in order to learn any language a big portion comes from the will to learn.

Caterine bohorquez gonzalez: I absolutely recommend this college because all staff are so professional and are very passionate about improving the skills of each student. Every teacher have their own method and style of teaching and this is the reason why the students learn fast in any topic.

6. TJ7 Learning (PTE/IELTS/NAATI Coaching) - Melbourne City

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· 81 reviews

Level 2 Suite 1/190 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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TJ7 Learning (PTE/IELTS/NAATI Coaching): what do users think?

claudio rearte: 5_6 hrs6tg

Simran Ghuman: I’m so grateful to have a trainer like TEJ sir, a huge thanx to TEJ sir, just because of your guidance, i’ve achieved my bands which are more than my requirement. He was always there to help me out for my numerous questions, i’ve crossed my first hurdle towards success and hopefully with your further guidance, i’ll achieve my goal. Highly recommend this place to whom who really want to fulfil their goals. A place where you are provided with proper learning resources which helps u a lot.THANK YOU TEJ SIR !! 😊

JASKARAN SINGH: Tej sir you are legend, I got 8 each in PTE because of excellence teaching of tej sir. I never thought I would be able to get 8 each but thanks to hard work and dedication of tej sir's teaching I got it. Thanks again sir, I highly recommend to everyone to learn from this institute because unlike other institutes where you have they tell you to cramm all the material, this institute teach you proper English. For example why this fill in the blanks answer is this, why not other other option, this institute use reasoning and questioning to learn PTE in a easy and proper way.Thanks.

yagamuni gunerathna: my success would not be possible. Thanks you sir

Kartik Chadha: Positive:Communication,Quality,ValuePerfect help for those who are struggling with NAATI or PTE. Tej sir ensures you're confident for the test and provides regular feedback on your performance.I'd highly recommend TJ7 Learning for your PR journey.

Amandeep Kaur: 'An expert in PTE'Highly recommended for the potential candidates seeking to crack PTE & Naati. An expert in his field, Tej Sir's extra ordinary style of teaching is very effective. His dynamic personality and sense of humor brings life into the otherwise dry subject. It was sheer joy for me to attend the classes conducted by him in a well organised and easy to comprehend manner. His vast knowledge in the field provides all the relevant material necessary for the preparation of exam. Thank you Sir, you have been extremely helpful and inspirational.

kaur harjit: Many many thanks to Tej Sir, a great person. I achieved my desired score 65+ in each just because of your gentle guidance and willingness to help every time, which was so important to me🙏Thank you for getting me over the hurdles, having faith in my abilities, and you motivated and inspired me to do my best, you were by my side all along, and I learnt so much from you 🙏 special thanks for manage time as i was in NZ🙏 Highly recommend to everyone who wants to crack the exam👍👍 Always thankful to you for you support and guidance 🙏

Wenura De Silva: Highly recommended ❤️

Rashmi Batham: I visited Tej sir for migration advice and I am pleased to get his recommendation from a friend. I had my student visa rejection and got an invitation after 2 days but was in a situation where half of the consultants did not know what to do as I couldn’t apply any visa onshore at that time. The advice and guidance I received from Tej sir was really commendable. He helped me made a decision and explained all the possible solutions with approaches to overcome with upcoming situations. With his support and guidance, I have been granted with my Permanent Residency today and I could not stop thanking him enough for putting me on the right track when the time was difficult.Excellent service. Highly recommend TJ7 for sure and Million thanks to you sir.Regards,Rashmi

Kamal Pannu: Thank you sooo much for your advice Tej sir.... I really appreciate...thank u sooo much for clearing my all doubts..

Gangangana Dharmasena: I went to Tej Sir for PTE and he did a fabulous job.What he does is, he look into individual performances and then teach the techniques to reach our score.I was expecting 6 each for my TR but I scored 7 each.I do recommend this place to everyone who are not confident about their English proficiency.This place is a best place for your future👍👍👍

miiavega: I could not recomment Tej's training strongly enough. He runs the place personally and knows all the tricks to ace the test. Not only that, he is a great motivator and truly cares about the students' journeys. Thanks a lot for your support, it was a pleasure to meet you. Veronica.

madupa hiruni: Very good class for pte. I highly recommend for everyone who have less knowledge in English. He always push us towards our goals and motivate us to achieve our score. Thank you very much sir.

Charanjeet Khatkar: This is the best institution in the melbourne. i would recommend this place to everyone for getting high score.Thank u sir for help me.

7. Ace Language Academy - Melbourne City

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· 91 reviews

3 Albert Coates Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Ace Language Academy: what do users think?

Katelyn Irwin: Ace is the best school in Australia!I moved to Australia about a year ago and I really struggled to understand the words and slang people used at school and work.I looked at many different schools but this one seemed the most flexible around my life. The classes were really fun and I learnt so much very quickly. And the teacher is so nice!Thank you for everything! If you are considering going to this school, just do it!! It's the best!!!

Jennifer Campbell: I booked 24 classes with Ace Academy, and last Friday was my ninth class. Finally, I figured out the problems with my pronunciation that I have suffered for many years. My Vietnamese accent is very strong, even though I have been living in the country for years. Tom is an excellent and energetic teacher. He put lots of effort into our lessons and tried to help me his best with pronunciation like “th”, “t”, “s”, “f”, “v”and “r”. I enjoyed our lessons so much that I booked 24 more classes for April, May and June. I firmly believe that after my 48 lessons, I will feel more confident and eliminate my heavy Viet’s accent. Thanks, Tom for helping me. I appreciate it.Cheers, xo

moko t: TomokoThank you so much for your patience, warm support, helpful advice, and encouragement.This time, I was required to aim for a PTE of 64 or higher within three months due to my graduate school conditional permit, so I urgently asked Tom to help me prepare for the PTE. In particular, regarding pronunciation, the AI ​​wouldn't be able to recognize it unless we were conscious about it, so we focused on pronunciation and vocalization. The problem may have been that I could not notice much of a difference even when I listened to the phonetic symbols and audio. The good thing about Tom's teaching is that he doesn't overlook even the slightest difference and teaches us to properly correct it. In my case, corrections occur every few seconds. If I didn't have the goal of PTE 64, I would probably give up, but Tom followed me warmly and with the attitude that it's okay to make mistakes. I was always trying to improve my pronunciation of "th", "r", "l", etc., but thanks to Tom's unique teaching methods, I am now able to pronounce them with confidence. , I started to notice the differences in the sounds of various people. I studied applied linguistics for a year, and now I might be able to analyze speech more easily. . . Unfortunately, I couldn't correct my pronunciation by studying phonetics at university, but I can say that Tom's unique pronunciation and phonetic symbols are surprisingly acceptable to native speakers and AI. I managed to clear my PTE goal in two and a half months, and was able to successfully get admission to my new university. It has now been a few weeks since I entered the school, but thanks to Tom's PTE preparation, I am now able to give presentations in class with confidence. I think that Tom's patience, calmness, and cultivation are important essences that are essential for learning a second language. I would like to continue to enjoy learning English by taking advantage of what I learned from Tom.

森悠登: My focus was to improve my speaking both in business and daily conversations.First thing we did was to figure out my typical mistakes in terms of pronunciation. Then we set the target to correct my pronunciation like th, r and l, dr and tr etc. We considered a plan to achieve our target accordingly.One thing I really like about this class was its flexibility. Although we use a textbook of callan methods, he is happy to help and spend our time to tackle on my specific struggles both in speaking and writing, meaning it's not a boring lesson where you just read a textbook and fill out the worksheet but instead, it's a specially tailored class that only works for you!In some classes, we reviewed my daiary to make it like native writer . In other classes, we discussed how I sounds more natural but consise in conversation with my friends, workmates and people from external company.Every week I noted my new struggles, questions or findings to my memo and share them in the class, where he gave me great feedbacks that helps to learn them effectively.He also helps to learn Aussy native slungs that I can use outside of work when I hang out with native friends. He doesn't only focus on improving in formal conversation, but also in daily life conversation as well. Actually, his friendly character and funny conversation motivated my learning in a better way!!Now I've just finished our last class and I am sure that I improved drastically in speaking and writing. My pronunciation become more accurate and I can speak more fluently with confidence. Though I still make many grammertical or vocabulary mistakes, my local workmates sometimes says to me my English is way better than I used to.This class is absolutely helpful for all those who wants to improve their English skills.I would be happy to recomend to others!!Great appreciation to your amazing class Tom! Cheers mate :

cai yanpei: I really enjoy my class with Tom at ACE. He helped me fix my resume, LinkedIn, uni work, general conversation. It’s awesome thank you

Leah Simmons: Tom is an amazing and encouraging teacher who believes in all his students and makes such a huge difference. He will tailor make his classes to exactly what each student needs and helps build people up and work towards all their goals! Not just a teacher but a friend, a support, and cheerleader as well!

Andrew McLean: Tom has been helping injured people on work cover upgrade their English skills to help them redirect their vocational pathway.He is patient, empathetic and client centric. A much better option when compared to the bigger company's which tend to be less personal.

Tuğçe Öztürk: Even though it hasn't been long since we started working together, I can clearly see the effects it has on my pronunciation. It helps me a lot, especially with the pronunciation of the TH sound. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their English language skills, especially pronunciation!

Machiko まちこ: I am currently taking English lessons from Tom using the Callan Method. During the lessons, you will concentrate completely on speaking the English you have been speaking vaguely with correct pronunciation and grammar, and at a good tempo. Tom understands the pronunciation that Japanese people have difficulty with, and gives accurate advice and corrections.Once you learn correct pronunciation, your listening comprehension will naturally improve as well. I think I'm a little more sensitive to noise than before.Recommended for those who want to learn correct pronunciation and improve their listening and speaking skills!

Elisa Messina: to help one of his student in understanding better the vocabulary that we use in the fitness industry and exercises.Tom really helps his students in real life situations and in this case the student is now comfortable in joining all fitness classes in our gym. I highly recommend Tom!

HITOMI UMEKAWA: I want to improve my speaking skills, so I am attending ACE Language Academy. The teacher, Tom, is a friendly and professional teacher who understands Japanese pronunciation problems well. If you have a difficult pronunciation, he will explain it to you using different words that have the same pronunciation, and even when you are practicing, he will point out what is wrong with your pronunciation, and he will always keep you motivated.My friends who can speak English now tell me that they are happy that my pronunciation is better than before.I think this school is recommended for those who want to improve their speaking skills, especially their pronunciation, and those who want to gain more confidence when speaking.

Claudia Isabel Acevedo Vargas: Tom at ACE Language Academy is amazing and inspired me and encourages the students to improve to work and to make things possible. He is very dedicated and makes a lot of effort and is very patient to make time for us. I enjoy actually coming to school and he is very friendly. For me, I'm having a great time instead of having a class I'm conversing and feel comfortable but I still improve. Due to his effort, I feel like I can do it. I am able to listen better and apply all the advice and techniques and I can see the difference because even small and small things like TH which is so difficult and a key challenge, now if I say it incorrectly and I correct it and people understand me and it creates confidence.

tin fim: which I struggle the most. Highly recommended to take his class. You won’t regret it .

Mr. English Global Education: Brilliant Location, Excellent support. All of our students have amazing time for learning and living in Melbourne. We highly recommend this school. if you want to improve your English and gain very incredible experience.

Thomas Longo: I have been taking one-to-one online English classes with Tom at Ace Language Academy and I must say I am enjoying it. Tom is an excellent teacher who understands my learning needs and is always patient and encouraging. The classes are well-structured, informative and engaging, and Tom's teaching approach is helping me to improve my English skills significantly.What I appreciate the most about Ace language Academy are the flexibility it offers in terms of scheduling and the one-to-one sessions. I have taken classes in traditional language schools in the past, but I must say that the quality of education I am receiving here is far superior.

Isabela Sudati: . We are working hard on PTE questions. The classes are being very enjoyable and highly recommended! Thanks Tom.

8. Impact English College Melbourne - Melbourne City

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· 143 reviews

Level 5/620 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Impact English College Melbourne: what do users think?

a kurihara (angee): The lessons are easy to understand! All the teachers are kind too!

Hikaru Fujimaki: I was a little nervous because I came to Melbourne alone, but I was blessed with a homely atmosphere, kind teachers, and friends, and I was able to have fun learning English. There are a lot of courses, so I would like to try a lot of them!

딸기가좋아: clubs, pronunciation clubs, job clubs, and extra activities before and after school. I am weak in speaking and listening, so I often participate in conversation clubs and singlish clubs, and I think they are helpful. I have never participated in job clubs. I don't have one, but according to friends who have tried it, they help you edit your resume and teach you interview skills. They also have advisors of different nationalities. The Korean advisor is Korean, so it's easy to talk to him and he's basically delicate. Please pay special attention to your Korean friends!I have been taking general English, extreme English, barista course, and fce

Dome Yodsiri: Thank you very much to the school and all teachers.Especially Teacher Liem, this teacher came to teach on the first day with me on the first day of class. which I am very impressed with It made my perspective on learning English change.

Kotchakorn Nawajindapong: First of all, Thank you Tristan,Scotte,Beata,Fiona,Graig. They're my best teachers. I'm very happy and enjoy when I've learnt with themAnd everyone, I have many friends at here. So glad to know you guys. Good luck and see you again

Thanjira Phawaphongsuphat: Nat is lovely and gives very good advice. Help with everything

Ploy Rotchada: P'Nat is very sweet. If you have a problem, you can consult on everything.

lukrakk pradshayawong: Our English language has improved a lot. Thank you to all teachers and Impact staff

しゅ: It was my first time studying at a language school, so I was worried about various aspects, but thanks to the teachers and students at IMPACT, I was able to enjoy my study abroad life.There are general English, IELTS, and Cambridge courses, and I plan to attend school for a year, but thanks to the various courses, I think I will be able to improve my level and study English meaningfully for a year.

清風: The school is located in the city center and is well-equipped. You can feel that the teachers prepare lessons carefully and strengthen the students' language school in all aspects. The lessons are interesting but they are learned unconsciously.The school staff are very friendly. If you have any questions, you can go to Teacher Dayeon. She can help us with some questions about our studies and life. She is very kind, patient, lively and cute!I am very happy that I chose this place to study!

Yumeidhy: The best English college in Melbourne, they have a rule: 'Only English.' This is excellent because it allows you to improve your English by speaking it every day. The education methodology is also very good. I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it. At Impact, they take your learning very seriously.

あさだつぐみ: I think there are many highly conscious students and many good teachers.If you want to study properly, I recommend impact.The Japanese advisors are also very helpful and kind to me no matter what.

Ilaria Cofano: and make new friends from all over the world!

gennaro scotto: Excellent school, perfect for starting an experience in Australia. You are well looked after and the school offers many extra services.

European: I am a person who is not good at English. But when I came to study here, I felt that I was impressed with the teaching. Because it's different from Thailand. Friends from each country are very cute. And really enjoy studying. And I feel like I want to improve my English even more. The fun facilities are very good. environment in english

Pattie Wiyada N.: The kind teachers and lovely friends made me improve my English quickly❤️😊

Samuel Ramos s: They have very good techniques to speed up learning English, a good approach in each way of teaching students and rules that help in this.

เมวียา วิชาดี: Impact is a very good school. It really gives me the courage to speak English. Be more assertive It is very beneficial to us. From someone who doesn't dare speak English at all. Makes me dare to speak and express myself. Because speaking English is neither wrong nor right. Teachers and friends are ready to encourage us and support us in speaking. And in school there are many activities to participate in. And most importantly, I have made friends from many different countries as well.

Javier López: I've been studying English for 3-4months here, in a general English course and I really feel that this is a good place to learn and practice what you have learnt. I'm so happy about the teachers, the way they have to make you improve and all the support they give you to keep improving.Very recomendable.

9. Turner English - Melbourne City

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· 31 reviews

Suite 508, Level 5/235 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
Turner English: what do users think?

Casey Di Rosa: Great methodology and good value for money

Felipe Andrés Pardo Carvajal: Thanks TEC, it was a Good experience 😍

Diana Carolina Aguirre Ramirez: I really enjoyed my studies, it has very kind and collaborative teachers. Thanks for everything you learned.

Juan Sebas: Excellent College, highly recommended, All good!

Dairon Quiroga: My experience at TEC has been exceptional and enriching. The teachers are extremely professional and passionate about their subject. They are always available to provide support and guidance when you need it, making self-study learning a much easier and more rewarding experience.

Andres Gualotuña: TEC is a good school, it has good methodologies and good teachers and with practice you can improve your English over time.

Alexander Jauregui Rojas: The best college!

Diego Penagos: Good class, and excellent student support

Raza Jaffer: .

Haosheng Ye: . The college also gives me better understanding on Australian culture during my study.

JOHN WILSON CARVAJAL RUIZ: I love this College, Turner English College helped me in all the process of learning the English language. All the teachers, the campus, and the classmate are all good. This is one of the best decisions I've made in my life.Ms May I love you ForeverMs Nerada, Tks for have the best College and help International StudentsAlways in my heart

Yeferson Ferney Culma Montoya: I just want to say that learning is in each one and how to take the right tools to overcome your achievements. Now in terms of the school I am very happy to be able to say and with all sincerity that in this school you will feel more than just teachers and students, they really care about you and your future. With what I mentioned before everything is in your hands to learn English.

两年半4399: Thanks to Turner English. Because I learned a lot of things here, I also make some new friends here. Thanks to all the teachers and students.

10. Ability English Melbourne - Melbourne City

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· 53 reviews

3/55 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Address Website WhatsApp
Ability English Melbourne: what do users think?

Pi Chu Man ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: I want to learn English what are the options and fees days

Syd nei: Positive:ProfessionalismVery good place to learn English from the scratch. It takes long. It cost money, but after the end you learn how to speak well, start to talk a lot... Eventually to go to the pub and speak with strange people.

Paolla Machado: Positive:Quality

seba galarce: Amazing. I have learned a lot. I highly recommend this School.

Shk: I used to go there last year. Teachers are all amazing and you’ll feel ability is your home when you finish your course. The school is very flexible and will help you organise your study. I’ve tried the other English schools in Melbourne and Adelaide but I would say here is the best one I’ve ever studied ;

Fco. Javier Alonso Arizcun: and survivor I gotta say going to Ability english was the best decision i could have made.The staff and teachers were so friendly from the first day. I stayed there for 6 months with an awesome progress. I would recommend it for sure

Anastasya Jiwono: Thank you for teach me to improve my english and my confidence

野口ダイスケ: It was a great course.I could improve my speaking skills.

11. Bayside College Pty Ltd - Melbourne City

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· 36 reviews

Ground Floor, 333 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Bayside College Pty Ltd: what do users think?

Luisa Fernanda Buitrago: I like the school for its excellent teachers, various activities that help you learn, and its great family atmosphere.

Julieth Barbosa: I am currently a student of a General English course at Bayside English College and I want to tell you that my experience has been unique. The college meets my expectations, the teachers are very good and it has teaching techniques that make the process easier for the students. Even if you study and you work, the classes are so dynamic and optimal that you forget the fatigue or stress that the migration process can generate. So, if you are looking for a college to start your classes, Bayside is undoubtedly an excellent option

Yazmin: When I made the decision to learn a new language, I found my best ally in Bayside, which has become the most important link in achieving my goal of learning and introducing myself to the English culture. Of course, the teachers are the essential guide for me since without them it would be a tougher path. They with their generosity, empathy for their teaching had help me to advance in my process. I want to continue and achieve my goal with their help.

juan Cardenas: Learning English has always been one of my most cherished dreams in life. I tried it many times in Colombia. But, I never achieved the results I wanted. I tried to give it up many times until I got to Bayside. A school that allowed me to discover that I have the potential to improve my English day after day.Through excellent teachers who become your second family, where their biggest task is to make sure you really learn. Therefore, Bayside has taken it upon itself to bring together the best teachers in teaching English. All of this means that you go with joy to take classes and that, whenever you arrive at school, you are greeted with the best energy and a great attitude.Bayside is always attentive to your needs and often understands how difficult it is to be away from home. To do this, they hold events where everyone feels like a family and can share different experiences. I am very grateful to be at this school. I am totally sure that I made the best choice by choosing this Bayside. Since, here education takes precedence over anything.I have had the best teachers like Margaret, Joy, Alma, Toma, Adam among many more who have left their mark on me. To all who can see this message. You will not regret choosing Bayside.

Luis Cardona: The best IELTS preparation program in Melbourne. Highly recommended!

Daniel F Acevedo Guevara: I would like to express my deep gratitude to BAYSIDE ENGLISH COLLEGE for the invaluable learning experience I have had here. The exceptional quality of the teachers has enriched my understanding of the language, highlighting the cultural diversity that brings a unique perspective to my studies. Thanks to this school, I have gained the necessary confidence to navigate social and professional life in Australia. The various activities provided by the school have enriched my daily experience, creating memories I will always cherish. Thank you, BAYSIDE ENGLISH COLLAGE

Luis david Vaca Aguilar: My experience at Bayside English College has been really good. I have been here for 9 months. I started in Beginner without any knowledge of English and I am currently in Upper-intermediate level. The environment is very interactive, the classes are entertaining and dynamic, as the teachers, who are friendly and have helped me in my learning process. I feel that I have learned a lot in this time, which has helped me in my daily life to cope in Australia and I am very grateful for that

Thuy Ta: I have been studying English at Bayside for 5 months. While studying here, I have the opportunity to meet many friends from other countries. Teachers are very friendly and enthusiastic to help students. In particular, Sara Ota, Alice Martin, Sammy Le, Adam Pietrzak and Emma Chernoff are the best teachers, they were very considerate of my schedule during the time I studied with them. The school's location is convenient for any adventures you want to take in the city or nearby beaches. Classes on topics that are close to reality are very useful. Thanks Bayside English.

Louie Franco: I really had a great time with Bayside. I've met an amazing people from Colombia they are so good to me that turns into friemdship. Sara Ota, Robin and Emma are the best teacher they were very considerate with my schedule during my time spent with them. Camila and Grace also were soo awesome from receptionist 🏼☺️

ayu venita sari: Thankyou bayside to help me improve my english, The teacher and staff were so helpful👍🏻

sergio daniel cuchigay eslava: It has been a wonderful time of a lot of teaching, I recommend byside to study English, the very passionate teachers and the administrative staff make you feel at home

12. Lyceum English Language Australia - Melbourne City

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· 18 reviews

Level 8/131 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Lyceum English Language Australia: what do users think?

Angelo Maggi: I am in this school from last week. It is really funny and cool schoo. The teacher are well prepared and the lessons are full of the interestings topics. There are activity in the evening or in the lunch in which you can meet people and speek the language that you are studying.

Martha Enriquez: I have been studying English in Lyceum for about 6 months and I think it's a very good institute for learning English and some other languages that they offer because they have a group of really qualified teachers and varied teaching technics and additional activities for students.

Caterina Vego Scocco: I have been studying here for a month and I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still studying in the IELTS class and I can assure you that it's really useful!!!! All the teachers are very nice and well prepared! I've met a lot of people from many different countries and I feel that this experience is very rewarding!I strongly recommend that you join us!Thanks Lyceum for this wonderful opportunity!

klavdija z: When I first came to this school my level of English was around 5, now after almost 7 months, I can say, I have improved so much. I enjoy being in the IELTS class! Classes are interesting and enjoyable. Peter is one of the best teachers for IELTS! Always prepared and helpful.

Emily Paton: I did German lessons at the Lyceum with Tina, she is a brilliant teacher! Everyone there is really friendly. I was a complete beginner and did the intensive classes which were great!!

John Shaba: Fantastic group of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do!

Nicola Borriello: Hi everyone!I am in the IELTS class: the entire course is well designed to optimise your individual skills and you always receive specific attention and several tips about how to approach each section of the "real" test! In addition, our teacher is "SuperPeter" : as prepared as passionate!

Natasha Dickinson: When you hit middle age and start regretting not paying more attention to language studies 40 years earlier when at school, the surest remedy is to enrol in french classes at Lyceum. The course is sensational, taking the student on a caring and nurturing linguistic and cultural journey from beginners to advanced or to whatever other stage the students says he or she has learned enough. This is my fourth year of study and I am loving the experience. I have used the skills learnt during several trips to France, with considerable success.Lyceum - very much more than ordering from the menu at a french restaurant

Crystal Kmck: Very friendly and social atmosphere. I enjoy the Saturday classes.

Kaz Li: I studied French and Spanish here at Lyceum and I had a fantastic time. The staff were lovely, my classes were great and my two teachers Nathalie and Isidro were wonderful. They were engaging and fun and made language learning a breeze. I liked that the lessons not taught you how to communicate, read and write in the language, but also how the teachers introduced lots of non-textbook materials and cultural lessons about everyday life in French or Spanish speaking countries. I felt so much more confident when I finally ended up going travelling in France and South America. So thank you Lyceum!

13. ORE - NAATI CCL, PTE and IELTS Training Centre Oakleigh - Oakleigh

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· 215 reviews

Level 1/51 Atherton Rd, Oakleigh VIC 3166, Australia

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ORE - NAATI CCL, PTE and IELTS Training Centre Oakleigh: what do users think?

aurora cocchiara: I really recommend ORE if you want to pass your test at 100%!I’m Italian and at the beginning of my course, I was scared and without self-confidence I thought it was impossible to pass my exam, but thanks to the help of Kajal I passed my test PTE!She wasn’t just a teacher but a coach training who supported me every time emotionally and has been kind, patient, and has a very high empathy level.I build up my confidence in English and now i’m feeling sure when i’m reading, talinking and speaking!Thank you so much for everything.I really appreciate it!

Ranisha Narayan: Thanks so much Kajal for the support that you have provided me which has enabled me to pass my PTE with good scores.

Riddhi Vyas: ORE Training Centre is the place to go for personalized and effective coaching for the PTE Exam. With the help of Kajal Madam, I not only passed but excelled in my performance. Her tips and tricks really helped me prepare. I highly recommend ORE Training Centre and especially Kajal Madam for anyone looking for great coaching. Thanks for your amazing support!

Aman deep Kaur: l cleared my pte exam in 1st attempt with the help of ORE classes. Specially, thanks to kajal mam for your excellent style of teaching, and she always encouraged me whenever i felt nervous during study. I'm going to start Naati with jyoti mam next week hope for the best for next journey🤞.Thanks again to all ORE team🙏

M K: Kajal from ORE is an exceptional PTE coach. Her personalized lessons, immediate feedback, and effective teaching strategies helped me achieve a higher PTE score than I expected. I highly recommend ORE pte institute to anyone seeking expert PTE preparation and guidance for success.

Francheska Enriquez: The coaching at this institute is exemplary, with dedicated instructors who go above and beyond to ensure student's success. Their personalized approach, combined with a comprehensive curriculum, creates an optimal learning environment. I highly recommend this institute for their outstanding coaching and committed teaching staff. Thank you Kajal😊

Deep brhamniya: For those searching for individualised and efficient coaching for the Hindi CCL Exam, I strongly suggest ORE Training Centre. I wasn't sure whether I would pass this exam because I'm not a native Hindi speaker, but with Jyoti Ma'am's assistance, I did better than expected. Her advice and pointers were really helpful to me while I studied for the test. Her ability to make the lessons lively and interesting also aided in general learning. I heartily urge anybody searching for efficient and entertaining tutoring to check out ORE Training Centre, and especially Jyoti Ma'am. I am grateful for your exceptional assistance!

Shivashankar R Menon: I highly recommend ORE Training Centre for anyone looking for personalized and effective coaching for Hindi CCL Exam. As a non-native Hindi speaker, I was worried if I could crack this exam but with the help of Jyoti Ma'am, I was able to not only pass but excel in my performance. The tips and tricks she provided really helped me prepare for the exam. Also, the way she used to make the classes fun and engaging was helpful for overall leaning. I highly recommend ORE Training Centre, and especially Jyoti Ma'am, to anyone looking for effective and enjoyable coaching. Thank you for your outstanding support!

Poonam Devi: I was struggling to get 7 each score and after giving several attempts and seeking coaching from one of the biggest names still I was not able to clear my PTE. Then I enrolled in ORE in their One-to-One session batch and with trainers accurate strategies and personal attention, I was able to clear my exam within 10 classes. Special thanks to Kajal as she put her best efforts to help students to achieve their desired score.Highly Recommended, if you are struggling with the score in PTE the right place for you is OREI took face to face classes at ORE I highly recommend they have experienced teacher and very friendly environment.

Pawan Wander: . Thank u 😊😊.Now after Naati, I got my desired score in PTE also from ORE. Special Thank to Kajal mam and it was not possible without her help and guidance. I want to give one positive feedback through my review so ORE can make their service premium. I believe management should appoint more teachers to help Kajal mam . She is only one there who teach PTE, check mock test, works as receptionist. Moreover, management should also work on other facilities as well.I really enjoyed the learning process at ORE center with both their teachers in PTE and NAATI!! Highly recommend!!!Thank you

Kriti M: I definitely made a right decision to join ORE for NAATI. Jyoti mam is an extremely experienced teacher. She gives individual attention to each student in the class. Not only she gives constructive feedbacks but also makes sure one passes the exam with flying colours. Her classes are filled with fun and laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes.😀.

Anushree Kesurvala: I decided to join ORE PTE classes due to a friend’s recommendation and I cannot be happier with the decision. They taught me some useful and simple tricks. They also provided me with personalised guidance during the 4 weeks I took their classes. I had previously given 3 PTE attempts and regret to not have known about them earlier. They prepared me well and I was able to score 90 in all sections. I had the guidance of Kajal ma’am and am really thankful to her!

vaidehi shah: Enrolled for PTE classes with ORE and I am very happy that I did. Got my perfect score. Kajal is an amazing mentor. She gave her best to ensure I get my score. Grateful for all her efforts.

vikas Nain: One to one attention is provided here. Staff is very knowledgeable to solve the queries specially Kajal mam. Everything is discussed in detail. Actually the best institute to polish your skills and get your desired score.

vishvas saini: One of the best institute for pte. Got my desired score in pte and special thanks to kajal mam who helped me alot to achieve my score.

Deepak goel: It was really good experience with jyoti mam she helped me a lot i just attended few classes and she cleared all my doubts and i got desired scored in my first attempt. She is master in NAATI.

Madhuri Sharma: Whole team is very cooperative and hard working. Thank you for assisting me and help me to achieve my desired goal.

Amanpreet kaur Brar: Achieved desired score in PTE at first attempt all because of Kajal mam. Really helpful, cooperative and had smooth online learning experience

parth singla: Jyoti ma’am is one of the best teacher for naati preparation in the town and this is the place to be to clear NAATI Exam for sure! Highly recommended

14. Melbourne English Tuition - Melbourne City

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· 2 reviews

5/94 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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